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A Kiss Goodnight

Posted by on in Sleepy
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You've all heard of that Nap Time spray that parents use to knock their kids out and keep them quiet.


  • josue
    josue Sunday, 04 March 2018

    do more its too short

  • Mary Taylor
    Mary Taylor Tuesday, 29 May 2018

    Working on the next part now.

  • Mary Taylor
    Mary Taylor Friday, 01 June 2018

    Part 2
    After the closed-mouth kiss that went on slightly too long, my mom bade me goodbye and I put my bag in the trunk of the car.
    When I sat in the front, Aunt Rachel took several minutes strapping me into a seat that had a lot more restraints than necessary.
    "These'll keep you nice and secure" she hummed. "It'll be a long drive Sweetie, so we'll need something to keep you quiet...".
    She opened the glove compartment and I got a brief glimpse of a bottle of chloroform and what looked like a blue, rubber ball gag amongst various makeup. Luckily Aunt Rachel instead pulled out a Pedisedate and attached it to my GameBoy. She affixed the headset and put the purple mouthpiece over my mouth and nose.
    She had left my arms mostly unrestrained so as we drove off, I started playing Super Mario Deluxe.
    It was not long before the Pedisedate started pumping Nitrous Oxide into my lungs. I couldn't play properly as I was getting dizzy and hallucinating. Imagining I was in the game, images of princesses hogtied and my Aunt's face floating in front of me laughing. It wasn't long until I slumped unconscious.
    I came to with a mild headache and Aunt Rachel's huge blue eyes staring into mine. "We're here, Time to rise and shine!" she yelled into my face, which wasn't good with a headache, let me tell you.
    She spent 10 minutes undoing all my straps and helped me out of the car, holding me as I took slow, groggy steps towards her house.
    When I walked, I noticed that something wasn't right downstairs, when I felt myself Rachel non-chalantly explained "I pulled over and stuck a diaper on you after you fell asleep, that way I could keep you under for the whole drive. Do you need a change?".
    "No!" I urged, Rachel giggled and made sure I was walking steady enough. She let go of me and went ahead in the front door. As I walked towards her bathroom, Rachel yelled from the living room "I'd keep that diaper on if I were you and would you be a doll and take my trunk from the backseat and put it in the basement? Ta".
    I staggered back to the car and lugged the heavy case into the house and to the basement door down the hall. I had started to regain my strength as I took the bag down the stairs.
    The dark basement held a lot of unpleasant memories as it was filled with all the SomTech Industries products that Rachel had been knocking me out with since childhood.
    Bottles of ether, chloroform and Rohypnol. Tanks of every anaesthetic imaginable and various machines for administering them. Even the wooden mallets and spring loaded boxing gloves that caused mass brain damage in my parent's generation and me a few childhood hospital visits. The only thing that brought pleasant memories was the tranquilliser dart gun. It was the only thing that Aunt Rachel had ever let me knock her out with. On a camping trip she'd asked me to help fulfill a kidnapping fantasy. She rode through the forest wearing a long dress and riding a white horse. I had to shoot her and drag her back to the tent. I didn't have the nerve to do anything to her, just lay her head in my lap til she came to. She started some captive banter after she regained consciousness but it didn't go very far.
    One birthday, we went to the old paintball place that SomTech had turned into a tranqdart arena. I jumped out at Aunt Rachel from behind a bush and shot her in the chest, her wearing only a lycra jumpsuit that offered no protection against needles. The look of surprise on her face and her passing out was priceless. I started to drag her off towards the bushes but there were too many of my friends and family around. The memories of this gun soured after Rachel had used it to shoot the first and last girl I had brought home.
    "Kevin honey, could you come up her a moment?", I turned and saw my Aunt Rachel's shapely silhouette in the doorway. I climbed the stairs and she grabbed me as soon as I was close enough "Gotcha!" she yelled "Pucker up!" I had just time to notice that her lips were bright blue when she pulled me into an open-mouthed kiss and the room spun into blackness.

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