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Posted by on in Sleepy
You've all heard of that Nap Time spray that parents use to knock their kids out and keep them quiet.
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This story is a continuation to another story (which I did not write) in which the girl has been kidnapped using chloroform. Enjoy :-)


You slowly awake on the bed. You eyes are still closed and you try to bring a hand to your face, to rub your eyes. That's when you notice that your hands are tied on your back, and you remember what happened. A tape on your mouth lets you only breath through your nose. You try to stay still and as calm as possible, to not alert me of you being awake.

I shift my weight on the bed, which informs you that I'm on the bed with you. You hear the traffic through an open window and by opening your right eye just the tiniest bit you see that the door of the room is open. Even though you don't know if I'm awake or not, you see your chance to escape.

You jump up as fast as you can possibly can with your hands tied behind you back and run to the door. You hear me getting up behind you and when you're almost at the door, you arms get yanked back. The rope which ties your hands together is connected to the bed with a longer rope, which is not long enough for you to leave the room.

You spin around to try to loosen the rope from the bed, but suddenly you feel an arm coming round you body and a hand over your face. I got around the bed and now I'm standing behind you, holding you tightly and pressing you against my body. You begin to struggle as much as you can to try to escape, when I pinch your nose closed. The tape over your mouth doesn't let you breath through your mouth, and now you nose is closed as well.

You struggle even harder now, but I'm holding you tightly. I guide you a little backwards, to the wall, so I have a more secure footing. After a few seconds your urge to breath becomes stronger, your struggling is very exhausting. You begin to panic and start kicking in all directions, hitting my shin a few times. Since you're barefoot it doesn't hurt too much, but my energy does not last forever, either. With my left hand I grab your right breast, massaging it.

Your lungs burn, you struggle only to get a breath of air in now, you cannot think a calm thought anymore. And through all this, your body still gets aroused by my touch, which increases your need to breath even more. You begin to see stars and your movements are less and less with real purpose. A few seconds later your legs stop kicking since you have troubles keeping yourself upright.

I notice that you stopped kicking, so I let my left hand wander down to your pussy and start stroking. You're pretty wet, the asphyxia left you aroused, despite the panic you have been in.

Your sight gets worse, your head feels big and your ears are roaring. Your legs begin to buckle, and I'm holding you up more than you're standing on your own. I notice you getting heavier in my arms and let you down slowly. Sitting against the wall, you laying against me, getting weaker and unable to really struggle anymore, still longing to breath.

"Shhh... relax... yes, that's good... don't struggle, let it happen...", I whisper in your ear, as your eyes begin to roll back in your head. You didn't hear the last part of my whispering, the roaring in your ears is too loud, you're almost out. I feel you trying to breath through the tape, your breasts are rising and falling erratically, without success.

As I feel you becoming almost entirely limp, you eyes are rolling back, only the white can be seen, you're not responding anymore. That's when I take my right hand away from your nose, enabling you to breath through your nose again.

I pick you up, carrying you in my arms. Your head is swinging around, you're not completely unconscious, more in a twilight, and your ability to breath is clearing your head now. I lay you back down on the bed, laying down on my side right next to you, waiting for you to come to.

After a few seconds you twitch shortly, drawing a deep breath in and looking around, confused. You see me laying there again, and start to rob to the edge of your half of the bed, staring at me frightened.

"No,stop, let me go, please", is what you try to say, but only a few moans is all I hear, because your mouth is still taped shut.

"You don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you, I just want to have a little fun.", I say, looking calmly at you. "And, maybe, if you get a little more into it yourself, you might have a lot of fun yourself..."

You were about to fall over the edge of the bed, but now you hesitate. It's not that you suddenly trust me, but the promise to not hurt you sounds sincere.

You look at me, doubt still in your eyes, but you decide to see what I'm up to.

"Okay, let's see what you think of my plan for now. I'd like to play a game. If I win, it may be a bit frustrating for you, but nothing more. But if you win, you're free to do whatever you want. You can leave, you can stay, your choice. How does that sound?"

"What game", is what I interpret your two muffled sounds as.

"You just have to cum, before you fall asleep.", I explain, with a grin.

You lift one brow, looking quizzically at me.

I reach down behind me under the bed, and get a light colored, transparent anesthesia mask and a breathing bag, as well as a rubber harness.

"You will wear this and breath the chloroform I will put in the bag. If you manage to cum before this puts you to sleep, you win", I say, getting a rag from the nightstand and the bottle of chloroform next to it. "And how are you supposed to cum, without your hands, you ask?"

You lift both brows, looking expectant.

"I will just lay back, and you will sit on top of me. That should be enough.", I finish the explanation, shooting you a wink. ;)

You look at me, thinking. You experienced the chloroform already, you know it takes a while to put you to sleep. Looking at the mask setup, you reckon it takes even longer than with cloth, since you will be breathing a mix of air and chloro.

Taking a deep breath, you nod at me.

"Good! Not that you had a real choice. But anyway, let's start then."

I take the mask and harness and tell you to sit up on the bed. You do, and I put the mask on your mouth and nose. The inflatable rim is soft and creates a perfect seal on your face, so that the only air you can breath comes through the hole in the mask.

The harness comes around your head and is fixated to the mask. Now the mask stays on your face with me needing to hold it, no matter how much you shake your head.

I open the bottle of chloroform and soak the rag, we both smell the first few fumes of the anesthetic. I put the cloth in the bag, and lay down on my back in the middle of the bed, mentioning you to sit on top of me. You do so kind of slowly, since your hands a re still bound, but you manage to climb above my midsection. My dick is still hard from our struggle and your almost fainting. Actually, just seeing you on the bed and climbing on top of me give me a hard-on.

"Are you ready?" I ask, bag full of chloro in hand. You nod. I connect the bag to the mask, and you begin to smell the fumes. The moment it is completely connected, your next breath is almost pure chloroform, burning in your nose and making you cough a little. But you don't lose concentration and lift yourself carefully. I help you guiding my cock, and as you sit back down, I slowly slid inside you.

I let out a short grunt, and as I fill you up with my member, you let yourself sink lower and lower, my dick sliding deeper and deeper inside you, causing you to take a deep, slow breath in, despite the still irritating chloroform. The bag collapses as you breath in, telling you that the bag itself is closed. You're rebreathing your air/chloroform mix.

Just before I touch your cervix, you sit on my hip. You need a short rest, taking a risky breath, before lifting yourself back up, to start the riding. I hold your hips to help you balance with tied hands, as you bounce up and down, getting faster.

Your lips start to go numb, the first signs of the coming forced sleep. But you're getting worked up as well, your body is flushed, your pussy is getting more wet with each up and down. But the more excited you get, the faster you breath in the chloroform. The air inside the bag is starting to get stale as well, providing you with less and less oxygen each breath, also causing you to breath faster.

Your pussy really begins to throb, you don't need much longer for your orgasm. Even though your fingers start to tingle, you notice the chloroform being almost completely evaporated. The rag can only carry so much chloro, and it's almost gone now. You see your chance in this.

I let my hands wander from your hips to your breasts, stroking and massaging them, only thinking about my pleasure at the moment.

Your breathing becomes very fast now, your whole body is red, you see the first stars flashing in your vision. The chloroform is gone, but you're still rebreathing your own air, getting almost no oxygen in. Your bouncing on my cock is still getting faster, you're closing on your orgasm, you know what you have to do to get off. Closing your eyes, you try to concentrate on the feeling of my dick in your pussy, how it fills you up completely. All the while your breathing is getting faster and faster, searching for oxygen.

With your eyes closed and fixated on your climax, you don't notice me reaching down next to bed. After a little rummaging and fidgeting I find what I need, and with my left hand I slowly pull up a hissing tube that's connected to a few tanks under the bed, containing nitrous oxide, oxygen and sevoflouran.

The bag is hanging loosely between your breasts, you don't notice me taking it. While you're still bouncing up and down, trying to get your climax, I connect the tube to the bag. The rather strong nitrous/oxygen mix is flowing through the bag and the mask, but the smell is not strong enough for you to notice, after breathing the chloroform and getting little to no oxygen. You're still breathing very fast and deep, inhaling a lot of nitrous very fast.

Your arms begin to tingle, the roaring starts in your ears. You think its the missing oxygen, while trying to keep up the pace. After a few more seconds and several deep breaths, your whole face is tingling and you lose the feeling in your lips and fingers. Your legs start to tingle now, and you're struggling to coordinate the bouncing.

You feel the orgasm coming, but you don't have the strength to bounce up and down anymore, getting slower with your movements. You're so close to the climax, but the gas is pulling you down more and more. After having only the strength to keep grinding a little up and down, you slowly open your eyes. Your vision is blurry at first, but clears a little, and you see the hose running from the bag to under the bed. Your eyes widen and you try to hold your breath. The oxygen in the gas mix helps a little, and you try to collect your strength to grind a little harder, trying to reach your climax.

I notice you holding your breath. "We had that already, my sexy dear", I say, reaching back to your breast and squeezing it with one hand, and taking the bag with my other hand. The pain and the pleasure from your breast lets you gasp a little, and that's when I squeeze the bag. A full load of nitrous oxide gets pushed into your lungs, hitting you pretty hard. You begin to sway, and colors flash before your eyes. At the same time your orgasm starts to build.

I reach back under the bed and flip a switch, mixing the sevoflouran into the gas mix. Your next breath comes involuntary, together with me squeezing the bag again, giving you another big gulp of gas. This time you notice a stronger smell while you're breathing it deep in, and your sight narrows a little. Your orgasm is directly in front of you, if could just reach for your clit, you would explode.

You lack the coordination to move your whole body up and down or just to grind on me, and your eyes begin to close on their own. Another bag of gas gets pushed into your lungs, you didn't notice taking a breath. Your vision narrows even more, the roaring in your ears is incredibly loud, the only feeling you have left is in your pussy, where you feel sudden warmth and more fullness, as I cum inside you, after seeing you succumb to the gases being pushed inside you. Your next breath comes, deep and slow, taking the sleepy gas in. Your eyes close, you can't feel your body anymore. You slide to the side, but I catch you after I come down from my own climax, guiding you on top of me.

There you are, unconscious, sleeping on top of me. I hear your breathing through the mask, hear the hissing of the gases in the bag. You didn't reach your climax, the sleep denied you your relief.

My dick still inside you, I switch off the sevo, regulating the nitrous/oxygen mix to save levels, and sleep with you in my arms.

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Posted by on in Sleepy

When I was about 4, I was baby sat once by this girl who's family was very involved with the church down the street from my old house. We were in my room playing with toy guns. We pretended to shoot at each other and at one point I said, "Bang! I got you!" She suddenly rolls her eyes back, sighs, and falls limp onto the floor. She stayed that way for a bit then got back up. I liked it so much I kept reapting "I got you" so that I could watch her do it again and she did. I remember I even played with her limp arms. That's when my fetish started. During that time I remember hoping that every girl would faint in every movie or TV show I watched. So when movies like "The 13th year, George of the jungle, or King Long" would come out I'd watch it till the fainting scene passed. I love how limp the actress was in the old but recent King Kong. In 5th grade I asked my sister one day if she would pretend to faint. Immediately with no questions asked, she faints. I patted her cheeks and her hands as she giggled. Then I asked her to faint again but this time I wanted to carry her. Again she immediately faints and I carried her in my arms. I carried her throughout the house then threw her onto her bed. This became something we called "the Fainting game." We played this game almost every Friday after school. We would come up with different ways of her to faint like pretending to hypnotize her or hit her with a sleep dart. But mostly she'd just faint out of no where or when ever something surprised her like when I let her have the rest of my chocolate after Halloween or when she'd win or lose at a game. Once to be mean I scared her when she came out of her room. She screamed and pretended to faint. I caught before she hit the floor, she caught me off guard. Eventually she grew tired of the fainting game and we stopped playing this game I made out of my fetish. Although there were a few times when she'd let me carry her again. In middle school I discovered a site called Feet&sleep and was surprised at what was on the site because I thought I was the only one who had a sleepy fetish. That's when my fetish grew and I realized that this fetish is a sexual thing. I began to wish that some of the girls I hanged out with in school would faint, especially the ones I had crushes on. My wishes would come true eventually, the girls would sometimes chase each other around till one would fall on the grass and pretend to be unconscious. That was the only reason why I'd hang around them just to watch them collapse. There was this one girl out of the group who I liked a lot and I would always imagine her passing out. I'd picture it in my mind on how she would faint and how I'd catch her and carry her in my arms. I wanted it to happen so bad I wanted to make a clone of her and command the clone to faint for me. One morning walking to school she caught up with me and immediately tells me that she fainted during the weekend. I thought to myself, "You fainted and I wasn't there!?" I asked her to give me detail and she said that all she remembered was having a bad headache then looking up at the ceiling then suddenly ending up on the floor. She said she did not regain consciousness and was in the hospital for 7 hours. Then I thought "not only did she faint, she was totally out!" The story gave me a good idea of how it looked like and that was good enough for me. Although I wanted to hold the girl I had a huge crush on, but that didn't stop me from holding my future crushes in my arms later on in life. 

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Posted by on in Sleepy

It was a bright spring day and this girl I had been seeing decide to come visit me at my house to relax after a long night of work. She looked tired, but she was so cute with her hair tied in a bun, black tights that hugged her thick thighs, a black shirt (one of mine she stole), and her black slip on's that immediately slipped off when she walked through the door showing off her soft beautiful feet. A light skinned curvy Latina from Central America. Long black hair, big brown eyes that shinned so bright they touched your soul. Soft luscious lips, and soft creamy skin. She came inside and I greeted her with a hug and kiss. She said she was so exhausted but she wanted to rest in bed with me. We fell asleep for about an hour, we both woke up hungry and thirsty. We walked to the kitchen and she opened up the fridge and I noticed her eyes fluttered. Some how I knew she was going to fall, so I reached out and caught her as she suddenly fell backwards. The sound of her sole sliding off the kitchen floor turned me on. She was conscious but she looked dizzy. I asked her if she was okay and gave her a cup of water and held her close as she drank it. She said she was a little dizzy, I wanted her to lay down in bed again. On the way there she stopped walking. I held her hand, she had the other hand on her head, she put her head down and started to wobble. Again I asked if she was okay. Suddenly she sighs and faints onto the floor. When she hit the floor she let out a sexy sigh. She landed on her back, I went down and tried to revive her. I patted her cheeks and kissed her lips. I called out her name but she wasn't walking up. I lifted her limp body up. Her arms and head dangled down. She awoke as I picked her up. She placed her arms around me, her eyes low with a dizzy confused look in them. I told her that she fainted, and that I needed to take her back to bed. We began walking towards the hallway, and right at the entrance of it she fainted again. This this I played with her feet and kissed her chest. She was so venerable I couldn't help myself. She came to as I was kissing her lips. She kissed me back and placed her hand on my cheek. Her eyes were still closed as I pulled away. She was so weak, breathing so heavily. I picked her up again and before we entered the bedroom she fainted again, this time on me making both of us fall back. I was able to keep her from hitting the floor but now her limp body was sprawled on me. I sat both of us up and lifted her up again. She was still unconscious. I put her arm around me and cradle carried her into the bedroom and onto the bed. I patted her face and called out her name again trying to revive her but she wouldn't come to. She was out this time, so I began to have my fun. And in the middle of my fun she opened her eyes slightly, just to roll them back again and pass out.

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Philly

Six months after the Glasgow affair Jacky Graham P.I. makes a trip to the United States. She is attending a criminal investigation conference in Philadelphia. It also gives her a chance to meet up with her friend Jim Brandon again. He was a great help to her during the Glasgow affair, and his detective agency, S & S Investigations was based in Philadelphia.
Richard wasn't too keen on her going all the way to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but acquiesced knowing she would be in the same city as a close family friend. Jacky felt heartbroken that she would be away from Richard and the kids, the trip would have made a great family vacation. Maybe next time, her flight was uneventful, and she was staying at the Ritz Carlton.
Before she left Glasgow, Jacky had emailed Jim to let her know she was attending the seminar in Philly, and she would like to meet up and discuss their past adventure together. After checking in, and settling into her room, Jacky decided to call her friend Jim.
"Hel-lo Jim! I just got in from Glasgow," Jacky said on the other end of the phone.
"Jacky! Great to hear from you, how was your flight," Jim replied.
"You know the usual bumps bad food, high prices, sometimes I just don't give a Scooby about the airlines. Can I come and see your offices tomorrow," Jack said to Jim.
"Sure I would love you to see them and meet the girls, see you around 11:00 am," Jim told her.
"Great see you then," Jacky said and hung up the phone.
Having a good night's sleep under her belt to recover from the jet lag. Jacky dress to go over to the S & S Investigation's office, off of 15th street, in center city Philadelphia. The sexy mature investigator showered and perfumed. She put on her black silk blouse and a light gray mid length skirt and a pair of black pumps.
She was eager to see her friend again and meet some of the other detectives he worked with. She had heard some much about Jill, Beverly and May. Finding out that the building the office was in was only a few blocks away from the hotel. Jacky decided to walk over, it was such a nice spring day, and she would get to see some of the city on her way. Jacky had never gotten to Philadelphia when she live in the United State, and was really hoping Jim would show her some of the sites while she was in town.
Jacky got directions from the doorman at the hotel and walked down Chestnut Street toward 15th. The sexy mature sleuth admired the buildings along the street, there was a mixture of modern and old mixed in.
Jacky arrived at the north east corner of 15th and Chestnut and went into the building, taking the elevator up to the 12th floor. Getting off on the 12th floor Jacky looked at her watch, "RATICUS! Five after eleven, I took too long looking around," she said as she walked toward suite 21, the S & S Investigation agency.
The sexy female private eye knocked on the door. The door opens and Jacky sees Jim standing there.
"Jacky! Welcome to Philadelphia and the S & S Detective agency," Jim said to Jacky.
"Hell-lo Jim, it's great to be here," Jacky replied as Jim showed her into the office. As Jacky walked into the office she noticed a young blonde woman sitting on a sofa.
"Jacky may I introduce Jill Benner P.I. and Jill this is Jacky Graham P.I. one of the top private investigators in Glasgow Scotland," Jim said to the two women.
"Well Jacky Graham, Jim has told me some much about you, welcome," Jill said to the Scottish sleuth.
"Likewise, Ms. Benner, it's great to finally meet you," Jacky replied to the blonde shamus.
The three detective sit and talk for a while. They discus old cases and Jacky and Jim's adventure in Scotland. Jacky is very inquisitive about how the S & S Investigations works.
"Well, Jacky we only really have five operative full time, and three we use part time," Jill tells her new friend.
"So you and Jim run the agency as the owners," Jacky asked, knowing her work load has increased as she has solved more high profile cases, and she was seriously thinking of taking on some help.
"Not really, Jacky. Jill and I like the action of being in the field, but we do assign cases to certain detective, based on their skill level," Jim told his Scottish friend.
"True, May Conner runs the day to day operations of the office and business, Beverly Spencer does the training, and the rest of us work in the field," Jill said.
After some more conversation Jacky and Jim head off to the opening speeches as the convention. "I'm really looking forward to this, Jim plus I want to see what kind of new gadgets are out, and I need to pick up a new mini tazer," Jacky said as the left the office.
"Well when the day's events are over I'll show you around center city," Jim told Jacky.
After a long afternoon of lectures and looking around the merchandise room. Where Jacky picked up a new mini tazer and ordered some listening devices to be shipped home.
Jim showed Jacky around center city and took her to see Independence Hall and the Liberty bell. The two private eyes become very tired and hungry, so Jim decided to take Jacky to his favorite coffee house down on South Street, only a few blocks away. As they walk over, a young Asian woman dressed in white starts to follow the two private detectives, from a distance.
GOLL-LY! Jim this city is so diverse and yet modern," Jacky said as they walked along the street.
"I enjoy it here, half way between New York and Washington, so I get all kinds of work, from a variety of clients," Jim told Jacky.
Jacky and Jim arrive at the coffee house, and settle in with a couple of cappuccinos and some croissants. The two detectives are enjoying each other's company. Jim is enjoying hearing about Jacky's two kid's school adventures, and how Connie is becoming quite the little 'Nancy Drew ' getting into all kinds of trouble in her new high school.
As the two friends talk, the Asian woman who was following them comes into the coffee house and slowly walks toward the male and female sleuths. "Hello, Mr. Brandon my name is Yuki Sumiko, I need your help," said the young girl.
"How can I help you miss," Jim replied.
"I'm looking for my sister, she has gone missing, and she has gotten involved with some bad people here in town," Yuki told the two sleuths.
"What kind of bad people are you talking about," Jacky asked?
"I can't really tell you right now, I think I'm being followed. If you meet me tonight where I sing I can tell you more, I work at the Cherry blossom club," she told the detectives.
"We'll meet you there, and then I can tell you whether I can help you or not," Jim told the young woman.
"Here is the address, tonight is a 70's disco night, so you might want to dress in costume," Yuki told Jacky and Jim.
Yuki turned and left the coffee house, and Jacky gave Jim a puzzled look, "Why did you accept the case so easily?"
"I didn't, I'm not sure I could help her and she wasn't telling me the whole story. I figure we can meet her at the Cherry Blossom club and find out more," Jim told Jacky.
"We," Jacky asked?
"I figured you didn't want to sit in your hotel room tonight, and this way I can get you out and do some dancing, plus you never know if we'll find a mystery to solve," Jim said winking at her Scottish friend.
"I guess you're right, but now I need a pair of disco pants to wear," Jacky said laughing, Jim knew her to well. She always enjoyed a little intrigue and sleuthing.

