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Chloroform Experience

Posted by on in Chloro
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My name's Wendy and me and my boyfriend just tried chloroform. His name's Donald - or just "Don" to me and lots of our friends. I've always been into watching chloroform scenes on tv from movies, when I told him he was interested just as I am in experimenting with chloroform. We bought a bottle of chloroform and made the best preparations to use it. I knew how dangerous chloroform can be, so in case something went wrong and me or Don ended up suffocated, each of us wrote down our personal reasons for chloroforming each other. - I know it sounds terrible, but we had to be realistic. So when if the EMTs found one or both of us, there'd be no doubt it was our personal choice.

After work on a Friday night...we were scared but ready. I called my mom and told her how much I loved her and dad and everyone. And I left a bunch of voicemail messages, texts and emails. Don did the same for his family and everyone.

We hadn't eaten or drank anything for hours. It was a beautiful but cold night and our bedroom table lamp just lit our room gorgeously. We were in our underwear, me in my still good black cotton bra and high leg briefs, Don looked nice in his t-shirt and boxers. I have my beautiful and natural curves and both of us keep in shape when work schedules allow it. We love each other. And we sat on the bed, kissed and hugged with the chloroform bottle right next to us.

I picked up the chloroform bottle on the thick yellow small hand towel we were gonna use. The clean towel felt soft and you could feel the heavy weight of the small chloroform bottle on it. Don watched me as I then picked up the chloro bottle and I took a sniff at the green latex tape curled around the hard blue plastic top and I swear I could already smell a really strong chemical smell just on the sealed top!

" What is it?" Don asked me.

I pushed the chloro bottle at him! " Sniff the top!" Don did so and he recoiled away just as I had. " See?...This stuff is strong."

We had to wait for a minute and talk over what we were going to do - replaying emergency scenarios and junk. Then we were ready. I unrolled the green latex tape on the bottle top and chucked the tape ball at Dom playfully. Then I unscrewed the blue plastic top...

Out flowed a hugely strong chemical adhesive fume stink! Chloroform actually smells a lot like diethyl ether - the strong, sickly sweet stink reminded me of the protection coating spray I put on my sneakers. Me and Dom could smell it at the back of our throats it's that strong! I recapped the lid without fastening it -some tiny amounts of the heavy chloroform liquid had dissolved into the air, but I stopped more fumes from escaping. Both of us also felt hungry, when we remembered the feeling much later.

I was much more careful now...I held the small, green hand towel on the top. The heavy chloroform inside the bottle made a kind of "splosh" sound as the top came off and I soaked the towel then fastened the top. The room literally filled with chloroform fumes already, my hand and fingers felt cold from the chloroform liquid...Without thinking, I let the sealed chloro bottle roll down and brought the chloro towel to my nose and mouth...Ouch! The chloro fumes burnt my nose and my throat felt hot and tingling just like taking a first cigarette puff. There was this deafening computer static noise in my hearing - I pushed away the chloro towel and coughed out for fresh air. I started shaking with fear, Don came up close and even he felt dizzy with the fumes.

" Give me a minute, babe...Then I'll try again."

Don just nodded. Barely fifty seconds later I brought the quickly drying chloro towel to my irritated nose and tingling throat and huffed in a quick breath but it was still too much and the chloroform fumes hurt my nose. My eyes watered both from the fumes and because I was afraid - I was so scared of the thumping computer screeching static I could hear. I took in another quick chloro huff and my eyes must've rolled up a little because I could only lipread Don asking if I was "okay?". I realised the chloro towel was still near my nose and mouth this time and I was taking shallow breaths. I nodded and kept huffing but most of the chloroform had dried out. Time jumped for me as I tried to move my hands holding the chloro towel to resoak it...I was suddenly face down with my right facial cheek resting against my warm arm. Don saw and knew what I was trying to do and he helped me up and got the towel and bottle ready. My hearing came back, but I was very high and I couldn't stop gazing drunkenly out because I was so drugged from the chloroform.

Don kissed me and I felt his love, I smiled.

" We can stop if you want?" Don asked with pure concern and love.

" Nooo..." I slurred and did my best to point at the chloro bottle and towel he held. I breathed in hard and I got wet thinking about eventually passing out. " Give me the chloroform...again."