2 Jill models
Jacky and Jim left the coffee house feeling refreshed and eager for the night's festivities. The two detectives caught a taxi cab back to the Ritz Carlton, and planned the night on the way and in front of the hotel.
"I do need something to wear tonight," Jacky said to Jim.
"I'll send Jill over she has a sweet spandex disco outfit, and you two are about the same size," Jim told Jacky.
"Cool Beans, this is going to be fun," Jacky said.
It took about 15 minutes to get to Jacky's hotel. When they arrive Jim pays the cab and turns to finalize the night's plans. "Now listen here Jim, I came to Philadelphia to attend a criminal seminar, but a little sleuthing does sound like fun especially in a city that is new to me," Jacky said to Jim.
"Well a little sleuthing doesn't hurt now and then," Jim said with a smile.
"Oh yes it does! Especially if someone gets the drop on you and conks you over the head, or do you forget Glasgow," Jacky said laughing.
"Oh yeah, that's one of the drawbacks, and I still have a few lumps from Glasgow," Jim said blushing a little, "Look Jacky, I'll send Jill over with the outfit, and I'll be by to pick you up around eight P.M."
"Sounds good Jim, Tot-Sien," Jacky said as she waved and proceeded into the Ritz. The two detectives are unaware that they have been discreetly under surveillance themselves. A woman leaning against the wall had followed them all the way from the coffee house.
Jacky goes up to her room and decides she want to go for a run. The sexy mature Scot sleuth changes into her shiny green spandex running tights and yellow tank top with South Africa embroidered across the chest. Heading down to the lobby of the hotel she inquires on a good place to go running. The desk clerk tells Jacky which way to go running and the mature 49 year old trots off toward the river drive.
As Jacky jogs along the river, she couldn't help but get the feeling that she was being watched. In fact she had had that feeling since Jim had dropped her off at the Ritz. "Raticus," Jacky muttered to herself, she probably was just being cautious and nervous on being away from Richard and the kids and being around Jim again. Also she found Jill was popping into her thoughts as well. "Why is Jill Benner in my mind?" Jacky thought.
The blonde Scottish sleuth ran about 2 miles up along the river and turned around to jog back to the hotel. Jacky was hoping to run into Jill at the hotel. She wanted Jill to model the outfit for her, to see if she would like it.
Jacky found herself getting turned on by the thought of seeing Jill in a sexy outfit. "What's wrong with me?" Jacky said aloud as she ran back to the hotel. Jacky had never been attracted to women before. In her line of work she has had all kinds of sexual encounters, with men and women, while undercover and when she had been captured, even while she was knocked unconscious her attackers have taken advantage of her. It was one of the risks of the job that Richard always worried about, it upset him to no end, yet it also excited him to no end also.
This preoccupied Jacky's thoughts to no end, and she didn't notice the large man wearing sunglasses watching her. He sat on a bench and watches the sexy spandex tights wearing sleuth jog by him one more time. The man pulled out a cell phone as Jacky ran down toward Logan circle, and the Ritz Carlton hotel.
"That English private eye just jogged past heading to the hotel, Kara," he said to a woman on the other end of the phone. "Okay, I'll meet you back at the club," he went on to say and hung up the phone, the large man got up off the bench and hailed a taxi.
Jacky got back to the Ritz and checked at the desk if anyone had called or dropped any packages of for her. "No Ma'am no one left anything for you," said the desk clerk.
"Strange, I thought Jill was going to drop that outfit off for me to wear tonight," thought the mature fit 49 year old sleuth as she got on the elevator. Pulling the keycard from the inside pocket of her running tights Jacky enter her hotel room, looking at her watch.
"I hope Jill gets here soon with the clothes, I'll just have enough time to get showered and ready," Jacky muttered to herself as she sits on the bed and take her running shoes off. As she took of her yellow running top, Jacky heard a knock at the room door.
"Jacky it's Jill Benner, sorry I'm so late," Jacky heard Jill's voice through the door.
"Just a minute, I'll be right there, Jill," Jacky shouted as she struggled to get her top off.
Jacky trotted over to the door and opened it for Jill. "Hey Jacky, so sorry I'm late, Oh, did I disturb you," Jill blushed a little seeing Jacky only in her sport bra and shiny running tights.
"Oh, no Jill I was just getting ready to jump into the shower," Jacky replied.
Jill came into the room and placed a brief case on the bed, "Here is the outfit Jim promised you, I just got it at a vintage clothing store."
Jill opened the case and pulled out a shiny black spandex tank leotard, and a pair of shiny red spandex disco pants with a matching short jacket, "I brought a pair of calf length leather boots also, but I know how you like to go snooping bare foot, and these are easy to remove quickly," Jill said.
"GOLLL-Y, that's a hot looking outfit, Jill, could you model it for me Jill," The mature Scot sleuth asked, being a little embarrassed herself. Jacky wasn't sure if she would look good in that kind of outfit.
"Sure Jacky but I have to hurry," Jill replied, and she went in to the bathroom to change.
Moments later Jill emerged from the bathroom a total disco diva, totally encased in shiny red and black spandex. Jacky's eyes went wide with excitement and desire, she thought, "Jill looks really hot in that outfit."
Jill spun around showing her rear to Jacky, and turned back around. When she did she noticed Jacky's nipples had grown erect under her sport bra. "WOW, I turned on Jacky Graham," Jill thought.
"What do you think Jacky," Jill asked her new friend?
Jacky took a moment, because her mind was really undressing Jill. "OH, man, I really think you look HOT in that outfit, not sure if I would," Jacky told Jill.
"Oh you'll look just a sexy in it Jacky, besides I rigged the jacket already with some secret pocket in the sleeves, and two just inside each breast," Jill told Jacky.
Jacky guessed Jill was right. Jill changed back out of the outfit and back into her regular clothes. The sexy Scottish sleuth hugs Jill when she comes out of the bathroom. Each detective could feel each other's nipples grow erect as they embraced.
"Good luck tonight, Jacky. I told Jim to call me by midnight and let me know you to are okay, if not I'll send in the cavalry," Jill said to Jacky as she headed to the door.
"TOT SIENS, Jill I'll try and not let us get knocked out," Jacky said to Jill as she shut the door.
Jacky knew Jim would be there in an hour or so, and she was so aroused be seeing Jill in that spandex outfit. The Scot lass needed some satisfaction, and wished Richard was there. She realized she was touching herself and rubbing the spandex fabric of her running tights against her very aroused and wet pussy. Jacky felt herself building, "OOHHH..." she moans as she felt moisture coat the spandex fabric. Forcing herself back to reality, Jacky finished undressing, and quickly jumped into the shower. While in the shower the sultry mature 49 year old sleuth found satisfaction for her arousal. Day dreaming of Richard in the shower with her in the shower making passionate love to her. Jacky had a massive orgasm in the shower, she almost falls over as the orgasm rushes through her body. The sexy 5' 8" sleuth shudders, and moans, "UUUNNhhh..." the sexy shamus finishes washing and rushes to get ready for her nocturnal adventure tonight with Jim.

3. Philly Night Life
Jacky perfumed her body and wrapped a towel around her head and body. She emerged from the bathroom and looked down at the spandex outfit Jill had left for her. "I hope I look as good as Jill did in this," Jacky said softly to herself.
Looking at the clock on the wall, Jacky quickly dressed. Slipping on the black spandex bodysuit first and the shiny red spandex disco pants and finally the short jacket. The Scot, South African sleuth went to look in the mirror. She was shocked at how hot she looked, she was certainly going to turn some heads tonight. Jacky added some earing she had and a gold chain belt Jill had brought with the outfit.
She then stood in front of the mirror, posing, spinning around and checking all ends of herself out, "WOW! I really look like a spandex sleuth," Jacky said to herself.
Then Jacky realized she hadn't called Richard. She knew he was waiting for her call, and Jacky wanted to hear for him and the kids. Wondering how their days were compared to the one she had.
Picking up her IPhone she speed dialed home. "Hello, Richard sweetie I miss you so much," Jacky said to Richard as he answered the phone.
"Jacky! I was getting worried, you said you would call when you got in from the seminar," Richard said to his wife.
"I'm sorry I got a little tied up here, "Jacky said.
"WHAT! You didn't get into any trouble, I hope you didn't get knocked out again," Richard said to his sleuth wife. Secretly, Jacky getting into trouble aroused him to no end.
"Oh, no Richard, I just got preoccupied, that's all," Jacky replied.
The mature mother and private detective went on to ask how everything was going back in Glasgow. She was so happy to hear about Richard's day, and enjoyed so much talking to Connie and Alan about their school day. She did miss her family so much. Finally Alan put his father back on the phone, "Oh by the way Richard, I'm working on a case with Jim again."
"What! It better not be too dangerous, you've barely recovered for the last case you worked on with him," Richard said raising his voice.
"Don't get crossed, Richard, this is my profession, and he is my friend, I don't want to have a long distant fight with you," Jacky replied.
"Just be careful, Jacky, you're too far away for me to come to your aid," said her worried husband.
"I'll be fine, I'm with Jim in his home town, and he has the other detectives at his agency to help us," Jacky told her husband confidently.
"You know how I worry when you go on missions, Jacky," Richard said.
"I know, Richard, I'll be careful. I have to go now, give my love to the kids and I love you," Jacky said to her husband as she hung up the phone.

She knew Richard worried when she went out snooping around, but she also knew how turned on he got when she wore her snooping gear. She knew he would be really turned on by seeing her in this spandex outfit she was wearing right at the moment. She secretly knew he got aroused when she told him how she walked into a trap and got captured, or knocked out snooping around, or losing a fight and ending up unconscious and tied up. When she tells Richard about her adventures it always ended up with the best sex they had ever had.
Jacky heard a knocking at her room door. The sexy mature Scot jumped up off the bed and opened the door. Jim stood in front of her, dressed for a night at a '70's era disco. "Well Jacky are you ready for a night of dancing," Jim said to her.
GOLL-LY! Jim you look good," Jacky said to the male sleuth.
"Thanks Jacky, that outfit is you, you look real dishy wearing it," Jim replied.
Jacky almost turned as red as the spandex she was wearing, "your making me blush, Jim, Thank you," she said, as she turned to retrieve her clutch purse.
The two sleuths headed down to the hotel lobby to retrieve Jim's car and head off to the Cherry Blossom club. As the two wait for the elevator, Jacky could help but become a little giddy. She was really excited about possibly working with Jim again.
"Wow, Jacky you look really happy," Jim said to his friend.
"I am Jim, I'm excited to see some of Philadelphia's night life, and maybe to be working on a mystery with you one more time," Jacky told her spandex clad friend. Jim's car is waiting for the two sleuths when they walk out of the hotel.
"Oh wow a vintage Camaro, COOL BEANS, Jim," Jacky said as the doorman opened the passenger door for the mature Scots.
The two detectives get into the car and pull off down 15th street. After a few blocks Jim turns to Jacky and says, "I'm glad you're with me tonight Jacky. I wasn't sure I would take this case, but with your help I'm sure we can crack it in no time at all."
When Jim said this to Jacky, it filled Jacky full of excitement. She was overjoyed to be working on a mystery with Jim, in a foreign country, to her. Walking into unknown dangers, with her friend, was better than sitting in some lecture hall listening to someone talk about new investigation techniques. That thought bored her to no end.
The Cherry Blossom club was in Philadelphia's China town section of the city. It took about 15 minutes, in night time traffic to get there. The two sleuths pulled into a parking garage a few blocks away, and emerged from the building and walking down to Arch Street. Jacky could feel people staring at her, so she decided to shack her 'booty' a little for her audience. Jim saw Jacky wiggling her rear, and smiled knowing she was putting on a show for the locals.
The two sexy sleuths walk down Arch Street to the Cherry Blossom club which is in the middle of the block in an old movie theater. The Cherry Blossom club is partially a private social club and they only let in about 150 public guests each night. Jacky and Jim stand in line not sure if they'll get in to the club. Jacky leans over to Jim and says, "What if we don't get in how we will contact, Yuki?"
"I'm not sure yet, I'll try and slip the Bouncer a 50 to let us in," Jim whispered in Jacky's ear. The two private detectives get up to the door and approach the Bouncer, a large African American man well built.
"Your names," said the Bouncer in a deep booming voice.
"Hello we are guest of Yuki Sumiko, out names are Jacky Graham and Jim Brandon," Jim said to the bouncer. Jim has a 50 dollar bill folded in his hand, ready to slip it to the Bouncer just in case they aren't on the list.
"Ah, yes Mr. Brandon your names are right on top, Ms. Sumiko has even reserved a special table for you and intends to have a drink with you two after her performance," said the bouncer.
The news shocked the two detectives a little. They were getting the VIP treatment, and they weren't sure why. Jim thought that this Yuki woman must really need his help.

4 The Cherry Blossom Club
The Bouncer opened the door for the two investigators and the walked into the Cherry Blossom club. The night club was crowded with people, and Jacky and Jim where shown to their table and a bottle of champagne was sitting chilled waiting for them. They sit down and look around the club as they sip the champagne. Neither Jacky nor Jim are a big fan of champagne, but a free bottle is a free bottle.
The couples are sitting near the dance floor and plenty of people are using it. Jacky and Jim look around and on the dance floor for Yuki, but she is nowhere in sight. "Do you think your client backed out on you, Jim," Jacky asked her friend.
"I'm not sure, let's wait a little while she maybe late," Jim replied.
Jim offers to take Jacky out on to the dance floor, and the two sexy spandex clad sleuths go out and dance for a few songs. About twenty minutes go by and the two detectives spot Yuki. She is walking up on to the stage dressed in a shiny pink spandex outfit. Another woman comes up to the microphone and says, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, the Cherry Blossom club presents Yuki Sumiko for you pleasure!"
Everyone in the club applaud as Yuki steps up to the mic. The young Asian woman starts to sing a song in her native language. Her voice is beautiful and the two detectives are mesmerized by the young woman. Yuki does a thirty minute set of songs in her native language and in English. The club gives her a standing ovation when she is done.
"Thank you, Thank you and Good night," said the young Asian woman to the audience.
Yuki walks off stage and over to the table where Jacky and Jim are sitting. A server brings over a chair and another bottle of champagne to the table.
"Good evening Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Graham," Yuki says as she sits down.
"Hello Ms. Sumiko, you where marvelous," Jim replied. "Yes I enjoyed you show, your quite a singer," Jacky added.
Yuki took a sip from her glass, and said, "Have you considered my offer, Mr. Brandon?"
"I wish you could tell me more about your situation, and call me Jim," Jim told the young woman.
Yuki went on to explain how her sister, Sasha was being held by the owner of the club, and forcing her to sing at the club or the owner would hurt her sister. Also the owner had connections back in China and he would be able to hurt the rest of her family. Doing some detective work of her own, she has found where her sister is being held. "I'm not sure where to go from here, I don't want my sister or I to be deported if I go to the Police, so I'm turning to you," Yuki told the two detectives.
Jim knew that Yuki and her sister wouldn't be deported. He had connections in the State department that would ensure they wouldn't. "I can help you Yuki, but you should be more careful about snooping around yourself," Jim told Yuki.
"You can tell us where she is being held, and we will go and free her if we can, Jacky told the young woman.
"I wish I could tell you, but I am not too familiar with your city, it would be better that I show you where," Yuki told the two private detectives.
"But Yuki it could be dangerous and people could be hurt," Jim told his new client.
"I insist Mr. Brandon my sister doesn't speak any English, and is probably deathly afraid right now," Yuki replied.
Jacky and Jim looked at each other, and Jacky shrugged her shoulders as if to say, 'why not, what could go wrong.' The three finished the bottle of champagne then left the club. Yuki was only doing one show that night, and she would meet Jacky and Jim around the corner from the club. There was a set of eyes on Jacky and Jim as they pulled away from the Cherry Blossom club.
Jacky and Jim retrieved Jim's car and sped off to meet Yuki and block or two away from the club. Jim make a right onto 12th street and on the next corner is standing Yuki. The detective pulls over and Yuki gets into the back.
"Did anyone see you," Jacky asks?
"No, I was very careful, I am sure no one saw me," Yuki replied.
"Which way should I go, Yuki" Jim asked his client?
Yuki told the two detectives to head in the direction of Girard and Kensington avenues. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there, in the late evening traffic. Yuki instructs Jim to drive around on the side streets till she sees something familiar. Finally Yuki shouts out, "That's the street there pull over, Jim!"
Jim parks his car on a small dead end street just off Kensington Avenue. It looked like every building was abandoned. There was an old warehouse at the end and on one side it looked like an out of business hair salon. Jim parked his car at the end of the block, near Kensington Ave. The three people got out of the car and stood on the sidewalk, studying the building.
"I am sure my sister is being held in that building," said Yuki.
"You are sure, it looks pretty deserted," Jacky said to Yuki.
"We just have to be careful when we go in," Jim said to the two women.
Jacky thought it would be better that only she and Jim enter the building, but Yuki protested against this. "My sister is scared to death right now, and if a fight breaks out, I'm afraid of what would happen," she told the two detectives.
"Listen Yuki, Jim and I are professionals, we've been highly trained at this sort of activity, you could get in our way or even hurt," Jacky replied.
Yuki was insistent that she go with the two spandex clad sleuths. Jacky and Jim looked at each other rand shrugged their shoulders, as if what could they do. The three move across the street and hug the wall of the building. Both Jacky and Jim are on their guard for a trap. They both hear little voices in their heads, "Something doesn't smell right about this."
The three get to the front door of the building and Yuki says, "Please be careful, and good luck to you."
Jacky and Jim nod to her and Jim tries the door. It is unlocked, another sign that they are walking into a trap, Jim thinks. Jim opens the door slowly, checking behind the door to make sure no one is lying in wait to cash them from behind. The three people move into the now defunct hair salon. Jacky pulls out a small flash light from the inside pocket of her jacket, and turns it on, shining it around to room. From the look of things this place hadn't been in business for some time. There is trash and old wine bottle strewn about the room. From the look of things Philadelphia's homeless population had used this building for a crash pad.
"Jacky turns to Jim and Yuki, "I'll check up stairs to see if she is there, Jim you back me up down here, and Yuki you stay with Jim."
"Good ideas, Jacky watch your back doll," Jim said to his Scots South African partner.
Jacky headed up the stairs searching for Yuki's sister, Sasha, Yuki and Jim waited at the bottom of the stairs. Jim stood ready to help his close friend in case she got jumped when she got upstairs. Jim watched the 49 year old private detective climb the stairs. Thinking to himself how hot she looked in Jill's spandex disco outfit. Yuki stood behind the 47 year old male sleuth and smiled.
"I am so grateful to you and your friend, my family will be in your debt forever," Yuki whispered in Jim's ear.

5 Good nights Jacky and Jim
As the Scottish female sleuth walked slowly up the stairs, Jim watch intently ready to rush to Jacky's aid if she walked into trouble.
"This is so exciting Mr. Jim Brandon, maybe I can become one of your private eyes at your agency," said Yuki. "I can be your female Charlie Chan," she went on to say laughing a little.
"Well, that could be possible, you have to go to school and learn investigation methods, and maybe in four or five years, you could become a private detective," Jim replied to Yuki.
Little did Jim realize that Yuki had pulled out a .44 Magnum from her purse. He was too preoccupied watching the spandex clad Jacky Graham go up the steps. Jim was excited to be working with Jacky again, he had really enjoyed helping Jacky in Glasgow. Even though they had spent a good amount of time unconscious, and he had a few lumps to prove it. Jacky had made an excellent partner, like Jill and Beverly. These thoughts running through the 47 year old male sleuths mind was a mistake. Yuki raised the pistol and swung it toward the base of Jim's neck.
'TTHHWWAAPP!!!' The sound of the pistol making impact against the black hair cover skull of the unsuspecting detective.
"UUUNNNHHH..." an involuntary groan escaped Jim's mouth as his eye went wide with shock and pain. His vision turned red with exploding stars, which grew dark. Jim's eyes rolled upward as he fell face first on the floor. Yuki had knocked out her employee. Jim's last conscious thoughts were he had taken his friend Jacky right into a trap. Jim felt himself grow aroused, and his penis grew hard under his spandex disco pants. The thought that Jacky would soon be lying next to him also in a forced unconsciousness excited the sleuth to no end.
Yuki swung the pistol and watched it make impact with the back of Jim's neck. She saw the sleuth's body jerk awkwardly and fall forward to the salon floor. Yuki was happy that Jim didn't try to prevent his fall, a sure sign the blow was hard enough to knock the detective out cold. As the Asian woman looked at the fallen sleuth she saw his right leg spasm and raise a few inches the drop to the floor and lay still.
"Now to wait for the girl to come down and I'll soon be able to collect my bounty on Mr. Brandon here," Yuki said softly.
While Yuki was knocking her friend Jim out. Jacky had gotten to the top of the stairs she looked around the small room, "There is no one here, she whispered softly to herself."
Jacky saw some of the same stuff she had seen downstairs, broken liqueur bottles trash, a hair dryer. A wave of fear washed over her as she noticed the police outline of a body on the floor, also against the far wall were three cans of gasoline and a bundle of dynamite. Jacky ran over to the explosives and checked the timer. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, it wasn't active. Then the female Scots sleuth realized.
"RATICUS IT'S A TRAP," screamed Jacky inside her head, as she heard what sounded like a duffle bag of clothes being dropped on the floor. The mature 49 year old woman quickly turned and headed back toward the stairs. Jacky took on last look around to see if the was any signs that someone had been held against their will here. She had hoped the outline of the body wasn't Jim's client's sister Sasha.
Jacky quickly went down the stairs shouting, "Jim, Yuki get out there is a bomb up here!"
The sexy mature sleuth got to the bottom of the stairs and turned, only to see Jim lying knocked out on the floor and Yuki pointing a pistol at her. Jacky's heart sank when she realized the sound she had heard upstairs was of Jim being knocked out. Her back up now unconscious on the floor, Jacky thought she soon would be lying next to him unconscious.
"That's it Mrs. Graham don't make any sudden moves, and put your hands up, I really don't like shooting people, explosives are more my thing," Yuki said to the stunned Scot South African woman.
"Why Yuki, what did Jim do to you," Jacky asked the Asian woman?
"He never did anything to me, but I have been paid very well to make sure Mr. James Brandon meets his maker. You just happen to be caught up in all this, I'm afraid I cannot leave any witnesses," Yuki told the trapped blonde shamus.
"Who paid you to kill, Jim," Jacky asked trying to stall for time to come up with a plan.
"Oh, Mr. Brandon isn't dead yet, he will be and so will you Mrs. Graham, and I'm afraid you won't find out who hired me, but it was a good try. Now if you will come a little closer to me, Mrs. Graham," Yuki told the helpless Jacky.
Jacky walked toward the young Asian hit woman, stepping over her unconscious friend and partner. Thinking, " Richard warned me to be careful." The blonde Scot detective thought of her husband and daughter, Connie and son Allen, she loved them so much, and hoped she would get to see them again.
Jacky walked right up to Yuki. The barrel of the pistol pressing into her stomach. Jacky could feel the barrel through the spandex fabric of her bodysuit. "Oh, boy! Jill is going to be angry with me for getting her spandex outfit dirty," was all Jacky could think of, having just met Jill Benner and becoming so fond of the young blonde detective. She had hoped she would have gotten a better chance to know Jill, since she had convinced Jacky to wear such a revealing outfit, but Jill had a similar body type as Jacky even though she wasn't as old as Jacky.
"Not so close Mrs. Graham, I don't want you to get any chances to attack me, take a step or two back and turn around," Yuki said to Jacky.
"Is it one step or two, Yuki," said Jacky with a smirk on her face.
"I wouldn't be so cocky Mrs. Graham you are about to be rendered unconscious and soon after you and Mr. Brandon will be killed in an explosion, you are in deep trouble. So being smart doesn't help right at the moment," Yuki said with some anger growing in her voice.
Of course Yuki was right, but it was in Jacky's nature to never give up. Jacky knew Yuki could of just coshed her right on top of the head, but now Jacky took two steps back and turned her back to the Asian hit woman.
"Oh, man here it comes," Jacky thought, "Okay now what, Yuki?" said Jacky defiantly.
"This!" said Yuki smiling.
Yuki's pistol came crashing down making brutal impact with the base of Jacky's blonde bobbed skull.
"UNNNGGgghhh...."moaned Jacky as the pain of the blow rushed through her spandex encased body.
Her head jerked back and she winced from the pain coursing through her body. When the Scottish blonde sleuth opened her eyes again, they were already rolling up in their sockets. Her vision turned photo negative and everything started growing dark. Jacky knew all too well she had received a knockout blow. Her knees gave out and she fell on top of her unconscious partner, Jim. The blonde Scottish detective tried to rise one more time, but her muscles convulsed one more time as she collapsed down a dark hole into pain and darkness.
Yuki watched Jacky go rigid at the blow she had delivered took effect. She saw Jacky throw her head back and slump down. Yuki enjoyed hearing the sound of two spandex encased bodies crashing into each other. Yuki saw Jacky try to get up, but let out a faint sigh and went totally limp on top of her partner. Now Jacky lay on top of her friend Jim, both in deep forced unconsciousness.

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 Harrison Middle School Affair

1: Jill to the Rescue

Jill Benner had worked at the Harrison middle school for about a year and a half now, after she got discharged from the Army.  She started as the science teacher but moved to the 5th grade at the beginning of the school year, which made her happy.  She was now teaching the same grade as her best friend May Conner. Who had taken Jill under her wing when she had gotten the teaching job. Plus, Jill had taken a liking to the young custodian, Jim Brandon.  She thought that he liked her also.

She had gotten to know Jim really well, having coffee and lunch with him several times.  She knew he was going to school for private investigations, and had met a young African American woman, about the same age as Jill, named Beverly Spencer.  The two had done several projects together and worked well together.  Jim thought them might take a chance and open their own private investigation firm when they graduated.

Jill knew Jim didn’t believe in work place romances, he thought nothing good could come of it. So neither of them perused the romance.  She did enjoy his company though.

On the teaching end of the job Jill was one of the most popular teachers at Harrison middle school.  There were three teachers teaching 5th grade at the school. Jill, May and a woman named Debbie Crenshaw.  Debbie Crenshaw had taught at the school for about five years.  The children in her class weren’t bad children Jill thought, they just had a bad teacher. It seemed like Debbie blamed the children for everything.  She seemed to be shouting at them all the time.  Jill and Debbie often clashed at meetings, and Jill had on more than one occasion let Debbie know what she thought.  Jill always spoke her mind. The School principal had ordered Jill, May and Debbie to hash out their problems, so it wouldn’t hinder the education of the children.

On this day nothing exciting had happened, Jill was copying some test papers for the next day, and had to grade some reports that night.  May was going to meet her and they were going to go out to the diner down the street for an early dinner, Jim had recommended it for the price and the food was good also. Knowing Jim, it also had a few beautiful waitresses.

Suddenly a young girl comes rushing into the teachers’ lounge.  “Ms. Benner, Ms. Benner come quick there is a boy in the girls’ locker room,” said a young girl.

“What!” Jill shouted. She recognized the girl as Alisa Clinton, a student in Debbie Crenshaw’s class.  She was wearing gymnastic clothes, and Jill remember she was on the schools Gymnastics team.

“Some boy is in the locker room and all the girls are hiding in the showers, I snuck past him to get help,” Alisa told Jill.

“Who was supposed to be watching you girls today,” Jill asked Alisa?

“Ms. Crenshaw, but she left early. She said something about a date and couldn’t be held up by a bunch of little girls,” Alisa told Jill.

Again Debbie Crenshaw Jill thought.  Well this time Debbie wasn’t going to get away with abandoning children at the end of the day, especially little girls scantily clad in a locker room.  “Okay Alisa calm down and lead me to the locker, we’ll see if we can find Jim or any of the custodial staff to come with us.” Jill told the young girl.  Jill would feel better if she had another adult with her.  She was an Army veteran, but was only an office clerk not an infantryman.  It would be great if she ran into Jim, he was a U.S. Marine veteran who was in recognizes and a combat veteran.

The girl’s locker room was on the other side of the gym, Alisa ran down the hall, and Jill briskly walked behind her.  Her high heels wouldn’t let her run without the risk of falling.  “Hurry up Ms. Benner, hurry,” Alisa shouted.

“I’ll be there Alisa, just don’t go rushing in without me,” Jill replied thinking she should have taken her heels off in the lounge.

Alisa didn’t listen to Jill and usual for a 12-year-old. Jill got to the door of the locker room where Alisa was standing.  “He’s in here somewhere, Ms. Benner,” Alisa said.

Jill peered into the locker room and all was quiet, no one was about.  Jill felt a little nervous, they didn’t run into any of the custodial staff or any other teachers.  Jill knew May was up in her classroom, and should have called her friend to meet them there, but she didn’t.

“Where was the man, Alisa,” asked Jill?

“He was down the middle isle between the lockers. I was going to my locker when I saw him,” Alisa told Jill.

Jill walked into the locker room, her heels clacking on the floor.  She wanted to make sure who ever it was heard her coming.  She made sure that Alisa was behind her, she didn’t need a hostage situation.  Standing at the end of the row of locker in the middle of the isle Jill said, “Whoever you are come out now and the Police won’t be called.” 

Jill waited a few moments and said again, “Come on out, I’m going to call the Police.”

She reached for her cell phone in the left pocket of her skirt, but felt nothing.  “DAM! I left in charging in the teachers’ lounge,” she thought.

She said one more time more sternly, “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, COME OUT NOW!”

She could feel Alisa standing close behind her.  “Go get the other girls, and get out of here Alisa,” Jill told the young girl.  Then she saw movement at the end of the row of locker on her left.  A head peered around the corner.  Jill felt nervous, she hoped whoever it was, wasn’t armed.  Jill also felt a little excited, being in a perilous situation was exciting to her.

“Come on out I see you there,” Jill said in a calmer voice.

It was a young man, more of a teenager, wearing a white tank top t-shirt and a pair of black lycra running tights. She recognized him as a former student Sheldon Holloway.  He came out and stood in the isle at the other end of the row of lockers.  “Sheldon Holloway is that you,” Jill asked?

“Uh yes Ms. Benner,” Sheldon replied.

“What are you doing here, and why did you scare these girls’ half to deUUUNNNGGGHHHH….” Jill’s word was cut off by an explosion at the back of her blonde bobbed head.


Alisa had picked up a small two-pound dumbbell off the table when Jill thought she was heading to the showers to get the other girls.  She then ran and jumped on a stool and brought the weight crashing down on to the unsuspecting teacher’s skull.  Jill threw her head back and realized she had no control of her body, but was aware of a tremendous pain coursing through her body.  Her vision turned photo negative and what seem like a dark tunnel engulfed her.  She dropped to her knees and swayed back and forth.

“Hit her again, Alisa you didn’t knock her out,” Jill heard Sheldon say.

“No Way Shelly I don’t want to kill her, I hit her plenty hard to knock her out,” Alisa replied.

  The young blonde teacher was unable to figure out what had happened. “Why did Alisa hit me,” thought Jill through the red haze of pain filling her skull.

“HA HA HA HA, that’s fine Alisa she is all but knocked out,” a familiar female voice said from behind Jill.  Then she let out another faint moan, “oooohhh…” and collapsed face first onto the locker room floor.  Her left leg rose for a second and spasmed and drop to the floor and Jill went still, unconscious.  Alisa knelt down next to the teacher she had just knocked out.  She placed her hand on Jill’s firm arise and moved it up to her head feeling the silkiness of her blue satin blouse. She could feel that the young woman was breathing slow and steady. Then Alisa felt the lump that was just starting to form on the back of Jill’s skull.

“Sheldon go make sure Ms. Conner is still in her classroom, Alisa help me drag Benner over here,” said the woman.

Sheldon left the locker room hoping neither of the two women notice the massive hard on that had grown inside his spandex tights.  He had had a crush on Ms. Benner, but she was only at the school for about half a year before he graduated.  He had had Jill as a teacher for his science class the last part of that year. 

One time she was helping him with a project, she was looking over his shoulder and touched him on the back.  Between how she smelled and her breast touching his right shoulder, he erupted in an orgasm right in his seat.  He was terribly embarrassed and started to turn bright red.  Jill had realized what had happened and made him stay after class so no one would see the stain in his pants.  Then she let him go to the bathroom to clean himself up.  He felt awful helping Debbie Crenshaw knock Jill out.  He went to check and see if May Conner was still in her classroom.

While Sheldon was doing this Debbie and Alisa dragged Jill by her feet to the front of the locker room. Jill was dead weight, deeply unconscious.  Debbie rolled the young blonde on to her back, and started to unbutton her blouse.  Alisa used her left foot and pushed Jill’s head, which rolled side to side. Unbuttoning the last button on Jill’s blouse her breasts popped out.  Alisa knelt down next to the unconscious 5th grade teacher.  She was entranced with the round pert breast of the teacher.  Taking her hand and cupping Jill’s right tit,

 She pinched the rock hard nipple, “WOW!  She is turned on even when she is unconscious,” Alisa said.

“It happens when you get knocked out, Alisa,” Debbie told her.

“What are you going to do with her,” Alisa asked?

“That’s not your problem, Alisa you’ll get you A and be able to go to the best high school in Philly after I write my recommendation,” Debbie told the young girl.

Alisa then got the towel cart out of the shower and they dumped Jill’s unconscious form into it. Her head whacking the bottom of the cart.  Debbie then cover Jill’s body with all the towels she could find.  Then Debbie and Alisa rolled the cart toward the teacher’s lounge.  After they got the car to the lounge, Debbie told Alisa to take off she would handle the rest, “I’ll see you in the morning, Alisa,” Debbie said.

“What are you going to do with Ms. Benner,” Alisa asked?

“She and Ms. Conner are going to have some fun tonight, and I’m going to take some pictures with them,” Debbie told Alisa.

“I want to help, “Alisa insisted.

The two women the proceeded to pull Jill’s unconscious form out of the laundry cart, and place her in a chair.  Jill slumped down in the chair still deeply unconscious.  The two blows to her head would ensure she probably be knocked out for quite a few hours to come.  Debbie reaches behind Jill and unzips her skirt and with one good pull she strips Jill’s skirt right off her unconscious hips, rivaling her green silk thong.  Debbie hands some rope to Alisa and told her to tie her hands behind her back, while she tied her ankles together.  Debbie then reaches into the cart and pulls out a red ball gag and inserts into Jill’s unconscious mouth, “I think you like big things in your mouth Jill, heh heh heh,” Debbie chuckled.

Debbie notices Alisa was cupping Jill’s right breast again; she watches the girl pinch Jill’s nipple again.  Jill’s nipple was still semi hard but it didn’t take much to make it rock hard once again.  Then Alisa couldn’t control herself she started sucking Jill’s right breast, the young girl slurped the knocked out woman’s nipple and tonged the tip.  Debbie could see how aroused Alisa was, which sort of turned Debbie on.  She could feel her nipples get hard and push against the spandex fabric of her bodysuit.

Forcing herself to stop she said to Alisa, “Come on Alisa you have to get home, I can handle the rest of my plan.”

“Okay, just one more taste. I sure enjoyed playing with Ms. Benner,” Alisa said then she sucked hard on Jill’s right breast one more time.  So hard she elicited a moan out of the unconscious woman, “MMMMMHHH…”

Alisa then kissed Jill on the cheek and turned and walked out of the lounge, Debbie give her a light smack on her spandex encase arise, “Great job, Alisa,” she said.

Debbie turned her attention back to Jill. She walks over to her and reached between Jill’s legs, “Ah just as I thought your already moist down there,” she said as she felt that the silk fabric was damp with Jill’s juices. She then reaches into her thong and start to massage Jill’s clitoris.  In a few moments Jill erupts in an orgasm, soaking her silk thong.

“I always knew you were a slut Benner,” Debbie said as she wipes Jill’s cum on the knocked out woman’s face.  Then she walks out of the teacher’s lounge to put the next phase of her plan into operation.



2. Debbie makes Peace:

Debbie leaves Jill knocked out and tied up in the teacher’s lounge.  She runs into Sheldon in hallway at the base of the stairwell, he had changed out of his work out gear and put on his street clothes.  “Is she still in her classroom Sheldon,” asked Debbie?

“Yes Ms. Crenshaw, but she is about to leave. I heard her say something about meeting Ms. Benner in the teacher’s lounge,” Sheldon told her.

“Good, you did a great hob Sheldon,” Debbie said to the young man.

“Where is Ms. Benner? What did you do with her,” Sheldon said nervously?

“She is still unconscious, and I have her tied up in the lounge. Now run along and don’t let anybody see you,” Debbie told Sheldon.

The young boy head off in the direction of the lounge, with an excited look on his face.  Debbie couldn’t be bothered with him right now, she had to lure May Conner into her trap. “These two cunts have been a pain in my neck since the Benner slut started teaching here,” she thought to herself

Sheldon moved quickly through the halls of Harrison middle school, being careful not to get spotted by any of the custodial staff.  He gets to the teacher’s lounge door and stops.  The sight that greeted him was his blonde teaching crush, partially naked gagged and tied to a chair. Jill’s head was slumped over her chin resting on her chest.  Sheldon felt his penis immediately grow rock hard at seeing Jill’s exposed breast.  Sheldon went into the lounge and stood there for a few moments.  The woman he had a huge crush on was now unconscious and seminude in front of him.  He shut to lounge door and wedge a chair under to door knob, he didn’t want anyone coming in on them.  Then Sheldon took off his pants exposing his rock hard member, already oozing some pre cum from its tip.

“Oh, Ms. Benner you don’t know how excited I am right now, you are so beautiful,” Sheldon said as he walked toward Jill.  He reached down and notice someone had already pleasure themselves and left their cum on Jill’s breast.  He cupped Jill’s right breast and noticed that her nipple was still semi hard.  “You were aroused already Ms. Benner,” Sheldon said inquisitively?

He then sat on Jill’s lap rubbing his penis on her stomach, then put his erection between Jill’s breast and started to titty fuck the unconscious teacher.  In a few minutes Sheldon exploded in a massive orgasm, spuming his semen all over Jill’s chest.  “UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!” grunted the young teenager.  The young man almost passed out from the orgasm, he stepped back his cock still spewing cum, and it dripping on to Jill’s thighs.  He looked at his knocked out crush and watched his semen start to slid down Jill’s breast till it started to drip off her right nipple.

He started to feel a sense of guilt wash over him, and he started to get afraid.  “I’m so sorry Ms. Benner I didn’t mean to do any of this,” Sheldon said to the unconscious woman, and he quickly pulled on his trousers and rushed out of the teacher’s lounge slamming the door behind him.

Debbie headed up the stairs toward the area of the school where the 5th grade classes were.  As she got to May’ classroom door she saw May coming out and locking the door.  “May do you have a minute, I would like to talk to you,” Debbie said.

May was startled by Debbie, she usually leaves the building right away after school dismisses for the day.  “Uh, not really I have to copy some text papers and I’m meeting Jill in the teacher’s lounge, we’re going to Mug Shots for some dinner,” May said to Debbie.

“Oh great I wanted to talk to her also.  I just want to clear the air with you two, it is a long school year and we all might as well get along,” Debbie said to May.  What May didn’t know was that Jill was in the teacher’s lounge, but deeply unconscious and tied up.

“WOW!  This is shocking, Debbie I thought you didn’t approve of our teaching methods,” May replied.

“I normally don’t, but I think I can learn from both of you and maybe you can learn some things from me,” Debbie replied.,

“That is very open minded of you Debbie, I never would have thought you were that open minded.  Walk down to the lounge with me and the three of us could talk there,” May told Debbie.  May never took Debbie to be that open to learning different ways of teaching from other teacher.  “I guess anyone can change,” she thought to herself as the two women walked to the stairwell.

“I think we just got off on the wrong foot to start with, May,” Debbie said, trying to make May feel at ease so she wouldn’t be on guard.  Also thinking that Jill was waiting down in the lounge she wouldn’t be expecting Debbie to do anything.

May was almost ecstatic, she never liked infighting between employees and especially teachers, the only people that were hurt were the children, and their grades. A smile came over her face and she started to feel at ease.  The two women chatted as they walked down the stairs and hall leading to the teacher’s lounge.  Debbie explained to her how she always wanted her students to do their best, and how hard it was because Harrison was such a good school, one of the best in the city.  May agreed with her but tried to point out that Debbie loses her patients to quickly with the children.   Debbie admitted that she did lose her temper with the kids quite often, but she felt they weren’t trying hard enough. 

“By the way I really love that suit you are wearing, you look so smart in it,” Debbie said to May.

“Thank you I got it a Saks, on sale I couldn’t believe it,” May replied.

Debbie’s plan was working perfectly, May was now totally at ease with Debbie.  The two teachers turned the corner into the hall where the teacher’s lounge is.  “I guess everyone went home for the night, I wonder where the cleaning staff is,” May said to Debbie.

“Just one of those days everyone jets out of here in a hurry, plus it is after 5:30 pm. Doesn’t Mr. Brandon want all the teachers to leave by then,” Debbie replied knowing she was right.  Jim liked the teacher to leave no later than 5:30 pm so the cleaning staff could have the building all to themselves, it made it easier to do their job.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, he does make an exception for Jill and I, I’m not sure why,” May said, she really knew that Jim really had a crush on Jill and like her also.