Don watched me for another blissful euphoric moment - for me! I was halfway there to pink dreamland...Don resoaked the towel and refastened the bottle. By now, the towel had been soaked with over twenty millilitres of chloro. I took the wet chloro towel from Don and pushed it against my nose and mouth, I huffed and the fumes were softer on my nose but harder somehow going down my throat. I kept the towel close and the fumes made me take quick throat gulps - as though I were burping! Don would later tell me that my eyes started swimming by this point and my body went limp. I couldn't hold onto the towel but it stayed on my nose and I was terrified of accidentlly smothering myself. My ears were hearing the distortion noise so much I couldn't hear anything.

Don leaned in and held onto the chloro-soaked towel and I loved him even more as the room started to spin. I blinked - or closed my eyes and panicked during the pink rushing dimness folding in on my vision. I felt my skull was floating on the ocean and I could actually see the sun in front of me. Don told me later I mumbled out loud the beautiful words: " I wanna be there." for some strange reason and I tried moving a hand to reach out. But then came the pink blurryness and I said "Oh no..." under the pressing chloroform-soaked towel, so it came out as : " mmph.." I was chloroformed. Unconscious. Don told me he checked my pulse, respiration to see I was okay while under. He left the chloro towel nearby and kissed my blue lips as he waited for me to regain consciousness. I'd asked Don to take soft and gentle advantage of me while I was unconscious...He told me later that his touch got my body excited and that I coughed, trying to open my eyes, I just moaned loudly!

When I did come out of the chloroform haze I remembered dreaming of pink objects surrounding me. I had a slight headache. Dom greeted me and I felt so good I grinned from ear to ear. I burped out chloroform breaths right in Don's face and he got even dizzier, I apologised but burped a few more times and flexed my stomach - which felt gassy and drugged. I'm not proud of this part I have to tell you - I passed gas and even that had a chloroform odour. Anyway, I woke my stomach up by inhaling air in and out and flexing my stomach and it helped stop my gas attack.

Don had also taken mobile phone photos and video of me unconscious, I look very pale in them and you can tell I'm unconscious. He told me I'd been out for at least half an hour, but he wasn't sure how long. We kissed and I felt horny - it was Don's turn now...I positioned him underneath me, him lieing with his back on our bed, his head secure and safe on a pillow. I had him right where I wanted him between my thighs and he trusted me. I brought the chloroform and towel - which by now was stinking of dried chloroform. Before I resoaked it I had to tell Donald how much I loved him.

" I love you, baby."

" I love you too. It'll be okay. I trust you."

Don's heart was going a mile a minute from the vibrations in his chest, I could feel it in my body on him. I quickly resoaked the chloro towel from the bottle with two loud and heavy chloroform dunkings, so it had about twenty millilitres soaked in. The chloro fumes smelt deliciously intoxicating to me now and the room again filled with the smell of chloroform. I quickly resealed the bottle securely and left it on the bed nearby. Then I gently pressed the cold chloro towel over Don's nose and mouth - his nose hurt too and I pulled the chloroform-soaked towel away. Don's eyes blinked and swam alittle and I wondered how much chloroform he'd already inhaled from the fumes swirling around the room and from my chloroform breaths. Don was ready again and I moved the chloro towel in for him to take a whiff...Moved it back as Don gulped in a quick chloro throat inhale and then gently pressed it on his nose and mouth. Don's eyes watered and he panicked - he later told me he heard the schreeching computer static noise too and other weird noises. Don huffed in the chloroform fumes and his eyes grew foggy, he looked so high and staring off into the distance. He saw me glowing around my body, Don told me afterwards. He felt "pushed away" from himself and it scared him. I was there and just feeling me with him soothed Don.

He kept huffing on the chloroform-soaked towel and by now he'd taken at least nine quick breaths mixed in with more deep, languid breaths from the chloro towel. Don's face was white, but he was okay. I could even feel his junk coming to attention through his boxers! I grinded on him but Don was so high and drugged I don't think he could feel his own body...His eyes started to swim and his chest jerked up in a quick spasm but he was okay since it was his conscious body being drugged. Don mumbled something that sounded like "almost there" under the chloro towel. Don suddenly inhaled really deeply on the chloro towel and his eyelids fluttered and closed and I orgasmed! I had to concentrate as my body shuddered with intense pleasure. Don was now thoroughly chloroformed...I left the towel on his nose and mouth for another few scary seconds, then pulled the chloro towel away. I checked his breathing and pulse and he was okay. I kissed his unconscious, blue lips.