“HA you have to be kidding. You don’t know why, he has a crush on Jill and has a fancy for you also,” Debbie said to May as she could see May start to blush.  May knew she was right, she had seen the chemistry between Jill and Jim, and Jim also enjoyed May’s company too.  The two women get to the lounge and Debbie motions for May to go in first, “After you May,” she says.

“Thank you, Debbie,” May replies as she takes a hold of the door knob and opened the door.  As May goes into the lounge she says, “Jill you can’t believe OH MY GOD!”

May is frozen in place in total shock at the sight that greeted her.  Jill unconscious gagged and tied to a chair, and what looked like sperm all over her chest and thighs.  May takes a step toward Jill, then Debbie strikes.  She raises her right hand, and delivers a hard judo chop to the back of the unsuspecting May’s neck.


“AAKKK…” May gasped as the shock of Debbie’s chop runs down her spine like an electrical charge.  Her whole body goes rigid for an instant, and her eyes grow wide with shock.  Then her brown and white orbs start to roll up in their sockets as May’s knees give out as she falls forward toward her knocked out best friend.  May fall face first onto the lounge tile floor, the right side of her head hitting the tile hard.  One final blow to ensure her unconsciousness.

May was unable to control herself as she felt a warm giddiness coming over her body, and then she lets out a faint moan and slips into pain and darkness, “ooooohhhh…”

“Welcome to my little party May. Now the two guests of honor are finally both here, time to have some fun with you too,” Debbie said to the now unconscious May.


3: Jill and May get close

Debbie looks down at the knocked out May Conner, “Oh it was so easy luring you down here May. I hope you enjoy your forced nap,” she said.  May didn’t reply at all, she was deeply unconscious.  Debbie used the tip of her foot to nudge May’s left thigh. This elicit no response at all.  The combination of the judo chop and May striking her head on the tile floor made sue she was totally knocked out.

Debbie quickly went to work.  She knelt down and unbuttoned the snap at the back of May’s skirt, pulling her skirt down her thigh and off her inert legs.  Reveling her satin panties and fishnet stocking, Then Debbie rolled May over onto her back, May’s arms flopping over.  She then unbuttons May’s suit jacket reveling her ample bosom encased in a silk camisole.

“My May you are such a fit woman,” Debbie said, tracing May’s six pack abs and exploring the camel toe clef encased in May’s satin panties.  She picks May up pulling her suit jacket off and then her silk camisole, letting May flop back down hard on the tile floor with a thump.  May striking the back of her head hard, another blow to ensure May would be unconscious for hours to come. 

Debbie could not help but admire May’s round frim pert breast. Cupping and squeezing her left breast and pinching May’s right nipple and sucking on the left one as she did, as she did she reached down and caressed May’s satin encased clit.  After a few minutes she managed to make the unconscious woman erupt in an orgasm.

“uuuunnnhhh….” a faint moan escapes the knocked out May’s lips as her body shudders as the force of the orgasm rushes through her body.

“HA HA HA HA, you’re a slut also Conner,” Debbie said as she stood up, seeing a dark stain appear in May’s satin panties.  Debbie reached between her thighs feeling moisture.  She needed satisfaction, all this stripping and masturbating of these two aroused her to no end.  “Maybe after I tie you up Conner I’ll go find Jim Brandon and fuck his brains out, just to make both of your humiliation’s complete,” Debbie went on to say.  She then went over to the cabinet and produced another large red ball gag and some more rope.  She places the ball gag in May’s slack mouth, and then picks the unconscious teacher up and places her onto the knocked out Jill’s lap.  Having the two seminude women face each other, she ties May’s wrist behind Jill’s neck. Then tying the two women’s thighs together she then retrieves a vibrator from her purse.  Turning it on she inserts it between the two women, forcing it down to where it touches both their viginas.

The vibrations instantly elicit a moan and movement from Jill, “MMMMMM….”

“Oh coming around already, Jill,” Debbie said, “I can’t have that happening.”  She takes the two women’s heads and smacks them together.


“mmhhhh…” groans Jill as she slips into oblivion once again.  Confident the blow will keep the two women out for hours to come, Debbie admires her bondage handy work.  Already she could see the two women begin to gyrate as the vibrator does its work on them.  The vibrator would masturbate both of the unconscious women till they orgasm over and over.  “This will either kill you or you’ll be so dehydrated and exhausted you won’t be able to tell anyone what had happened,” Debbie said to the knocked out Jill and May.

“OH this is so great, I’m ecstatic my two biggest rivals knocked unconscious and tied up in an erotic sexual bondage.  I’ll come in early tomorrow untie you two and make sure your still unconscious.  Then when the rest of the building staff finds you, you two will be so humiliated you’ll have to resign you teaching positions and leave the school,” Debbie boasted.  She then turned and left the two women to their fate. Closing and locking the teacher’s lounge door she heads off to find either Jim Brandon or Sheldon to get some sexual satisfaction.  Because striping and masturbating both Jill and May had turned Debbie on, and at thirty-five she was at her sexual peek. “Maybe I should just find Sheldon, he is a young teen and at his peak. I might kill Jim Brandon,” Debbie said laughing as she walked down the hall.  Leaving the unconscious Jill Benner and May Conner gyrating under the influence of her vibrator.

4: A Change in the Morning routine

Around 4 AM the next morning Jim Brandon is opening up the school building for the day.  Making sure all the rooms and bathrooms where cleaned, and no break in happened overnight.  Even the Harrison school has had its share of break ins overnight.  He usually starts on the third floor of the building, but for some reason today he decided to start on the first floor, maybe because he needed a cup of coffee this morning, his dart league ran late the previous night.  So he was very tired.  After unlocking and turning on the lights in the main office he headed toward the teacher’s lounge.  Unlocking and outside doors as he went along.

He thought he would have heard from Jill last night.  She usually calls his cell phone around 8 PM to talk about the past day, mainly sometimes to just complain about Debbie Crenshaw, and her teaching styles.  She didn’t last night, “Maybe she had a HOT date,” he thought disappoint.  Jim thought Jill was a great girl and really could never work up the courage to ask her out.  They seemed to have a lot in common and got along greatly when they were together.

“Maybe today will be the day I ask her out,” Jim said to himself, he wanted to ask her when it was just them together.  He turned the corner and walked down the hall where the teacher’s lounge was.  He’ll start the coffee and it will be ready when he gets down opening the rest of the building.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Jim shouted as he opened the door.  He rushed over to May and saw Jill under her, “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING,” Jim shouted? 

He then realized they were both unconscious.  Then he heard a buzzing sound and looked down and noticed a vibrator humming away and working on both of their sweet spots.  In fact, the signs of several orgasms soaked the chair and pooled on the floor.  Jim pulled the sopping wet vibrator out from between Jill and May.  The two women were breathing heavily and leaning against each other.  Both had had several orgasms during the night.  Then Jim noticed that both of them were tied together and they had ball gags in their mouths.

“Who the heck did this to you two,” Jim said to them, not expecting a response.

Jim touched May’s naked back, “May May wake up are you okay, can you hear me,” Jim said as he started to undo May’s ball gag.  Then he undid Jill’s trying to rouse both of them.  Soon May started to come around, it was going to take some time for either of the two women come around, both of them having taken quite a few blows to the head the evening before.  Jim knew he had to wake them up fast because the rest of the teachers and building staff would be coming in soon.  He untied the two women and by then May was awake but very groggy.  So groggy she didn’t realize she was topless.  May stood up barely, she staggered a bit then leaned against a table in the center of the room.

Jim removed his top shirt and put it on May, to cover up.  Then Jim turn his attention to Jill, untying her wrist, the sexy blonde teacher started to slump forward off the chair. Jim quickly reached around and grabbed Jill, His right hand cupping Jill’s breast.  “Oh sorry Jill,” he said, noticing Jill’s nipple was rock hard.

“Wow, she is really turned on,” Jim thought, as he patted her on the back trying to revive her. 

Soon Jill let out a moan, “oooohhhh…”

A good sign Jim thought as he looked up at May who was starting to come to her senses.  “May are you okay? What happen here,” Jim asked?

“UUUNNNHHH… I…I’m not sure some on hit me from behind,” May groaned.

“UUNNGGHH…” my head… aching, where am I,” Jill moaned.  Jill sat back in the chair, reaching up to the lump that had formed on the back of her head, “oooo….” She winced as she touched it.

“Take it easy Jill, don’t try and move yet,” Jim said.

“Jill? Where is Debbie,” May asked?

“Debbie, she wasn’t here,” Jim told May.

“Debbie Crenshaw…what she got to do with this,” Jill groaned.

“I’m not sure, but I think you two should go over to my office. I have some clothes you can borrow in the closet,” Jim said.

“Clothes why would… I’m naked,” Jill exclaimed!

“Hurry over there before anyone comes in. I’ll clean this mess up and finish opening up, then meet you two in my office. Try staying out of sight,” Jim told May and Jill. 

The three of them left the lounge and Jill and May went to Jim’s office while Jim finished opening up the school building and cleaned up the results of the several orgasms both Jill and May had had.  As Jim headed up the stairs to the third floor to turn on all the lights he could help beck get a little aroused as seeing his two favorite teachers knocked out and tied up, in their seminude state.  He couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever be knocked out and left in some kind of erotic bondage like Jill and May were.  He would have to mention this situation to his friend Beverly Spencer when he goes to class that night.

About thirty minutes later Jim gets back to his office, “Jill May are you here,” he said as he shut the office door behind him.

“Yes we are in you back room,” May replied.  The two women came out of the room, both had covered up and cleaned up after their ordeal.  May putting on his London Fog trench coat and a pair of grey sweat pants, Jill buttoned up her satin blouse and put on a pair of spandex running leggings she found in Jim’s closet.

“How do you two feel,” Jim asked?

“I guess none the worse for wear considering the situation you found us in, and by the way are you sure Debbie Crenshaw wasn’t tied up somewhere,” Jill asked?

“No I checked everywhere and I haven’t found anyone else or anything missing,” Jim replied.

“Then that bitch must have knocked me out,” May said angrily.

“She must have clubbed me too, or at least been behind knocking me out,” Jill said.

“Why would she do something like that,” Jim said, already knowing the animosity that was between the three women, and he knew the saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, all too well.

“Well for instants she left the girls gymnastic team alone yesterday for one,” Jill said. they all knew leaving children unattended even in a school was totally forbidden.   “As a result I got coshed from behind, I wouldn’t think Alisa did it or could have done it.  It had to have been Debbie sneaking up behind me as I confronted Sheldon, and hit me with anything handy like a dumbbell or bottle.  She is more than capable of knocking someone out,” Jill went on to say.

“Well I think you two should go see a doctor and call out of work today, and call out now before anyone shows up,” Jim said, it was now going on 6 AM and people will be coming in soon. 

The two women agreed and used Jim’s cell phone to call out of work.  Jill         didn’t want to go to the doctors, but both May and Jim insisted that they go to the doctors.  Jim also said he would call an old neighbor who was now on the police force and have her come over and see if they could find any clues to proving Debbie Crenshaw really knocked them out or who did.

“That’s all well and fine, Jim, but let me know if she shows up for work today. As far as I am concerned she assaulted us and kidnaped us. We could have been killed,” Jill said to her friend.

“Okay Jill okay clam down don’t get you spandex all bunched up, I will let you know what we find out,” Jim said to his friend as Jill and May left the school.  Jim had never seen Jill so angry.

Philly’s Finest on the Job

Jim went on about his job the rest of the morning, he even managed to make the coffee before anyone else came in.  As he went out to check the grounds around the building he checks the morning sign in sheet to see if Debbie Crenshaw had come in yet., no she hasn’t yet.  So he went outside to check the building grounds for any litter or graffiti, when he got to the back side of the building he made a phone call to Police Officer Patty Aquino.  Jim and Patty had been neighbors growing up, and had gotten married and divorced very quickly, so she joined the Philadelphia Police force to make ends meet and enjoyed her job.  She had gotten really good at investigating crime scenes, so that is why Jim called, “Hello Patty, it is Jim Brandon. Could you stop by my school sometime today, we had a little problem over her and I need your advice,” Jim told Patty.

“Hey Jim, sure I’ve be over in about an hour.  You should make a Police report if anything serious happened,” she replied.

“Well I kind of have to keep it on the hush hush. Just come to the door by my office and I’ll let you in and fill you in on what has happened,” Jim told Patty.

“Okay if you say so. See you in an hour,” Patty said.

About a half hour later Debbie Crenshaw come into the Harrison school for the days teaching.  As she sings in she notices neither Jill nor May had signed in yet, but most of the time she was in before at least one of them.  Also she notices that the office is quite normal.  “There should be some kind of commotion, someone must have found May and Jill by now,” she thought.

Debbie went up to her classroom, and notices that neither of their classrooms are open yet.  “Could it be that no one has gone into the lounge yet,” she thought.  Having a half hour before the children had to report to their home rooms, Debbie went to check the teacher’s lounge and see if Jill and May were still tied up in there.

Debbie got to the lounge with no problem, but she noticed teachers coming out of the lounge with coffee.  When she went in she was aghast to see that the lounge was totally clean.  Not one sign of the two knocked out women, no sign of orgasmic juices that had squirted out of both Jill and May several times, no rope or ball gags.

“What the hell,” Debbie said.

“What’s wrong Debbie, you look disappointed,” said Denise one of the 1st grade teachers?

“Oh, nothing I came down to get a cup of coffee and copy some test papers, and I forgot the test,” Debbie made up a quick excuse to tell Denise.

“Well grab some coffee before it is gone, Jim made it this morning, it is really good,” Denise told Debbie.

“Jim! That bastard Jim Brandon must have discovered Jill and May and cleaned the scene up before anyone came in,” Debbie thought as she poured herself some coffee.  She decided to check out Jim Brandon’s office to see if she could find out anything.  “Well at least they left here half naked, since I took their clothes with me last night,” Debbie thought.

Debbie walked over to the part of the building where Jim Brandon’s office was, it was in a dead end hall the only other door lead to the boiler room, she wasn’t sure if there was an outside exit down there.  She turned the corner and placed her coffee cup on top of a locker and moved as quietly as she could toward Jim’s office.  She could hear voices coming from his office, one of a man and one of a woman.  Debbie leaned against the wall outside the office and listen intently.

“I found them this morning tied up together partially stripped of their clothing and unconscious and being masturbated by an electric vibrator,” Debbie heard the male say, who turned out to be Jim Brandon.  Debbie peered into Jim’s office and saw Jim talking to a female Police officer.

“OH CRAP! They called the police, Debbie thought her heart pounding in her chest.

“Do you have any idea who knocked them out,” said the woman?

“They think another teacher by the name of Debbie Crenshaw did it.  They have had some problems with her,” Jim went on to say.

“This Debbie Crenshaw is she here today? I would like to ask her some questions,” the woman went on to say.

“She hadn’t signed in before I called you, Patty, but she might have come in since then,” Jim went on to say. 

“Okay I’ll go take a look at the teachers’ lounge, then question Debbie Crenshaw.  Did you find their clothes when you cleaned up, they might have some clues to who knocked them out on them,” Patty asked Jim?

“No their clothes are missing; Debbie’s classroom is 212.  I’ll let the main office know you’re in the building, having a cop snooping around here will raise some questions, and I want to keep this quiet,” Jim told Patty.

Debbie quickly retreated down the hall, “He found them and helped them out, dam it,” Debbie thought.  She watched Patty walk by heading toward the teachers’ lounge.  Debbie thought quickly, I either have to go on the run now, or find out if she finds any clues in the lounge.

Debbie decided to follow the female Philadelphia police officer, and see what she finds out.  Watching Patty go into the lounge, Debbie snuck up to the doorway.  She sees Patty looking around the room looking for any clues.  “Not a bad looking police woman,” Debbie thought.

While Debbie was spying on Patty.  Patty was looking around the lounge for any clues linking Debbie Crenshaw with assaulting May and Jill. Patty didn’t expect to find much evidence.  Whoever knocked them out took their clothes, wouldn’t leave much evidence, plus Jim did a good job cleaning up the results of all the orgasms the two women had.

“Well there isn’t much here, I guess I’ll go talk to this Debbie Crenshaw,” Patty said to herself.

Debbie ran down the hall, and hid around the corner.  She waited till she heard the Police officer coming down the hall.  Then Debbie walked around the corner almost bumping into the police officer.  “Oh excuse me,” she said to the police officer acting startled.

“Oh my fault,” Patty replied.

“Good she doesn’t know who I am. Jim mustn’t have given her a description of me,” Debbie thought, “Oh my police in the building.  Has something happened,” Debbie asked Patty?

“Why no miss just a routine check of the building.  Could you direct me to room 212,” Patty asked Debbie?

“Why yes just through those doors and up the stairs make a left, and it is the second room on the left.  Is Debbie in trouble,” Debbie said.

“No no I just would like to ask her some questions about her whereabouts last night.  Thank you,” Patty said as she walked past Debbie toward the stairs.  As Patty walked past Debbie, Debbie raised her hand and gave Patty a hard judo chop to the base of her neck.

“UUUNNNGGGHHH…” grunted Patty as she stumbled forward her head slamming into the brass push bars, and she collapsed face first on the floor unconscious.  Debbie quickly looked around to make sure no one saw her knock Patty out.  Then she knelt down to check and make sure the police officer was okay.  She noticed a trickle of blood oozing from her forehead.  Patty had cut her head open when she hit the push bar.  The female police officer was breathing normally, but deeply unconscious.

“Good she is out cold. I have to get out of here,” Debbie said aloud.  She stood up and looked down at the knocked out policewoman and smiled, “Those judo classes really paid off, two judo chops two koi’s.”

Debbie turned and started to walk away.  She knew she had to get out of the building quickly.  The police will be all over the place now.  She swore at that moment that she would make Jill Benner, May Conner and Jim Brandon pay if it is the last thing she ever does.  “I’m sorry Alisa I won’t be able to write that reference letter for you, and you might get away with knocking Benner out, because they’ll blame it all on me now,” Debbie said to herself as she headed to the exit for the parking lot and her car.  Leaving officer Patty Aquino unconscious on the hall floor.



5: It all Adds up

Minutes later Jim is going to the teachers’ lounge to see if Patty found any clues, he had let the main office know that there was a policewoman in the building doing some training.  That way not too many questions would be asked.  He opens the door and partially trips over the inert form of Patty.

“WHAT THE HECK! Not again,” he shouts, “Patty are you okay?”

Patty was unable to answer, having taken a blow to her forehead and a blow to the back of her neck, she would be unconscious for a few hours at least.  Jim called for help and other police came, but furtively Patty covered Jim’s story, and pretty much went with the story that Debbie Crenshaw had lost it and broke under pressure and attacked Patty when her guard was down.

After work that day Jim went home and got showered and changed. He thought he would stop by Jill’s apartment to let her know what went down after she and May left.  He stopped by a flower shop and picked up a single red rose and drove up to Jill’s apartment complex.  He knew she would have been nervous all day, worried about her job and if anyone else had found out about what had happened.

Jill had gotten some rest after she came home from the doctors, she really didn’t want to go, but Jim and May insisted.  Jill decided to go for a run and maybe the fresh air would make her feel better.  She was full of mixed feelings, pain from the blow to the back of her head, anger for letting herself get knocked out and at Debbie Crenshaw.  So she dressed in her spandex navy blue running tights and pink Danskin sport bra and a powder blue top.  The sexy blonde was heading toward the door when a knock came at the door.  Jill trotted over to the door and opened it.

“Jim!?,” she said.

“Hey Jill I’d thought I’d come over and tell you what happened after you left,” Jim said to her.

“OH NO, am I in trouble,” Jill said as a worried look came over her face.

“No everything is fine for you two.  This is for you I hope you’re feeling better,” Jim said as he handed the rose to Jill.

“Oh thank God, and that is very sweet of you Jim,” Jill replied as she started to feel some sexual arousal grow inside of her, “Come on in and take a seat.”

Jim went into Jill’s apartment as Jill leaned against the back of her sofa. She noticed that Jim had been staring at her rear in her spandex running tights.  This made her smile a little, Jill worked hard to keep in shape, and she liked it when men and even women check her out from time to time. Jim went on to tell Jill what had happened after she and May left the school.  How he had Patty Aquino come in to check for any clues left behind, to give them any ideas who had knocked them out and tied them up in such a sexual bondage position.

“Look just tell me if Debbie Crenshaw showed up for work today,” Jill said tersely, she was sure that Debbie had knocked both of them out and tied them up like that.

“Well according to the sign in sheet she did, but she never showed up in her classroom, and someone knocked Patty out in the hall by the lounge,” Jim told Jill.

“WHAT! Patty got knocked out, who did it,” Jill asked?

Jim went on to tell her it was a woman who did it and she fit the description of Debbie Crenshaw, and Debbie never showed up or heard from after she signed in. This news made Jill feel a little better, but Debbie Crenshaw was still out there.  Until she was caught she and May were in danger.

Jim told Jill that he had talked to his friend Beverly Spencer and he was able to get Debbie Crenshaw’s address, and they would stake out her place even search it if they get a chance.

“Don’t do anything illegal, or get yourself knocked out. It hurts,” Jill said to Jim with a wink.

“I’ll be careful we’ve become pretty good at surveillance and snooping around,” Jim said as he got up and started to leave Jill’s apartment.  Jill followed him to the door and when Jim turn around to say goodbye.  Jill gave him a big hug, and kissed him right on the lips.  Jim was taken by surprise, but soon returned the kiss, and the two sunk into passion for a few minutes. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.  Jill could feel a bulge grow inside Jim’s jeans pushing against the spandex fabric of her running tights, as she grew moist. 

“Wow what was that,” Jim said?

“Just a way of thanking you for looking out for me and May,” Jill said to Jim as she winked at him.

“I’ll see you at work in a few days back at the school,” Jim said to her.

“Maybe you can come over for dinner this weekend and I can pay you back some more,” Jill said as she closed her door.

Jill went back in to her apartment and grabbed her cell phone to call May and tell her the news.  She could help but realize how turned on she was right at the moment.  She really thought Jim was hot and would love to get to know him better.  She knew he liked her also, but they seem to never get a chance to be together.

After Jill called May she went into her bedroom to her nightstand drawer and pulled out a little silver vibrator, “I can’t believe I’m so horny right now, after all the orgasms I had,” Jill said to herself.

The sexy blonde teacher was so hot that she didn’t even bother to strip out of her spandex running tights, and proceeded to pleasure herself right on her bed.  She imagined herself getting knocked out again and Jim rescuing her, she also imagined both of them getting knocked out together, and being tied up together.  This last thought brought Jill to a massive climax, ‘UUUUUNNNHHH….” she moaned and spasmed on her bed as the orgasm exploded inside of her.  Her juices soaking her spandex tights.  She laid on her bed breathing heavily until she passed out from the explosive climax.





The follow week Jill and May returned to work, without any questions to their absence.  Her date the past weekend with Jim went great, but Jim had given her some bad news.  So That morning she and May were having coffee in the very same lounge they had had their interment night together.  The bad news Jim had given her was that he would be leaving his job as a custodian to start a private investigations business with this Beverly Spencer.

May was disappointed to hear that Jim was leaving, but she wanted to know what Jim and Beverly found at Debbie’s apartment, “What did they find Jill, was she there.”

“No her apartment was a dead end, all her clothes and personal belongings were gone,” Jill said.

“That’s too bad, looks like she got away,” May said, “But it looks like you have something else on your mind, what is it,” May went on to say.

“Well have you ever thought about becoming a private eye, I know you like murder mysteries, and watch all those cop shows on tv,” Jill said.

“I do from time to time.  I think it would be exciting, why do you ask,” May replied.

Jill went on to tell her that she and Jim had had sex on their date and during the sex she imagined that they were detectives working on a case. As they were snooping around she got hotter and hotter, and because of that she actually passed out when they orgasmed.

“Now I can’t get it out of my head.  I even got information off of Jim for the courses to get my private eye license,” Jill told May.

“Wow Jill I think we should do that, the money could be good, and we can set our own hours,” May replied to her.

The two women sat there and finished their coffee, not realizing their conversation had turned both of them on.


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Sleuth in Stasis

A Jacky Graham, PI, adventure



blank expression by sjdrake2006-d5fxss1




1. A Hard Night's Day

It had been a hard night, a hard day, a hard week. Work was frantic. There seemed to be any number of errant wives requiring observation, errant husbands requiring checking out and shadowing, missing relatives, employees suspected of peculation, security queries.

'Cool Beans!...but..phew!' thought the hardworking private investigator Jacky Graham. Late nights observing until 10 or 11, snatching an all-too-brief night's sleep at home with husband R ichard, up at 6 for more obervations, then office in Glasgow for work, investiagtions, meetings. No time for personal pleasures!

'I can do hee haw else..I'm either going to need serviced offices or look at taking on a receptionist' she thought. Taking all the calls on iphone was fine, but very restricing while in the car and trying to be unobtrusive.

Of course, the compensation was that money flowed in, school fees for the kids were paid; keeping some back for a receptionist, even temporary, seemed a good move. Besides, she had taken on a very engrossing- and remunerative- case, that of Lucy Bonnington of Kilmarnock, whose employers felt certain that she was removing monies but could not see how. Jacky applied her accounting knowledge and had come up with a theory of what was going on and her patrons had agreed to give this a shot before reluctantly bringing in expensive forensic accountants. This meant a great deal of observation of comings and goings from Ms Bonnington's premises and where possible, a tail when she went out. Jacky applied her usual diligence and effort and felt she had acquitted herself well. The company directors were encouraged.

It was 12th March when Jacky had another new case; or at least half new. Mr Bonnington came to see her at her Glasgow office to enlist her able services in keeping tabs on his wife Lucy! It transpired that they had separated shortly before Jacky had begun operations for Lucy's employers (though Jacky did not disclose her employment of course).Mr Bonnington believed that his wife had been displaying marked lesbian tendencies and he wished Jacky to confirm these for the divorce papers which would follow.

'Gol-LY! That's the straw that broke the camel's back...' the overworked 49 year old PI declared and that same day she engaged Julie, a friend's 19-year-old daughter to man the phone in the office in George Street, Glasgow, whilst her patron padded the pavements, night and morn, of Southwest Scotland.

In fact, snooping Lucy Bonnington's movements for two clients rather than one involved little extra time in observation as Lucy was already receiving a great deal of Jacky's attention, as the fee and urgency demanded. It was reporting time that was additionally required and Jacky could not really ask anyone else to undertake that. It was husband Richard and the kids who lost out.

During the next two weeks, Jacky coped well and Julie settled into her new role, making her way to the office by X77 bus every day from Symington and acclimatizing to the telephone work.

On 27th March, Jacky received a call from Julie with a request to visit a new client,

Mrs Aston, at her address in Kilmarnock the next day. As this was only around the corner from Lucy Bonnington's abode in a well heeled suburb of Killie, Julie thought it made sense for Jacky to pay a house visit rather than come back to Glasgow to receive Mrs Aston at the office. Jacky wasn't so sure- the office was decorated to impress client's with her efficiency and industriousness and so back up her website advertising. House calls, unchecked, might be risky although what little there was on Mrs Aston on Google appeared to check out. Jacky confirmed the 2.30 appointment and decided to spend time that morning on other cases that also required urgent attention, attend Mrs Aston at 2.30 then observe the Bonnington residence for the afternoon, return home to take her daughter to her violin lesson in Kilmarnock, and resume observation through early evening.

Jacky spent the morning dealing with client matters in Ayr and Maybole, then drove to Kilmarnock along the A77 to he appointment with Mrs Aston, taking the trouble to pass by Lucy Bonnington's house en passant.

As she passed, Jacky was astonished to see that the door appeared to be slightly open- more than ajar! Yet Lucy was normally at work on a Wednesday afternoon an never seemed to have visitors at that time. If she were sick maybe...? An iphone call to Lucy's employers in the town centre revealed that she was at work but out on an errand. Maybe this was part of how she operated her fraudulent scheme?

A moment's thinking time and Jacky made a decision on the hoof...she would park nearby and snoop inside. illegal, but if challenged she would say she was passing to see the owner about selling a brand of religion and had been concerned to note the

door open. If not challenged...well, there might be evidence to hand which would clinch matters for either or both of her interested clients! Too choice and tasty a chance to miss.....

Phoning direct on her iphone to let Mrs Aston know she would be delayed, she obtained an engaged notice and left a message. Jacky had power-dressed to see her client in blue Jacket, mauve blouse and midi skirt and black pumps, but changed rapidly in the back of her car into her less striking 'observational' gear of black top and trousers with black flats on her fair feet, her mane of golden hair uncovered..

Approaching the house, Jacky looked striking, impressive and pretty as always, but more a casual caller than too professionally dressed. She carried her red bag on her shoulder which contained iphone and her personal 'handbag' effects.

The door was still open, and Jacky edged in, looking nervously about and mouthing a quiet 'Hel-LO!' which was not intended to alert the occupier unless very nearby.

No answer. No sound. Nothing stirred. No occupier angrily demanding to know why she stood in the house. An imposing Victorian 3 bed semi from the outside, internally it appeared modern.

The pretty PI drew confidence and with her usual self-assurance, began to slowly and quietly creep in the direction of the nearest room.

The sexy snoop toyed with the idea of removing her flats and as she always preferred, going completely silent in her bare feet but decided that should the owner appear, it would look suspicious and be pretty hard to explain away. Jacky didn't look the hippy who might habitually go barefooted, so the flats stayed on.

2. Tainted Ayr of Old Killie and its Petrified PIe

The first room, at the front, proved to be the living room with TV, table and other comforts. Other than a couple of letters confirming Lucy's name and address Jacky found nothing relevant to her search. 'Don't give a scooby for those!' she thought. Knowing time must be pressing, the daring detective moved swiftly on, hoping to come across an office or study, which might prove most rewarding.

Briefly checking out what proved to be a bathroom, the intrepid investigator quietly opened the next door to find a dimly lit room indeed. Unusually, this room boasted a spring door but a quick flash of light from Jacky's trusty iphone illuminated what appeared to be the mature blonde Scot's hoped-for eldorado, the paydirt she had dreamt of on entering for her illegal snoop. This seemed to be an office! Jacky Graham PI slipped into the room, silent but for the springdoor closing with a click behind her.

The intrepid investigator cast the light from the iphone about the dim room, getting her bearings, looking for a filing cabinet or something else which might contain documents. Glimpses showed that the window had been boarded over by nailed planks: there had to be a reason for that. Conscious of contents inside the room and feaful of burglary?Door seems a bit odd...taped around the periphery. Chairs, a desk! Jacky rifled through the contents of the drawers with a sense of urgency...Lucy might return at any moment!

What was this? The pert PI looked closer. It looked like a purchase document for...chemicals? But over there- bank statements! In her ex husbands name too...some of these might be useful!

Papers stuffed into the pockets of her black satiny elasticated trousers,Jacky cast about for anything else before making an exit.Cool beans, and tot siens Lucy!

Hang on....What was that though?


Just heard that..was too busy to take notice earlier, hells bells, she thought...what's that odour?...Oh..MAN!! GAS!!

Now she shone the iphone again, she could make out a smoky substance she had been too engrossed to notice before. It was starting to fill the room..she had been breathing it in! For how long?

Jacky Graham ran for the door, slammed into it, pulled...LOCKED! She pulled several times, to no avail, then pushed and slammed into effect!

Running to the window, fell over over a stool on the floor with a shin-bruising clatter, then pulling feverishly at the planks nailed into the wall- 'Can't...shiFTT...UHH!..'

Jacky tried to keep calm, remember what she could- the gas might be thinnest nearer the round...but if she just stayed there, in the end she would succumb. Try the door again!.. running..

Suddenly, Jacky found her legs wouldnt work! Or her arms or body..she toppled to the floor, onto her breasts, her front, bruising but felt nothing, body twisted, left arm under her body, head to one side..but could no longer move!

But she could see- and still speak!

'HELP!' she Scottish sleuth cried out, genuinely terrified.   'HELP!'

No longer worried about being caught. Terrified she might never move again. Maybe poison gas, it might kill her? Jacky hadn't been gassed or chloroformed very often before, but sufficiently to expect dizziness foollowed by room swaying before it all got swalled up in a whirlpool of darkness. She awaited this stoically. But it didn't come!

Minutes passed. Seemed like hours. Gas filled the room. She could no longer help but breathe it, copiously, gulping it down in her fear. She heard a lick. Was that the door?

Then the smoke seemed to thin. She could see with her right eye, head to one side. Couldn't move though, except her eyeballs. The smoke cleared, after a few more minutes.

And a foot, female, shoed, clumped down next to Jacky's immobile head!

The black-clad detective lay, motionless, helpless, beside the foot. Jacky looked up with her right eye. Lucy Bonnington towered over her.

'Hello!' Lucy opened the conversation with a friendly smile. 'Mrs Jacky Graham, I think?'

Mrs Graham blinked an eye in confirmation. 'Yes..can you help? What's happened to me?'

'Well well, Mrs Graham, how nice to meet you like this! What's happened to you? Youv'e fallen into a trap, of course, Just like a rat, i believe? You know, the trap where the rat goes through a tunnel and a little wooden door drops down behind it, entrapping it in its little prison to be experimented upon? That's just what you have done. Came through my door, it locks behind you. To immobilise you, you got gassed, I'm afraid.'

'But...why?' Jacky asked quaveringly, despite her inward terror.

Lucy picked up the helpless 49 year old's unfeeling, unmoving ankles, gripped them tightly and commenced dragging Jacky's dead weight out of the dim room, into the hallway. Then up the stairs- a strain even on the 35 year old Lucy Bonnington, who took it slowly, as if anxious not to let the ascent bump Jacky's head, any more than necessary. Lucy spoke to her captive audience as she dragged Jacky along.

'Because of the reason you are here of course. You are onto me. I know, because a friend of mine at work let drop, who you were and what you are up to. I couldn't just sit back and wait for the net to close on me. So I set a little trap. I knew a private eye like you couldn't begin to resist an open door. A false appointment around the corner'. 'She imitated Mrs Aston. 'A rat you are and as a rat you behave and as a rat I have trapped you! I thought it might be easy just to crack you over the head as you walked in, but I didn't want to risk killing you- yet- and if I messed up, I didn't relish having to fight you, 15 years younger though I may be. Gas seemed the answer.You can't go out and buy such gasses of course- much too illegal. But it's amazing what you can learn by surfing terror supported websites! A simple to make compound, I'm quite proud of myself!' she added.'

'How did you know me?' Jacky enquired, transfixed by the flood of information.Bump..bump..bump...

'Googling your website of course. Once I'd been told who you are, it was easy. Plus you do have a small internet footprint from your past higher profile cases.And of course, now I realised why I had seemed to see such a lot of you around town over the past few weeks..or months. You are quite striking in appearance, Mrs Graham. Married you may be...but you are very...attractive. Even fanciable.I saw that the moment I clapped eyes on you in your website. I said..mmmm..I'd like some of her! I like the mature, experienced woman.'

'Will...will the gas wear off? The paralysis?' The big question. The one the paralysed PI feared the answer to most, but had to know!

'Yes. It won't kill you, you'll want to know that I expect. It's an odd substance. Initially causes motor paralysis, say half an hour. Then it progresses on to remove the power of speech. Finally after another few minutes it will knock you out well and truly, for hours. You've had a good dose, you'll be out quite a long time I expect. Several hours- I know, i tested it on rabbits.'

Jacky gulped. This sounded grim. She hadn't told anyone where she was going other than to Mrs Aston. The blonde beauty was glad to hear it wasn't poison though. Time to come back later.

They had reached the top of the stairs and Lucy turned a corner ,dragging the recumbent caledonian lass into a bedroom containing a king-sized double bed.

With great strain, fortitude and endeavour, Lucy managed to pick Jacky up and haul her dead weight on top of the bed, placing her slack, immovable limbs into an appropriate St Andrews cross arms and legs wide apart, spreadeagling the gassed woman on top of the bed.

For a short time the younger woman lay panting, tired out, next to the gas-paralysed 49 year old.

'What are you going to do to me?' Jacky asked at last, calm having come over her now. She had to get home to Richard and the kids!

'Well, you're the detective! ' Lucy responded chuckling.' You tell me. Why do you think I would bring you into my bedroom and splay you out on top of my bed?,'

Jacky gulped again. That was obvious, she supposed. Lucy had already said she found Jacky attractive. 'Alright,... so I guess you're going to have your way with me now. ...but...Long term then?' she added. Speech seemed a bit more difficult, now.

'I don't know yet. One of us will have to go. Of course. You or me. Haven't decided yet. It's easy to do a dirty deed, the problem is in tidying up the traces.I aim to get it right. You won't stay here. Tonight we'll transfer you somewhere else, away from prying eyes...'

'Hard to believe the bitch hasn't planned my murder like everything else' surmised Jacky. Hang on...'We will transfer?' she asked.

Lucy Bonnington ignored the query.

'i've seen reports in the local paper online that you are nicknamed 'the barefoot detective' because you have a penchant for snooping around in your bare feet'. Lucy stated, standing up. 'I'm rather disappointed at you. Didn't i merit your trademark investigation technique? You're wearing flats! Let's put that right....'

With a faint swoosh, Lucy slipped each shoe from Jacky's insensate feet, revealing each high-arched sole, with its translucent covering of hard, white, leathery- tough skin and ingrained grit from frequent use, which could not be removed even by regular showering. Balls and pads of the feet displayed additional hard skin around the well-used base. Lucy could see that this was a woman who went barefooted a lot: soft upper skin and pedicured toenails painted red offset those tough leathery soles with particular contrast, while the overall shape of each foot was a combination of strikingly sexy curves. Lucy couldn't help herself, sucking and gnawing greedily at Jacky's bared feet, savouring her tangy, peds for two whole minutes as the helpless PI gazed at her, powerless to protect her own body!

'Very nice' Lucy understated. 'But it's time we got less formal and settled down to have some fun. Well...when I say we shall have fun..I mean me, really. You're not going to be doing too much for quite some time.'. Jacky looked up, her expression a mixture of fear, frustration and contempt.

The villainous victrix pulled at the sleuth's black trousers and tugged them off of her heavy, well muscled but entirely unresisting swimmers legs, the raised the PI's unpowered torso to toll her black top up over her head and slack arms, letting the torso drop limply back onto the bed. Jacky lay in her underwear, white bra and panties. Searching the prone woman's handbag, Lucy smartly switched Jacky's iphone OFF. 'You won't need that now'. she remarked.

'Enjoy yourself for now. You will have... long to regret what you are about to do'. The mature PI hissed, so far as her decaying speech would permit. But she was thinking..' at least her attention keeps me alive...for now.'

'I'd gag you if it wern't that your voice is about to go anyway!' Lucy chided. 'You Rat! You work and work at doing me down and now your own stupidity gets you auht in a simple trap! I'm going to enjoy having you, instead of your husband!'

The angry young woman lashed out, her fist crunching in Jacky's unprotected sex. Despite her paralysis, the prone detective's eyes widened in pain

Pushing the pain-wracked powerless PI onto one side, Lucy unfastened her white bra and released it, pulling it free of her unmoving arms to reveal her taut, hard-nippled, pert breasts, round and good sized even at 49. Lucy Bonnington lay on the bed alongside the powerless private eye, one finger twiddling Jacky's right nipple as her lips nipped and sucked at the left.

'Let's make love' Lucy said, and in a a few moments had stripped naked, clothes thrown on the floor alongside the unwilling, but captured, private detective's. AI few moment's tugging more and the impotent investigator lay completely naked on the bed next to her nude captor.

Jacky lay silent, eyes gazing big and silent in mournful resignation, clouding with increasing weariness and giddy, dizzy tiredness....

Lucy's fingers moved in to play with the PI's punched pussy, then she moved down the bed to allow her mouth and tongue to work at the downed woman's clit and sex, sucking and nibbling alternately. Jacky could only gaze down along her own body and between her own two pert breats see a column of brown wavy hair working up and down at her paralysed vagina.

The giddiness and tiredness whirled overwhelming and with a deep sigh, Jacky succumbed to gas-induced unconsciousness, knocked out at last.

It was 3.10pm and Lucy commenced prolonged sexual intercourse with her now-unconscious tormentor, the blonde veteran investigator who had burst destructively into her life. Rubbing clit to clit, pussy to knocked-out mouth and finally penetrating the defeated detective with a long hard dildo, the angry, frightened woman took her revenge on the gassed-out Jacky.

By 5.15 she had down and she slide down to sleep next to her used, cum-covered opponent/lover wrapt deep in her own forced slumber, arms around her in mock derisive protection.

Jacky began to come to around 8.20pm, when she awoke to find herself still naked but tied to a chair in the office in which she had been gassed. She saw, swimming before her, Lucy ....and her supposed client, Lucy's husband! She ached all over her body!. The Ayrshire scots lass, ex SA and ex USA, had been insensible when Mr Bonnington arrived and quite unknowing that he too had sucked on and enjoyed her bare feet, cumming in great spots over her naked, sexy crinkled soles and ramming into the senseless snoops slack mouth.

The villainous pair had then two-person carried the knocked-out 49 year old's limp body, held under armpits and knees, to the top of the stairs. Lucy had insisted Jacky be placed on the stairs limp, feet downward, then pushed her head and torso up and over to watch it tumble heavily, slack as a limp noodle or sack of potatoes to fetch bonelessly at the foot of the stairs , a muddle of splayed limbs.

Those limbs were now ankles fastened to chair legs, hands tied behind her back, head drooped forward after hours of gassed insensibility.

'Good evening Mrs Graham, nice to have you back with us' Lucy sneered. 'I think you already know Jamie'.