" I love you so much..." I told him and continued kissing all of his face. I took full advantage of Don's unconscious body...undressing him gently and then myself. I put a condom on Don and positioned myself on him...It was beautiful.

Don moaned a lot and breathed hard as we both beautifully came...I was scared a lot of the time and hoped Don would soon wake up. I don't know how much time passed, but soon Don's eyes opened slowly. And his lips moved to form words, he breathed normally.

" Hi..." Don said and smiled.

I kissed him and stayed a milimetre from his lips, just staring lovingly into his eyes. He kept breathing chloroform breaths on me and I felt even dizzier. Don burped and I massaged his stomach, asking him to inhale and exercise his chloroformed stomach. He did but burped a few more times and farted before his gas attack stopped. Don felt better now and more alert. I showed him the photos I'd taken of him chloroformed unconscious. Don loved them and tried to feel excited but he felt a bit drained like I did. So, we put the chloroform bottle away upright under our bed with the still heavily fragrant dry chloro towel.

We did our pre-bed routine of going to the bathroom and each taking care of business. Then we got back into bed and realised it was now bright morning! We didn't have to go into work since it was now the weekend, but we both found it hard to sleep naturally, which we did eventually.

When we woke up hours later, Don's whole body felt cold and sweaty. He suddenly started convulsing - it isn't pretty, but Don suddenly had to vomit-so I'll skip the worst and horrifying parts of the chloroform poisoning ordeal...It was horrific and Don kept thinking he was gonna die! The carpets were a bit of a mess in spots, stinking of vomited chloroform...I almost called the EMTs so many times and Don begged me not to, so I held him in my arms. He couldn't keep food or liquid down, he lost appetite. PLEASE DON'T ATTEMPT ANY OF THESE THINGS YOURSELF!!! Be careful, be safe and always call for medical assistance. Okay. Now, what I did was give Don two of the shop-bought Belladonna capsules dry, since I knew from research that Belladonna's one of the antidotes for chloroform poisoning...And I prayed again and again...It was an agonising wait for me, hovering by Don's bedside. He'd stopped vomiting for half a day. I made silent bargains and prayers with God to save my beautiful Donald. Within a few hours later Don's colour returned and his stomach felt stronger. I was and am eternally grateful that my lover is better now. Don very slowly got his appetite back. I aired out our apartment and he was repulsed by the chloroform smell and any tv chloro scenes. In a semi-delerious state, Don hid the chloroform bottle away at the back of a dusty kitchen drawer. I threw away the yellow, smelly chloro towel.

Two days later, we took days off work to visit our doctor's and got seen very quickly! Don had a full work-up done - he was in good physical condition - thank God. No lasting physical damage done by the chloroform, but Dom was so lethargic that he got a B-12 shot. I was in great shape also and thank God no lasting damage either. Our blood work was sent off, just to be certain and we'd return in two weeks for a follow up exam. Dom took a cab home afterwards and I took care of him when I got back.

The injection did the trick because Don's sex drive was up as he spanked my butt as I bent over to pick up his plate. He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows...I left the washing up until later...Later that night, Don helped me put out the garbage for collection next week and we dumped the sealed chloroform bottle inside an airtight box inside the garbage. And that was that...except it wasn't.

Don was ready for work on Wednesday and he was still a bit shaky but he felt better. At night, both of us started thinking about our chloroform experience and it became our lustful obsession even after our ordeal. So, on the Friday night we dug through the gargabe bag for the chloroform bottle. We couldn't just throw it away...

And now the chloroform bottle sits waiting in a secret spot in our apartment. One day, we might try it again but under "controlled conditions". Every junkie says the same thing, right? Our follow-up medical check up came back clear for both of us. We each respect life much more now. Just please remember guys that chloroform is incredibly dangerous. Be safe and sensible. One day, Don and me want to try nitrous oxide - but safely!

The End.


  • Smerfud
    Smerfud Sunday, 05 October 2014

    Very interesting expérience : very exciting and also with care message about this dangerous real use
    Tkx a lot

  • Collector
    Collector Sunday, 05 October 2014

    Thank you Smerfud :D:D :D I'm very pleased you enjoyed Chloroform Experienc and like it's message to be careful :D.

  • simon
    simon Sunday, 05 October 2014

    very good story !!!!! I like F/M scenario :)

  • Collector
    Collector Sunday, 05 October 2014

    :D Wow! Thank you simon:D:D:D .

  • Mary Taylor
    Mary Taylor Thursday, 17 May 2018

    Very realistic.

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