Too weary and weak to react, Jacky just stared hopelessly at the diabolical couple. She had been set up. Her own reports to a 'client' had been fed right back to her target. The hunter was made the hunted. Tested, trapped and captured with ease. She felt used, knew she had been used. it had saved her, so far.

'Time to travel now to a safer location, Mrs Graham' said Jamie.

'Your last residence, probably' added Lucy. 'You will be travelling undercover. That is, undercover of a laundry bag. But I expect, with your modus operandi, youre pretty used to that.

This was true, Jacky thought. But usually she had no inkling of it, her unconscious body transported obliviously to wake up in another place, another time and trying to piece together what had been happening to her whilst she was out. This time she might see it from the inside and knew what was happening beforehand.

'Gas her again' Lucy said.

'No...please...' Jacky whimpered, pleading.

'Never mind, Mrs Graham! When you come to, you will be somewhere else, somitime later. You won't know much about it.. Sweet dreams, you meddling menace..enjoy your dreams while you can.'

They left the room.

'At least I'm going to wake up' thought Jacky. 'So they aren't intending to kill me yet. But I just HAVE to hold on, wait for a break..Richard, kids...don't give up on me..I'll get back to you..somehow!'



Stuffed into a laundry bag, still conscious but paralysed, the naked, helpless sleuth shared the limited space with her clothes, shoes and handbag, felt the impacts as her body took blows as the swinging bag connected with doorposts, then a final crump as the bag was dropped into the car trunk by Mr Bonnington, who appeared to be removing his clothes and possessions and leaving his ex.

He drove off, his ex making her way separately.

Inside the bag, Jacky felt the cold begin to bite into her nude form. She concentrated on her family even as she once more lost consciousness, the car speeding into the dark night with its unseen, closeted, captured, unconscious passenger in the boot.

The other property was reached in about 15 minutes and Jamie removed the bag containing the now deeply unconscious woman and carried the heavy inert weight into the house. Closing the door, Jamie dropped the dead weight with a dull thud, the dragged the gassed girl out of the sack feet first, dragging her along the floor for a few yards, enjoying the sight of her naked body and her ams and hair dragging in slipstream behind her.

Jamie realised he had about 30 minutes before his girlfriend arrived. Whilst Jacky had not particularly attracted him, finding the 49 year old a little too mature for his 32 years, the sight of her limp, inert and senseless nude body at his mercy stimulated him. But he didnt want to be caught in flagrante by Lucy.

He lay down on the floor next to the cold form of the duped detective; he began to hug and kiss her face, neck and body, warming her, his lips roaming ever more passionately over her pert breasts and french kissing her slack mouth. Her smooth skin aroused him and the tight arcs of her blue lined, closed eyes, beneath which he found, on raising a lid gingerly, just a hint of blue iris rolled up into a white orb.

Emboldened, Jamie removed his trousers, standing up to enjoy the downed Scots woman some more. Picking up Jacky's ankles, bare feet flopping loose and uncontrolled, he grasped both feet to roll his penis between the soles unitl he fountained cum upon the crinkled arcs! Fearful of discovery, the spent Scotsman used his handkerchief to mop off the excess from Jacky's used soles, then dropped them inertly to the carpet.

Shortly after, Lucy arrived.

'You haven't been toying with the goods, have you?' Lucy spat sharply at her partner, who nodded negatively, dishonestly. Lucy bent down and ran her right index finger around the ball of drugged detective's right foot and up into the shapely high arch.

'Right, so this stickiness means she's been walking through treacle I expect! Liar... dont you think I can't smell your spent cum?'

'What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, Lucy- I know what you've been up too also..' Jamie defended himself.

'Well, now isn't the time to fall out' Lucy backed off. 'I know wev'e discussed this in planning, but now we're here, lets think carefully before we take the plunge.'

'OK', said Jamie. 'Let me spell it out again. This interfering old bitch (here he turned to kick crossly at the downed Jacky's right breast, causing her body and breast to wobble, resonating for a few seconds)...this interfering old bitch has found out quite a lot about what you have been up to at work and probably told your bosses of the evidence she has. They're onto you, no mistake.'

'But how will killing her help? They'll still be onto me- us-and just engage some other snoop instead. Either way, topping her probably just means we get 20 years instead of 3.'

'Maybe, sweetheart. We have 3 options. Run, hide or see it through. If we run now, we can't take much loot with us and where do we run to? I'm dual nationality Scottish and Canadian, but do n't think they can't extradite us from Canada. And nowhere else will want us. If we hide, we spend forever as paupers grubbing out an existence in fear of a and from the shadows taking us.

If we see it through- dispose of this slutty, stupid, middle-aged sleuth, (he poked Jacky's flaccid face with his toe, pushing her limp head from right to left) dispose of her body - they may not get the evidence to move against us at all. There will be uncertainty, but not for that long.'

'OK conceded Lucy. But we have to off her and dispose of her corpse without leaving a trace. That's never so straightforward. Yes, we can gas her, smother or strangle her whenever we wish, but how to dispose of the body? At least waiting a day or two and doing the deed at the hired house in Galston removes it from my immediate vicinity.'

'My friend Robin runs a passenger pleasure boat on loch Lomond' said Jamie.' Remember him? I told you of this. I'll hire the boat for an evening. You draw him to one side and get to work on him whilst I carry the bag with our Mrs Graham weighted down inside, onto the boat, which I can run out speedily into the loch. Then drop her overboard in the black night to feed the fishes of the loch. I dont expect Robin will be too pleased, but we can get around that.'

'I remember' said Lucy, but its not that straightforward if Robin won't play with me or sees the bag. How about just finding a place where cliffs stand right over the sea? Maybe heads of Ayr, or the Barssie Banks? Or even Mull of Galloway?'

'Seas have tides and she may get washed up, even weighted down. They will find out what happened then'

'Ok, we have time to debate this later- I'm tired' said Lucy. 'Let's get the cow down for the night'.

Jamie took the unconscious investigator under the armpits, Lucy took her knees and head drooped lazily forward, arms and lower legs and feet dangling and jiggling floppily. Jacky was carried into the bathroom and again dropped, with a dull, clanging thud, into the bath where she lay utterly still and inert, her lower right leg hanging by the knee out of the bathtub foot pendant and dangling loose, unfeeling and unmoving.

The laundry bag with Jacky's clothes, shoes and handbag was thrown carelessly into the bathroom beside their stupefied, out-cold owner. The bathroom door was then sealed and with another fiendish hisssss, the still-unknowing Jacky was gassed yet again.

'That'll keep her out for the night' Lucy stated, satisfied. The wicked couple retired to bed, leaving the kidnapped, very gassed cutie to her dark, deep involuntary slumber in the bath all night, the bathroom door locked from the outide.

3. Grapple in Galston

Lucy came down to the bathroom at about 7.30am. Jamie had gone to work- appearances had to be maintained- and she wanted to check on her captive, as Jamie had done before he left., Lucy peeked through the spyhole they had inserted into the door to see the intrepid but inert private eye still laying precisely where she had been dropped hours ago during the night; not a muscle moved, head slumped against her chest. Opening the door, the naked Lucy, holding her towel, stepped into the bathroom jauntily.

'Sorry, sleepyhead, i need toilet and shower' grinned Lucy. Presumably Jamie had seen to his business and washed, not showered, with the unconscious, denuded Scotswoman lying in close proximity- probably he had touched her up as he prepared to go. Lucy needed a good shower and then wanted to enjoy her day with her sex toy before possibly disposing of her that night.

Lucy stopped for a few minutes to pick up and examine Jacky's limp right hand, examining her flaccid, half curled fingers, not controlled for present yet formerly holding and touching so much.Lucy sucked at the fingers, tongue working into the slack palm. Likewise she picked up the captured woman's loose 49 year old right foot, held it to her lips, sucked and gnawed greedily upon it,tongue working into the high sexy cured arch, the foot no longer transport or weapon, for now just a sex toy.

Finally she used the limp foot to stimulate her pussy, then dropped the foot, allowing it to swing helplessly for some seconds before falling still.

Holding the inert woman by her right wrist and ankle, Lucy hauled her from the bath onto the floor in one movement and dragged her by the ankles two yards toward the doorway. Lucy took a roll of duct tape she had brought downstairs and cutting with a pair of scissors, taped Jacky Grahams ankles together and her wrists together also, but behind her bare back. Lucy lay down beside the insensible investigator, hugging her, kissing her French style and rubbing bare breasts and pussies. Having started her day doing things to her hated hunter that she knew would be against her will, to start the day off, Lucy then stood up. Jacky was left lying on her right side as Lucy stepped over her inanimate form into the bath and beneath the shower.

As she showered and bathed herself clean, Lucy gazed at the completely inanimate form of the gassed detective, nude from head to foot and still soiled from the use made of it over the past 18 or so hours. She had to keep an eye on Jacky- the foxy ferret of facts would come around soon and Lucy wasn't taking any chances.

Feeling clean and fresh, the sassy, sexy Ms Bonnington deliberately stepped on Jacky as she dismounted the bath, using her yielding soft still flesh as a footstall.

She was going to get dressed, but feeling horny, decided on more fun with her captive.

Picking Jacky up by her ankles, she dragged the helpless Scots South African into the living room/lounge and as she did so, the rubbing on her back stimulated the suppressed snoop into a series of moans as she started o come round.

'Back with us, Mrs Graham?' sneered the villainous office worker. 'Had a good nap?'

Jacky saw it was daytime and that she had been out, all night. Despite the forced nature of her slumber, she felt rested and not too fatigued, despite the aches and pains of the tribulations her body had suffered. But she was weak with hunger and the effects of the gas to which she had been repeatedly subjected.

'Yes.....thanks..' returning consciousness enabled her to stammer.

'Well, Ill just put you out again for some more fun' Lucy added, spitefully.

'!' Jacky pleaded. 'Last day? Want to see some of it, even sex. Please..please don't gas me again. I'll try some bondage games?'

The sharp sleuth's mind was working again, even after many hours of gas-clouded oblivion. She realised that she had to stay awake, avoid being gassed, if she were to have any chance of engineering an escape and seeing home again. At least the house was warm and being naked was not a discomfort, albeit highly embarrassing.

Lucy gave it thought, 'Ok,- you and me a bondage session. I'll fetch some rope and tie some looped manacles to the four legs of my bed, Get you upstairs and we'll make out. This could all go on some time, you know, so if your'e good you'll see your home again.' Lucy added, dishonestly.

Twenty minutes later, Lucy returned. 'OK, ready. I'll have breakfast and take you up.'

'I need to use the toilet after being unconscious all night unless you want the house to get seriously messy. And some food and drink, if you want your fun to be as good as you like.'

Lucy pondered.

'OK, I'll loose your hands but leave your legs tied. Hop into the bathroom, do what needs to be done and wash. Then hop to the door and I'll re-tie your hands. Then I'll give you some of my breakfast. But I'll be using a spyhole to watch you and if I see even ONE wrong move in the bathroom, I'll turn on the gas and that's that.'

Jacky nodded assent. She complied with her captor's wishes, barring a single sweep downwards when the cunning blonde detective pretended to drop some toilet paper; in picking it up she also released a a retractable blade in a ring on her right hand which all but severed the duct tape around her ankles.

Wrists rebound, the irrepressible investigator hopped to the table for breakfast then as directed, hopped slowly up the stairs one by one, as Lucy climbed behind her, wielding a small fruit knife. The climb was tiring but the earlier refreshment had made Jacky feel ten times how she had felt upon awakening.

Coming to Lucy's bedroom, Jacky spied out of the window- she was in a property with a rustic setting, quite unlike the Kilmarnock house she had entered yesterday. She had clearly been transported here during the night. As she halted to observe, the Scots South African was prodded by the knife and as directed, she lay upon the bed.

Lucy sliced the duct tape from around Jacky's wrists, then began to try to tie Jacky's right wrist in a ring of rope secured to ne of the legs of the bed whilst keeping the knife menacingly poised. In so doing, the knife slipped and in a moment, the vigilant vixen had crashed her other arm into Lucy's arm, dashing the knife into a corner of the room! As she did so, Jacky swung to her feet, simultaneously severing the tape about her slim ankles and for the first time since the torment began, Jacky Graham stood toe to toe with her tormentor on equal terms!

The two naked women faced off briefly, the tall blonde 49 year old at 5 feet 8, about 2 inches taller and better built than her 35 year old redheaded opponent. Filled with anger at her treatment and desperation to get home, the sexy mature investigator threw herself at her opponent, determined not to let her recover the knife, determined to end matters before the age difference, or loss of stamina due to her tribulations could make a difference. The initial momentum of Jacky's charge carried the battling pair outside of the bedroom into the narrow hallway and the two women clinched, tried to head butt, tried to scratch and pull and to land short, ineffective punches into soft flesh, technique abandoned, fury raging.

At last they tripped and fell to the floor, rolling, hissing, punching, trying to bite or gain a momentary advantage, trying to knee upward but with no space for leverage: they began to tumble, slowly, lengthwise, down the stairs, taking painful jars and knocks on the way down, naked bodies still in long contact, writhing, clutching, straining to hold the enemy down from inflicting a blow and trying to make a blow of one's own.

The two combatants reached the hallway downstairs in a jumble of bare arms and legs, bodies locked rolling in a trial of strength, life or death, imprisonment or freedom, fame or freedom all fuelling the dire struggle, adrenalin pumping wildly, pain ignored, even thrust away unfelt, nervous, mental, physiological and physical components fully stretched in confrontation which would alter the pattern of life subsequently.

The strain and effort were too much to allow of dialogue other than hissing of the most basic of oaths and insults, toes scrabbling for a purchase on the carpet, fingers locked in combat, every muscle straining, faces grimacing with anxiety and issue of power.

Time ticked past- 15 minutes, seemingly hours and eternity to the adversaries, in a self contained relativity continuum. At last Jacky managed to tear herself back off of her opponent and get to her feet, breath gasping, greedily sucking oxygen to fuel further effort from tiring limbs. Lucy too clambered upright, breasts heaving and also imbibing the energy-giving element.

Then the combatants set to again, crashing into one another in a desperate, life-questing charge for supremacy that meant the world, life and freedom to each, arms clutching, breasts smashing into one another, fists pummeling yet seeking to give no opening, faces taking short-pulled blows, clinched then pulling apart, whirling around, one the ground then up again, smashing into furniture, teeth gritted, saliva foaming, naked soles straining for purchase on the carpet, chaos in miniature without any external viewer.

Jacky knew she had fought better than she ever thought she could, finding reserves of stamina nd toughness she never knew she had but for this battle for life and family. But after all she had been through in the past day, strength was beginning to wane, to ebb. Against this, younger, fresher, also-desperate opponent, the pretty PI realised that she had to find something special else she were done, finished- for good!

In the next clash, Jacky held back a little, seemingly cautious and the vampish villainess instinctively understood that she was on top, thrusting aggressively forward, seeking to end the matter. As Lucy came on, jacky fell back, till Ms Bonnington charged in incautiously. The daring detective thrust out her right leg, tangling into the oncoming 35 year old's legs and pitching her forward to the floor!

Sidestepping smartly, Jacky Graham twirled, pivoting on her left foot, her right bare foot snap-kicking, crashing into the prone miscreant's jaw, snapping her head to one side, rolling her over. Dazed and groggy, Lucy clambered gamely up, body straining to keep going, only to meet another ferocious kick from the now-smiling snoop, this time to her left breast, crashing her back onto a tall wall unit, pain coursing through her breast and now her back! Lucy slumped toward the floor, back to the unit, legs giving way, knees bending and unable to stand.

Jacky bent down, grabbing the failing fraud by the shoulder, pulling her forward and around, fist pulling back as she prepared to pull Lucy upright, administer the coup de grace, complete her victory and make home while finishing the case!

Pushed to the edge of the unit by Lucy Bonnington's impact, a heavy bronze air force eagle proudly displayed atop the unit immediately above the slumped villainess was finally dislodged by Jacky's movement, plummeting down on target for the top of Lucy's dome until one wing bounced off of a jutting ledge, deflecting the dense metal object directly on top of the successful sleuth' crown! Impact softened a little by Jacky's mane of blonde hair, the heavy metal ornament cracked her skull with dizzying effect.


'AINgHH!' gasped the shocked snoop, jacknifing upwards, dazed and confused, mind whirling, ' raticus!-was Jamie back'?

In a trice the near- beaten gasser got to her feet, as the hitherto-successful blonde detective stumbled for support, releasing Lucy.

Now it was a partly-recovered Lucy who grasped Jacky's shoulder, whirled her about and smashed her fist into the stunned investigator's jaw, snapping her head to one side, sending the tall, well built woman careening across the room to pitch into a set of three coffee tables laden with small object d'art, crashing through them, flattening two of the tables into spars and splintered pieces beneath her, sending the third flying, Jacky's hurt head cracking into another, larger, lower coffee table!

Now the PI lay prone amongst the littered, shattered debris, bare soles bent and crinkled upwards, head to one side,blood flowing from a cut on her right cheek, body splayed awkwardly amidst the mess, moaning softly, moving sluggishly, slightly, stunned, stupefied.

Lucy Bonnington, cocky now, strutted towards the downed detective, tables turned in mere moments.

Dragging the slugged sleuth from the impact debris by her ankles, Lucy hauled the groggy, barely sentient snoop to her unsteady feet, knees bucking. Releasing her, in a swift instant Lucy gripped her fingers into a double fist and swatted this powerfully into Jacky's left cheek, spinning her sideways across the room onto a small landing by a small flight of stairs, down to a mezzanine floor where the house was terraced down a steep slope.

Jacky crashed into the wall at the top of the flight, her legs buckled helplessly and the 49-year old fell, aghast, twisting, limbs awry, down the flight of stairs to fetch up at the bottom on her back. Oddly, Mrs Graham felt comforted: a fall at 49 could be serious- she hurt all over but could still feel her legs and feet: nothing seemed to be broken. She could just see Lucy's bare feet descending the steps close by her head. Jacky looked up helplessly: she couldn't move, her body wouldn't work. Lucy stood, looming over her prone, fallen body, grinning smugly. Eyes glazing, Jacky could feel the room going cold and dark and spinning as she made a purely mental effort to rise, then her eyes snapped shut and with a deep sigh, she went limp. The 49 year old blonde PI was completely knocked out.

Jacky Graham, 49 year old blonde private eye, had lost the fight and lay unconscious, knocked out by the victorious villainess at whose feet she lay inert!

Lucy reached out her naked sole and enjoyed sliding it up and down along Jacky's soft, conquered skin, into her slack half open mouth, turning her now-loose head from side to side, squashing both pert, point-hard, knocked-out nippled breasts, swaying the inert musculature of Jacky's out-cold torso from side to side in a gentle wave action which demonstrated how senseless Jacky now was, unfeeling, unmoving, unknowing. Lucy enjoyed the sensation of power over the defeated detective.

In a matter of seconds, a series of events had resulted in a complete turnaround, from the Ayrshire sleuth about to deliver the coup de grace to a weakened Lucy, to her 5 feet 8 mature- but-sexy nude body splayed, knocked out, at the foot of a flight of stairs.

The Kilmarnock crook gloated over her fallen, opponent, the vanquished, beaten detective,

'Well toots, you had me on the ropes there, thought I was a goner for sure. But that lucky break with the ornament saved me. Unlucky, sweetheart, you had your chance, Pretty good fight for your age. But you're finished, for now. I'll have my fun and you won't be waking up You've seen your last sunrise, I'm going to gas you but good!' 'After some pleasure, of course....'

Although Lucy had enjoyed Jacky's helpless body for much of the previous day, this time felt different. Yesterday she had captured her dangerous nemesis by trickery: today, she had overcome the Symington snoop in toe-to-toe physical combat on level terms- more or less, once her knife had been removed. The fact that her victory was in large part owed to a fortuitous fall by an inanimate object in no way reduced her exaltation and she lusted for sexual gratification by way of sealing her victory.

In any case, this would be the last sex this bitch would enjoy. Or at least, if not enjoy, participate in, even if she was too unconscious to even know about it, let alone gain pleasure- or pain- from the experience.

Lucy lay down on top of and beside the downed PI, squeezing her caressing her soft skin, rubbing her inanimate body, watching it move insensately, the kissing mouth, nibbling at knocked-out nipples, the eating out the senseless pussy of the punched-out PI.

Lucy even sucked at the senseless snoops' palms and her half-curled fingers, usually so adept, no longer handling her husband's cock or working a computer but now simply sex food.

Lucy kneaded Jacky's tough soles, her fingers pushing into the high arches, enjoying the peds, sucking her toes and the balls of her hardened feet, gnawing at hard skin, enjoying the woman's beaten, helpless body.

When Lucy Bonnington felt aroused enough, she stood up, too Jacky's right ped by the ankle and pushed the floppy foot up into her sex, rubbing toes ad pads about until she came in a sense- weakening orgasm, gushing over the captured, used toes, letting the bare foot drop insensately to the floor to thud heel first intot he floor, registering no activity at all. She had won!

Waiting a few minutes till she had recovered somewhat from the orgasm- and deciding not to try to top it with another in addition to the secondary orgasms still rolling through her, for fear of Jacky Graham's recovery ,Lucy decided to drag the pretty PI's still-unconscious body into the bathroom and there, gas her to death.

The first attempt to haul Jacky's limp dead weight up the flight of steps failed, when having grasped the fallen ferret by the armpits, head slumped forward, she got up 8 or 9 steps before her fingers lost their grip and the slumbering sleuth cascaded, heel over tit, back down the steps in an inert mess.

The second attempt, gripping the PI by the ankles to drag her away from the scene of her lost fight, was successful and the steps were ascended, Lucy proceeding slowly, step by step, to shift the heavy limp weight in her own sex-andimpact-weakened state.

They approached the hallway to the bathroom, Jacky's hair and arms trailing behind, limp hands palm upward, fingers curled slackly, mouth half agape. The bathroom door loomed 3 yards away and once open and the sleuth's senseless form secured inside, there could be but one end.

Lucy, tired and straining pulling the inanimate body across the carpet, pulled Jacky a foot closer to her and began to take another step back when a hand - seemingly insensible till now-shot down to grasp her ankle and pulled Lucy over, causing her to fall backwards uncontrolledly!

Lucy cracked her head hard against the wall as she fell and Jacky, getting to her feet, had only to bend down and chop savagely at the thieving kidnapper's neck to ensure she stayed out for some time. Retrieving her clothes and bag from the bathroom, then locking the laid-out Lucy therein, the reprieved investigator called the police without delay.

4. Surprised in Sillingham

There followed police interviews, Lucy's removal in a police car and an apb call made for Jamie, explanation of the monies peculated by the pair and the uses made of some of it, giving of statements then a trip to Kilmarnock General Hospital for checks for gas damage or concussion, both fortunately in the negative. Finally a police car took Jacky back to her long-parked- and ticketed- Nissan Note and a short drive home, exhausted but happy to be alive.

It was past 8.30pm when Jacky pulled into her driveway and headed into her house through the garden. Her husband Richard was watching TV with the kids.


'Hi sweetheart, had a good day?' called Richard.

'What!!' exclaimed the instantly-incensed investigator- 'you- you didn't realise...?'

'Realise what?' said Richard. 'Had a bad day?'

'Oh, MAN! You didnt realise I didn't come HOME last night?'

'No. Why should I? You've been coming home very late and up very early for weeks. You always make the bed when you leave and I've been sleeping well, tired out after work, kids, meals and housework. I just assumed I'd slept heavily. You didn't call and neither did Julie. Why didn't you come home? Case took a tough turn?'

'Very tough' explained Jacky. 'I got kidnapped. Held at the house I was watching, transported overnight to a house in Galston, narrowly avoided death, freed myself and got home after spending time at the Police Station and the Hospital'

'I'm sorry to hear it. You haven't wanted me to call while you were watching that house in case I give you away, but it seems you weren't as invisible as you hoped. What went wrong?'

'I got set up by one of my clients, Richard. Gol-LY but I goofed- and it seemed you didn't give a scooby. You seemed to be doing hee-haw.'

'Sweetheart, I think the problem is communication. Somehow, it just didn't gel. I'm deeply sorry, I love you and care for you and would do anything for you. So what did this cow do to you? Usually, you are so invisible.'

Jacky motioned Richard upstairs, out of kids' earshot.

'She lured me into the house yesterday afternoon with an open door, then into a room that looked like it contained evidence. Bingo, locked door. Cue gas, Tot Siens Jacky, and I didn't really wake up for any length of time that I remember properly, till this morning, somewhere else.

'Unconscious all afternoon, evening and night? That's an awfully long time.' Richard sat down, Hiding a huge hard-on.

'If I recall- fitfully- she- they gassed me more than once. Two or three times, to keep me down.' Jacky omitted reference to her memories of the post-gas paralysis period and Lucy's intimate attentions.'

'How did they get you to Galston then?'

'I vaguely remember a laundry bag. I was stuffed into one..probably in the trunk of the car'

'What were they planning to do? Did they do anything to you?' Richard asked , seemingly innocently, but he was very aroused.

'Not really' Jacky said, untruthfully. Too embarrassed.But I think they planned to kill me: probably tonight'

'Heavens above!' her husband exclaimed, livid. 'How did you escape?'

'I persuaded the bitch to allow me toilet facilities and breakfast, in return for ...a bondage game' Jacky hung her head in shame. 'But once she tried to tie me up, I came back at her, hard, and disarmed her- she had a knife- then we fought all round the house for it seems like hours. Must have ben about 15 minutes i suppose, but fighting is exhausting, especially at our sort of age.'

'And?' Richard prompted. You defeated and captured her?'

'Not quite' Jacky added, honestly this time. She thought of lying and saying she'd won easily, but had to explain the hospital trip and it would all come out in Court in the end anyway.

' I was on the point of Ko-ing her when I must have dislodged something from a wall unit, it pranged into the back of my head, I got dizzy and dazed- she slammed me across the room and I just remember another punch and falling down some stairs, then her feet- and that's all.'

'So you lost the fight?'

'Only through bad luck. But she knocked me out, yes. Later i came round after she dropped me back down the stairs, i think. Must have been trying to drag me up them and lost her grip- that brought me round but i played possum till I felt fit and ready and took her down, good and proper then- so I won!'

'Well done, sweetheart! So you came out on top- and she must have given herself a hernia trying to drag your dead weight upstairs!' Rihard joked

'You raticus!' Jacky hit her husband in the tummy, softly, in fun.

'Let me soothe it better' Richard took her in his arms and proceeded to unleash his pent up, monumental arousal.....


End of Sleuth in Stasis

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How does a person know when they have meant the one?  I cannot say that I truly know, but for me it was on the second date.  My girlfriend is six years younger than myself, and therefore even at close to thirty, I had to await the inevitable hour when her mother would go to bed, so that she and I could actually get intimate.  We actually had a pattern in those early days of us dating, wait for her mother to leave, make out, and talk until the sun rose.  Every day I would leave her house feeling like a dream came true, but once again I stress that the second date was the most crucial.

There was something about her, to this day I cannot say what, but I immediate began to trust her.  My sleepy fetish had been a very personal thing to me all this time, and the only ones who ever knew that I even had a fetish side were on this very site, but then she asked me what I liked during sex...and I told her...and she nodded, and said, "Neat..."  The night would go on as planned, and at the time she had no idea how much that level of acceptance meant to me.

Time passed, and we went from honeymoon sweethearts to a competant mom and dad, who now lived in our own apartment.  I admitted to not only having plenty of masks to choose from, but a few different inhalant chemicals that I had tried on myself from time to time in an attempt to fullfill my fetish desires.  I would ask her occasionally if she would ever try some and fullfill the actual desire, and she always shrugged and said maybe.

The day came where our kids went to stay the night with their aunt.  The day progressed normally. my wife and I did chores, went out to eat, and generally enjoyed our day.  I was sitting at my computer, scrolling facebook, when my now fiance came to the entry way of the living room and called out to me.  I turned in my chair, and my my jaw dropped.  Before me was a four foot eleven inch, twenty two year old with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a skimpy nurses outfit I had bought her.  The top was a tank top with little red hearts and white crosses on each breast, leaving her little flat waist exposed.  Along with that was a skirt, again with the heart and cross dead center on her georgous love making parts.

She just smiled silently and let me soak it in.  It wasn't uncommon for her to give into my fantasies by wearing a mask or telling me sleepy stories about her wisdom teeth, but today she had decided to go all out.  I couldn't speak I was in such shock.  She came over and took me by the hand, leading me out of my chair and over to a little love seat we owned.  I sat, she stood over me and let me nibble and lick her tummy, electrifying nerves and making her body go ridgid.  She pushed me back into the love seat and shook her head.  "I'm not quite ready for my examination yet doctor, can I get a few more things?"

"Yeah..." I said breathlessly.

The love of my life smiled at me with her perfectly white teeth and her breasts bounced in the tight fabric of the nurses outfit.  She left the room for a few minutes, and I heard her moving things around in our bedroom. Once she was done, she poked her head around the corner and smiled at me brilliantly.  "Are you ready baby?"

I shifted nervously.  My whole body was already electrified by the outfit alone, and I assumed she was bringing out a mask to complete the picture.  

"Y-yeah..."  I was stammering, trying not to explode right then and there.

I had expected my newly bought black beauty. We had used it a few times and she knew how much I loved seeing her in it.  What I didn't expect was a little bottle I had bought back when I was an experimenting bachelor.  My mouth dropped, I couldn't speak.

Apparently she didn't get the awe, and became a little nervous, "This is the right stuff right?  The stuff you talk about?  Chloroform?"  She unconciously brought the bottle to her face.

I nodded, then shrugged, "N-not really.  Chloroform gives you this massive headache and burns your eyes and nose when you breathe it.  At least the stuff you can buy.  That's Ether, it's much easier and safer."  

She turned the bottle over in her hands, looking at the label.  "Never heard of it."  It was an innocent statement, but to a person whos life revolved around his secret fetish, it almost knocked my jaw loose.  

"Uhhh...that's alright...I can show you what it does if you want,"  I may not have had much practice at being sexy in these passionate moments, but at least I could take a hint on where things were going.  It was surreal though, knowing that my girlfriend was willingly bringing out something that I had hidden away from everyone for my whole life.

She smiled and nodded, "That's why I got all dressed up for you doctor,"  My member engorged at the statement. 

I wasn't really ever one to get too excited over a rag to the face.  Even as their eyes rolled, it was a far second to the hiss of gas, or the seal of an anesthesia mask.  Luckily I had a history of experiments and reaserch that had prepared me for this moment.  My love handed me the black anesthesia mask, and I went to get a paper towel.  As I was folding, I gave her the rundown of what Ether was.  "I'm going to warn you, this stuff stinks like hell.  It isn't as bad as chloroform, I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone, but this stuff just doesn't smell good."  

She rocked her body side to side slowly for me, showing off her tight nurses outfit.  "Okay doctor, just be gentle for widdle ol me."  She said with a sly, but small smile on her lips.  "And don't kill me..."  She decided to add.

I had her sit between my legs, her body leaning against mine.  I tipped her head back into my chest and she sat there a moment, sinking into me.  


"I'm ready Doctor," She gave another knowing smile.  I held the towel in my chin, and held the bottle out before her, opening it carefully.  "So that's the stuff huh doctor?"

"The one and only."  I placed the rag overtop the opening, trapping the fumes.  "Now I gotta warn you, it's going to smell really really bad.  I'm going to start you off slow and easy, and we will go from there."

"Okay doctor, I understand."  My love was trying to be brave for me, but I could see a little concern creep through.

The liquid was on the towel, which was already starting to loose it's vapors to the room.  My love made a face, as I quickly folded and crammed the towel into the black anesthesia mask and covered the openings.  "Ready babe?"

She put on her sexiest voice and wriggled a bit on my chest.  "Oh yes doctor, put me to sleep baby."

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so i was always told that i didn't have wisdom teeth. some people never develop them. but then yesterday i found out that i do have them but only one needed to be pulled. they told me i would be put to sleep so i wouldn't feel anything. i asked for gas because i am terrified of needles but they said they don't have gas anesthesia. but they did offer me oral sedation since it was just one tooth. they prescribed me a bottle with a few pills and i had to take one last night.

i had a really tough time waking up this morning. but i had to take another pill on an empty stomach which wasn't fun. then my best friend and her boyfriend drove me to the dentist office. i slept most of the way there.
once i was at the office i had to take another pill. a different one that the hygienest gave me. so i took it and sat in the waiting room with my friend who was constantly filming me with her phone. anyways whatever was in that pill hit me like a ton of bricks within just a few minutes.

then i was helped to the back room and layed down in the dentist chair. this is where things get fuzzy for me. appearantly they layed a blanket on me but i don't remember that part. i do remember them putting the little mask thing on my nose for laughing gas. i remember there were like 5 people in that small room with me including my friend. and then it felt like i was alone or something because it got really quiet.

and the next thing i knew i was looking out of a window with a big ball of cotton in my very numb cheek. i was under a blanket that i don't remember being covered with. my friend was there and she and the hygienist were helping me into a wheelchair. then they wheeled me out to the parking lot and her boyfriend drove up and they both helped me into the car. they took me to get a frosty. then they brought me back here to my apartment and i have been dozing off and on for a little while now.

im surprised that it doesn't hurt at all. i'm sure im a little out of it still but i wanted to share my experience with you guys while i still sorta remember things in detail. well what i can remember anyways.

now for what my friend has told me that i don't remember. she said they didnt have me count down from 10 or anything. they just covered me with a blanket, put some heart monitoring sticker things on me (that i also don't remember) and then the gave me the laughing gas. she said i was mumbling to her for the first minute or two but then they raised the gas level and after another minute or so i just stopped responding to her and then she had to leave so they could start. and appearantly it only took them like 15 minutes. so she just waited in the waiting room. and then it took me a while to wake up enough to leave but im pretty sure i was there less than an hour.

sorry it's not a very sexy story. but lets just pretend i gave some sexy moans and my eyes rolled back and fluttered as i fell asleep haha.

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So, last week I posted an online ad for my longboard that I never use. I ask a low price and after sorting through the spam, I get a real offer. We agree to meet at this old diner in the evening. I get there and he is sitting in one of the very back booths. Very odd looking man, fairly thin, strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes. I ask if he wants to come out and see the board. He says in a minute and asks if I would like something to drink. I accept his offer. He gets up and I can see his reflection in the window at the counter. I see the person at the counter hand him a rootbeer float. And then I see him reach into his pocket, pull something out, and drop it into the drink. My heart freezes. 


He sits back down across from me and sets the drink in front of me. He asks me if I am a student here. I don't know what to do. I'm scared that if I try to run he will chase me. Plus he has my phone number and could probably find out where I live. So I decide to oblige his small talk and just take small sips of the drink. I bring it to my lips and take the teeniest tiniest sip. I see his eyes light up. I tell him about my school and ask again if he wants to see the board. He says when I finish the rootbeer float. He tells me I should hurry because the ice cream is melting. I take another sip. No funny taste. So we go on and I make up a bunch of stuff about my life so he doesn't get to know me personally. 


And then I notice I am having trouble focusing on his face. It's like my contacts are dry or something. And then I take a look down at the rootbeer float. It's half empty. I didn't realize how fast I was drinking. I try to think of an excuse to leave but then a much larger man comes and sits next to me trapping me in the booth. He asks if this is the longboard girl and the guy says yes. Now I am having trouble sitting straight up. Like my balance is off. And I know they can tell I'm struggling. The large man next to me gives me a nudge and laughs. He asks the other guy if I took a "full dose". He says no and that I am a slow drinker. Now I'm getting really dizzy. I ask for him to let me out and to my surprise he does. But as I exit the booth I begin to stumble and he catches me. He says he will help me to my car. His grip on my arm tells me that isn't all he will do. He tells the other guy to pay the check and then practically drags me outside. 


My legs are weak and won't move where I want them to. As soon as we get outside he starts pulling me towards what looks like a big black suv. It's hard to tell with my vision so blurry. I try to tell him no but my words just stumble out in a drunken mess. When we get to the suv he slides open the side door and lifts me up and sets me inside. I try to crawl back out but he shuts the door. I hear it lock. But then I hear one of the front doors open. The man is holding a white wad of cloth. He tosses it at me and then slams the door shut again. 


The smell hits me before the cloth does. The wad of cloth is soaked in something and it hits me right on my chest and falls into my lap leaving a huge weat spot on my t shirt. I grab it and hold it to my nose. It smells awful. Like a sour chemical smell. I toss it into the front seat and my hand stumbles to find the side door handle. It won't budge. 


The smell is overpowering now. I sit in the seat and don't have the strength to lift my head up. I'm so sleepy. I hear them outside the suv talking about me. But I can't tell what they are saying. Then the door slides open. I feel someone scoot me aside and sit next to me. Feels like the smaller man. He makes a comment about the smell and I hear the larger man say something about expired chloroform. 


Next thing I know the suv is moving. I droop to the side and my head leans on the man's shoulder. I feel him reach his hand up my shirt. He cups my breast and I accidentally let out a moan. He asks the other man for the bottle of chloroform and says he has an idea. He leans me forward and removes my shirt. He then unhooks my bra and removes it. I hear a bottle of liquid swishing. Then my bra cup is over my face. I try to hold my breath but the fumes seem to go up my nose anyways. Then I feel his hand reach into my yoga pants. He starts to massage my pussy. I moan again and accidentally inhale. The sour smell burns my nose but his hand feels so good. Pretty soon I don't care. I take a deep breath. And then another. I hear him mention how weak the chloroform is. The other guys says to just give it a minute. Then my guy starts to say something but his words trail off as if in a tunnel. The bumpy road feels smooth. Like flying. 


I wake up back in the parking lot of the diner. It's night. I groggily stand up and notice that my shirt is on but my bra is missing. I also have this intense warm pleasurable feeling in my pussy. I stumble to my car. My longboard is still there. It scares me to think that my first thought was, maybe if I repost it, this will happen again. 





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Pix 1


                                                          Minimum Security


            From a distance it looked like a luxury resort. Then as you got closer, you could see the fences. They were not that high, but looked threatening. There were cameras around too. Then there were the guards. Several middle aged women patrolled the grounds with handcuffs, pistols, and night sticks.

            Jessica had been transferred here from a state women’s prison. Her sentence still had 5 years to go. She had been convicted for embezzlement and stock fraud. She had hidden a stash of millions and knew a way out of the country. Now, Jessica just had to get out of here. It looked pretty easy compared to her prior home! She would check it out and soon find a means to escape.

            Maggie was the senior guard on the staff. She was stationed near the edge of the large property. She used an old carriage house as an office. The area was almost beyond view of the main building, and had no cameras. There was no need. Few attempted escape, and those that had, never got this far.

            Maggie was in her 40’s and stocky. She had brown hair and had a muscular body. Maggie had been a school gym teacher, but was discharged because she liked the girls a little too much. That hadn’t changed. She carried a tranquilizer dart pistol instead of a real gun, and often had her way with attempted escapees.

            When Jessica was released for transfer, she was allowed to put her original office outfit back on. This was a rather short red dress, sheer black pantyhose, brown leather boots, and a frilly white bra and panties set.

            Jessica was 35 years old and very attractive. She had shiny light brown hair with a few blonde highlights. Her eyes were brown, and her body was sleek and slender. She was about 5 feet 5 and weighed about 115 pounds. Her legs were her major asset. They turned heads everywhere she went. Her breasts were very small. She had a tiny waist and a narrow but cute and tight butt.

            When she arrived, she was sent to a nurse’s office for a check up and a strip search. Her hands were still handcuffed behind her from transport. The nurse had her sit on an examination table. Then she said “Before I remove your handcuffs, I’m supposed to give you something.” Then she picked up a small needle and injected Jessica’s right arm.

            As the nurse was removing the cuffs, Jessica felt lightheaded. The nurse unzipped her dress and slipped it over her head. Jessica was now too weak to sit up. The nurse gently lowered her onto the table on her back. Jessica felt one of her boots being slowly unzipped. Then it was slipped off. Now the other boot was being unzipped. Jessica’s eyes were losing focus. As her second boot was being pulled off, Jessica passed out completely.

            The nurse smiled as she looked over her newest prize. She slowly pulled down Jessica’s pantyhose and slipped them off. Then she held her in a sitting position and unsnapped her bra. As it flew open, the nurse admired her tiny but perfectly formed breasts. Next she put her back in a lie down position and slowly removed her tiny panties.

            The nurse moved her naked body all around and checked everywhere. Then she installed a special patch on the back of Jessica’s neck under her hair. It was for control. Each girl had a patch, and they could be activated by computer. The women inmates could be sedated or knocked out completely by remote control. It could be done on an individual basis, or all could be activated at once in case of a riot or a mass breakout.

            The patches were foolproof. If a woman tried to remove hers, it would inject a knock out dose and send a tracking signal. They would go right to the fallen sleeping woman and bring her in and fit her with a new patch. Then she would be disciplined. The numbers on the back of their orange jumpsuits were also the patch numbers.

            Two clever girls once tried an escape. They switched suits. When the guard saw #21 going over the fence, she activated the number in the computer. When the girl didn’t fall, she didn’t understand why. Then she got a message that #15 had fallen in the yard. She suddenly realized the plan. The girls had switched suits!  She quickly fully sedated #15. Then she went to the fence and found #21 unconscious on the ground not far from the fence. She was dragged back, and both girls woke up in the discipline unit.

            Jessica woke up after about 2 hours. She was in a bright orange jumpsuit with a zipper down the front. A large number 11 was on the front and back. The remainder of her clothing, her underwear, pantyhose and boots were the same as she came in with. Then she reached behind her neck and felt the patch. The nurse warned her not to touch it. If she did, it would knock her out and send a tracking signal. She would then be disciplined. She was not told that she could be sedated or knocked out by remote control though.

Jessica spent the remainder of the day in her room. She looked out the window and checked out the grounds. She could see an area in the distance with what seemed to be a small carriage house. The fence looked lower there. She would have to check this out soon.        

The next morning, after breakfast, the women were allowed outside to walk around the grounds for exercise. Jessica started exploring. A young blonde girl named Kelly came up to her. She quickly befriended her.

Kelly had been a high end call girl. She was 26 and was here for 8 years. She had green eyes and was built like a perky cheerleader. She was about 5 foot 3 and had well rounded breasts. Her legs were bare and she was wearing sneakers. The guards let her keep them, but had removed the laces.

Kelly told Jessica the rules and ropes. Kelly warned her that she could be sedated of knocked out by remote control with the patch. She also told her about some of the guards. When Jessica asked Kelly about the small carriage hose in the distance, she didn’t know much about it. She did know however that some girls were taken there at night. They would never say why though. They were all afraid to talk it seemed.

Jessica thanked Kelly and bid her goodbye. As Kelly walked away, she noted her number. It was #15. Jessica continued to snoop around. When she got about half way to the end of the property, she was stopped by a guard and asked not to go any further. She knew now, that she must wait until after dark.

After lights out, Jessica carefully sneaked outside. She kept a low profile and advanced in small leaps like a soldier on a military mission. Soon she was where she was forced to turn back. She continued on this time and worked her way to the distant fence near the small house.

Maggie was sitting at her desk in the small house when the phone rang. She was told that someone was headed her way. She thanked the other guard and looked outside. It was dark, but the orange suit stood out. It was #11. She checked the roster. It was the newest girl Jessica. Ah fresh meat!  She waited for her to get closer. She thought about sedating her with the computer. Then she thought otherwise. She didn’t want anyone to know. She would dart her instead.

Jessica went around the small house. It was dark inside. Maggie had turned off the lights. Jessica worked her way to the fence. There was a spot with a stone wall half as high as the fence. She climbed up on the wall. When she lifted her right leg to go over the fence she felt a sudden sting in her right thigh.

Jessica reached around and pulled a feathered dart out of her leg. She tossed it on the ground and continued her escape. As she lifted her leg back up, she became dizzy and lost her balance. She fell off the stone wall onto the grass below. As she tried to get up, her vision became blurred. She saw an older woman approach her. Jessica was too out of it to even realize what had happened.

Maggie approached her new prey with flashlight in hand. She was on the ground and her eyes were glazed and fluttering. She watched for a few seconds and then saw Jessica’s eyes roll and close. Then her head slumped to the side as she passed out. Maggie put the flashlight in her pocket and grabbed Jessica from under her arms. She dragged her to the carriage house and carried her inside over her shoulder. Then she placed Jessica’s totally limp body on a small sofa and turned on the lights.

Maggie was awestruck at her beauty! She was hers now! She would be out from the dart for several hours. When she woke up she would be given options. For now though, it was time to play. Maggie slowly pulled the zipper of Jessica’s jump suit all the way down. Then she held her up and slipped it off her shoulders and tossed it on the floor.

Next she slowly unzipped Jessica’s boots and eased them off. Her legs and feet in the pantyhose would amuse her for some time. But first she had to see those breasts. She lifted her up and unsnapped her white lace bra. The boobs were tiny and precious! Maggie had a thing for small breasts! Oh yes, this one was special all right. She played with her stocking legs and feet until she started to wake up. Then she handcuffed her.

When Jessica woke up, she as groggy and disoriented. She was in her underpants and pantyhose. Then she saw Maggie standing over her and was startled. Maggie spoke softly.

“You are in a lot of trouble now #11.” Maggie said. “I have you for attempted escape. If I turn you in, you will get 3 more years.”

Jessica begged “Please don’t turn me in! I’ll do anything you want!”

Maggie told her that she would have to come to her in the evenings whenever asked. Jessica agreed. Then Maggie told her that she had something for her to wear.

            Jessica watched as Maggie picked up a white dust mask and strapped it over her nose and mouth. Then Maggie opened a brown bottle. “Chloroform” it said on the label. Jessica was frightened! Wasn’t that supposed to knock you out? Jessica watched in horror as Maggie poured some on the front of the dust mask right under her nose.

            The fumes were sweet and intense. Jessica felt lightheaded right away. Maggie told her to relax and breathe normally. Soon Jessica could hear a dull ringing in her ears. Next her eyes lost focus and started blinking on their own. She tried to stay awake, but it was hopeless. Her eyes suddenly rolled up into her head and she collapsed onto the sofa.

            Maggie was all smiles as she watched her new plaything pass out. She slowly peeled of her pantyhose. Then she carefully slipped Jessica’s tiny panties down and off. She left the mask on her and cradle carried her into her bedroom. After she placed the very limp Jessica on the bed, she removed her own clothes. Then she enjoyed Jessica in every possible way.

            When Jessica finally woke up, she was on her back on a bed, totally naked and her hands were cuffed over her head and through the bed frame. Soon Maggie entered the room and introduced herself. She told Jessica that she would be going back to her room soon. If she told anyone, she would be turned in for escaping. She would be escorted back here by the guards often from now on.

            Jessica listened in total disgust. She had been sucked in and made a sex slave on her first day. She would play along. She had no choice. She would find a way to escape anyway though. She was fairly confident. Right now she had other problems though. Maggie had the bottle of chloroform and was pouring some on a small white cloth.

            Maggie approached the helpless Jessica with the dripping wet cloth. She then gently, but firmly held it over Jessica’s nose and mouth. Jessica umpped and tried to pull away, but it was hopeless. There was nowhere to go. She was still groggy from the previous drugging also. Jessica finally just gave in and inhaled willingly. She passed out completely after about 30 seconds.

            Maggie undid the handcuffs and slowly re-dressed the limp Jessica. When she was fully dressed, she let her sleep off the chloroform. Then after she woke up, she escorted her back to the main building. She turned her over to another guard there and told the guard to bring her to the carriage house after sundown tomorrow.

            Jessica was escorted back to her room. She would talk to Kelly about Maggie in the morning. She wouldn’t tell her what happened though. She didn’t know if she could trust her. This was not going to be as easy as she thought. They could track her and sedate her by remote control with the patch. They knocked her out for the strip search. The guard knocked her out with a dart and chloroform! So much for “minimum security”!


Pix 2


            It was 9 AM and time for Kelly to report to the nurse. She had been reporting for 6 weeks. It was only once a week now. In the beginning it had been every day. Kelly had been caught in an escape plot, and had aided another inmate by switching jump suits. The other girl Carol was ordered to report to Maggie for discipline. Kelly had to report to the nurse. Kelly had never had a chance to talk to Carol since the escape attempt. Carol was moved to another building.

            Kelly wondered what would happen at today’s session. In all sessions so far, the nurse had her sit on the table. Then she gave her an injection in the arm. Kelly would pass out within a minute, and wake up hours later. After that, she was allowed to leave. Lately she had been waking up after two or three hours. In the beginning it was much longer though. She was out for the entire day sometimes.

            The beautiful 26 year old blonde didn’t really worry about what went on while she was under anymore. It was way better than other forms of discipline. She had been a call girl for years and there was little anyone could do to her body, that hadn’t already been done. Still she wondered what the nurse meant when she said that today would be different though.

            As usual Kelly was asked to sit on the nurse’s examination table. This time there was no shot though. The nurse had a black rubber mask with 2 hoses attached to it. She placed it over Kelly’s nose and mouth, and fastened a strap behind her head to hold it firmly in place. Then she put her arm around Kelly’s shoulder and turned on a valve.

            Kelly could hear a hissing sound and the fumes smelled sweet. There was some kind of fruit scenting to the gas. As Kelly inhaled she felt relaxed and disconnected. If the nurse wasn’t holding her, she surely would have fallen down after about 30 seconds. Her head was light as a feather and everything was spinning around.

            The nurse smiled and held Kelly firmly as she continued to inhale the powerful sleeping gas. Kelly’s beautiful green eyes had blinked a few times, but were now beginning a rapid flutter. It was about that time! Suddenly Kelly’s eyes rolled up and closed tightly and her head went totally limp on the nurse’s arm. She continued to hold Kelly in that position for several minutes as the gas hissed on.

            Finally the nurse carefully lowered Kelly’s limp body to the examination table. She placed her on her back, but left the mask on and the gas running. The nurse slowly pulled the zipper of Kelly’s orange jumpsuit all the way down and pulled it open. Next she slipped her sneakers off. Since she was not allowed laces since the escape, they slipped off easily. Kelly’s bare legs and feet were awesome.

            The nurse lifted Kelly into a sitting position and removed her jumpsuit completely. Then she put her on her back again and admired her in just her bra and panties. They were a pink matched set and were shiny and easy to see through. The nurse slipped Kelly’s bra straps off her shoulders. Her breasts were larger than average. When the nurse lifted her to sitting position, the boobs started to pop out over the top of the bra now that the straps were down.

            When the nurse reached behind Kelly and unsnapped the bra, it flew open and the breasts popped out to play! The nurse quickly pulled the bra off completely and tossed it aside. Now it was time to put Kelly on her back and slip off her panties. She was a real silky haired blonde everywhere! The nurse tossed the panties aside and turned off the gas.

            When the nurse lifted Kelly’s head up to remove the mask, she was delightfully limp. She had inhaled the gas for 15 minutes now! Kelly would be out for several hours. The nurse opened Kelly’s mouth slightly to complete the look. Then she got her camera and snapped some photos. When enough pictures were taken, the nurse cradle carried Kelly into an infirmary room and placed her on a bed. The nurse then undressed and had her way with Kelly’s limp body for nearly two hours.

            When the two hour mark approached, the nurse carried Kelly back to the table and strapped on the gas mask once more. Kelly never woke up. This time she left the gas on for over twenty minutes. Then she removed the mask and dressed Kelly in a black string bikini and took more pictures. This went on for hours. Outfit after outfit, picture after picture, then more gas and back to the infirmary room.

            Kelly woke up on the examination table dressed exactly as she was when she went to sleep. It was nearly six! She went under at just after nine. She was helped off the table by the nurse and was sent to dinner. Kelly felt lightheaded and dreamy as she walked away. She had to return in 3 days now. As Kelly went to dinner, she saw Jessica being led away by a male guard. It was only her second night here. Could Jessica be in trouble already?

            Jessica was in trouble all right! Maggie had her under her power, and Maggie had a lot of power indeed! But her troubles with Maggie would come later. Jim was a heavy set guard about 30 years old. He lifted weights and had huge arm and shoulder muscles. Jim had a foot fetish and especially like boots and pantyhose. Jessica was wearing both, and he was told to bring her to the carriage house at 9. She had no way to know that though. He picked her up a 6 and led her his own way.

            Jim had a friend in the office. He told her Jessica’s number and she would activate her patch to sedate her any minute. After about 5 more minutes, she would be put to sleep completely by computer. Jim had a place in mind already and was walking her in that direction.

            It was almost completely dark now and Jessica wasn’t sure where she was being led. It seemed like a roundabout route to her, but she didn’t say anything. She could not afford any more trouble. As she was led past a small building, she suddenly felt lightheaded. She continued to walk, but was beginning to stagger. Suddenly, Jim put his strong arm around her and helped her around the side of the building. It was a supply shed. Jim opened the door with a key and led the sleepy Jessica inside. It was very dimly lit inside.

            Jessica could no longer stand up by herself. As Jim picked her up and began to cradle carry her, she felt relaxed and safe in his strong arms. He put her down gently on a wooden bench. Jim sat on the bench and put Jessica on her back with her legs over his lap. Then he began to slowly unzip her left boot.

            Jessica knew what was happening, but could not seem to move. She could feel her boot being unzipped and gently slipped off. Then he started to unzip the other one. Soon, it too was removed and tossed on the floor. Jessica was way past caring. She lay in a relaxed and dreamy state, staring at the ceiling of the small shed. All of a sudden she felt the zipper of her jump suit being pulled down. She tried to lift an arm to stop it, but her arms were limp as noodles. She lay there helpless as the zipper was pulled all the way down.

            Jim was watching Jessica’s eyes carefully. She should have passed out by now! Then it finally happened. Her eyes began a delicious rapid fluttering. Then in a few seconds they rolled up and closed fully. Her head slumped to the left as she went out completely. She was his now!

            Jim removed her jump suit and bra. He wasn’t into breasts that small, so he focused on her panty hosed legs and feet. They were way beyond his expectations. He played with them for several hours. He must have put her boots back on just to take them off again 10 times! Then he dressed her and waited for her to wake up.

            Jessica woke up nearly 2 hours later and felt great. There was no more dizziness. She got up and walked out of the shed on Jim’s arm. She asked Jim what had happened. He told her that she got dizzy and passed out. She really couldn’t remember anything. She continued to walk at a steady pace until they reached the carriage house. Jim knocked on the door and waited.

            Maggie came to the door and led Jessica inside. She told Jim to pick her up and take her back to her room at midnight. Then he left. Jessica was told to sit in a large stuffed chair.

            Jessica didn’t know what would come next. When Maggie returned with a small white cloth and a bottle of chloroform, she soon knew her fate. She sat quietly and didn’t move. Maggie pulled the lever on the chair and put Jessica in a reclined position. Then she soaked the cloth with what seemed like too much chloroform. Jessica choked on the strong fumes as the cloth was held tightly over her nose and mouth.

            Maggie was speaking now. She told her to breathe normally and relax. Then she warned her not to resist. If she did as she was told, she would not be harmed or turned in for escaping. Suddenly Maggie’s words were difficult to understand. She sounded far away. Jessica could not see either. Everything was a blur. Maggie said “There now, that’s a good girl.” That’s the last thing Jessica remembered.

            Maggie held the cloth on her for over a minute after she passed out. She wanted her deeply under for a while. As she lifted her first leg to remove her boot, she realized just how out she was. Jessica was as limp as a rag doll. Just the way Maggie wanted her. She slipped off her boots first. Then she took off her jump suit. Her pantyhose were carefully peeled off next. Finally she carried her over her shoulder to the bedroom in just her bra and panties.

            Maggie played with Jessica for several hours. Then she started to wake up. Now for the real fun and games Maggie decided.

            Jessica woke up on a bed in just her bra and panties. Maggie was standing over her. Maggie told her to remove her bra. Jessica obediently reached behind her back and undid both snaps. Then she pulled it off as she was told and laid it on the bed. Maggie took the bra from the bed and put several tissues inside one of the cups. Then she opened the bottle of chloroform and soaked the tissues thoroughly. She handed it back to Jessica.

            Maggie was talking again. She said “I think you know what to do with this bra now.” Jessica held the cup with the chloroform soaked tissues over her nose and mouth and inhaled normally. Maggie watched as Jessica slowly and helplessly passed out again. Then Maggie tied the bra around the back of Jessica’s head to keep the chloroformed cup in place. Maggie had her way with Jessica’s limp body for several more hours.

            Jessica woke up suddenly and was in just her panties now. Maggie was still there. Jessica looked at the clock. It was after 1. She asked why Jim hadn’t come for her yet. Maggie said that she called him and told him that they were a little behind schedule. Then she ordered Jessica to remove her panties. Jessica complied. She already had a pretty good idea of what would come next.

            Maggie took the panties and opened the bottle of chloroform. Then she poured so much on them, that the excess dripped on the floor. Maggie then gently held the soaking wet panties over Jessica’s nose and mouth.

            Jessica’s mind reeled from the intense fumes. She was dizzy almost instantly and passed out within 20 seconds. She felt like she was spinning in a free fall as she went out.

            Maggie smiled and pulled the panties away after a few seconds. Then she wrung them out and hung them to dry next to her bra. While they were drying, Maggie enjoyed Jessica’s totally limp, and now nude body. After an hour or so, she began to re-dress the still unconscious prisoner. Then she placed her back in the reclined chair.

            Jessica woke up about an hour later. She was dizzy and disoriented. She was back in the chair fully dressed. She seemed to remember a bedroom. Then there was something about her bra. She felt it and it was there and dry. Then she reached under her pantyhose and felt her panties. They were dry too. Was it all a dream? She had been drugged so much, that she couldn’t be sure. Anyway, it was over. Jim was there to take her back.

            Jim enjoyed the walk back with her. She was delightfully drowsy and had to lean on him all the way. He liked that. Nothing was more fun than taking a sleepy girl home and putting her to bed. Once he had her inside her room he called his friend Laura in the office. That was the favor he owed her. Then he left.

            Jessica sat on the edge of her bed and unzipped her boots. As she slipped the first boot off, Jessica suddenly went limp and fell back onto the bed. She never knew what hit her.

            Laura had knocked her out her by computer right after Jim’s call. Now she was entering Jessica’s room with her pass key.  Jessica was out like a light, and was on her back on the bed. She still had one of her boots on. That was a good thing. Laura liked boots and pantyhose too! For the next 3 hours Laura would now enjoy the limp Jessica. What a friend she had in Jim and vice versa. Ah life was good!

Carol was in a very small room in a special building. She had been there for 6 weeks since her last escape attempt. Carol was already in for 15 years when she was caught the first time. That time she was given 3 more years for her trouble. This time was even worse. Maggie had agreed not to turn her in and get her sentence increased. Instead she had to report to Maggie often for so called discipline.

            Carol was 24 and pretty tough and street smart. She had been a model in the city. Carol did pantyhose and underwear modeling mostly, and had a great body. She had long silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She was 5 foot 5 and slender with long and shapely legs. Her feet were especially attractive too.

            One day a photographer got out of hand during a bra and panties shoot and she hit him with the camera tripod. He went down, and she thought he was just unconscious. She got dressed and went home. It turned out that he was dead, and the police soon came and arrested her. Since she was so attractive, she was sent here instead of the regular women’s prison.

            Carol had been kept isolated since her last escape attempt. She was worried about what had happened to Kelly, the girl that tried to help her. There was nothing she could do for now though. Carol was due to be brought to Maggie in less than an hour.

            Carol remembered the first time she had to go to the carriage house. Maggie made her take a pill and drink some wine. Soon she felt sleepy and dreamy, and remembered Maggie starting to undress her. Her jumpsuit zipper was slowly pulled down. Then she remembered it being pulled off over her shoulders. The next thing Carol knew she woke up naked on a bed with a needle taped to her arm.

            Carol remembered trying to pull the needle out, but her arm wouldn’t move. Then Maggie pushed the needle’s plunger in slightly. Carol passed out instantly. Then later when she woke up, she could hear Maggie’s voice. She asked question after question. Carol answered every one without hesitation. Then the questions became very revealing about sexual fantasies. Carol tried to resist. Maggie injected her with more of the drug and she passed out again.

            That was all Carol could remember. She knew that she had revealed every secret in her life to Maggie though. She knew her fears, phobias, and sexual preferences. Carol was into both men and women. She also had a sleepy fetish. As a child she always imagined what it would be like to be put to sleep. Maggie could now totally control her.

            The first time that Maggie had given her chloroform; she pulled the cloth away just before she passed out. Then when she became more alert, she would give her more. It went on and on and drove Carol up the wall. Carol desperately wanted to slip under completely. Maggie kept depriving her though. Then she made Carol promise things. In that vulnerable “nearly out” state, Carol only knew one answer. “Yes!” After she would say yes to several demands, Maggie would finally put her under completely.

            After 6 weeks of almost daily treatments and drugging, Carol was a total slave to Maggie. She would get down on her knees and beg to be put to sleep. She would do anything Maggie wanted. Tonight she was told that she would get a special treat. She waited patiently for the guard to come for her.

            When Carol finally entered the carriage house, she knew somehow that things were different. Maggie was smiling and had her sit on the sofa. Now Maggie was pouring chloroform on a small square of white cloth. Carol hoped she would put her all the way under right away.

            As soon as Carol was getting lightheaded, Maggie pulled the cloth away. Maggie told her not to worry and that she would be going to sleep soon. She had never promised anything like that before. Now Maggie was removing Carol’s jumpsuit. Carol helped, and it was quickly removed and tossed aside. Carol was now in a skimpy black bra and panties set with ultra sheer nude colored pantyhose and black sling back high heels.

            Maggie decided to sedate Carol a little further before continuing to undress her. This time she held the cloth until her eyes started to flutter. Carol’s sleepy head fell back onto the sofa as Maggie began to remove her shoes. Maggie could have easily just slipped them off. Instead she unbuckled the straps first and then slipped the shoes off. After that, she carefully peeled off Carol’s sheer pantyhose.

            Carol was barely aware of what was happening. She was too far gone from the chloroform. Now Maggie was sitting beside her with the cloth in her hand. Maggie placed her arm around Carol and held the cloth ever close to her nose. Carol instinctively inhaled deeply to try and put herself under. Maggie pulled the cloth away to keep her awake just a little longer.

            Maggie spoke softly. She told Carol that Kelly and a new girl that she didn’t know named Jessica would be there soon. They would be making a video. Carol would get to put both girls’ to sleep and play with them. It would all be recorded on video. Carol was very excited. Now Maggie held the cloth firmly on Carol and told her it was time for her to go to sleep. As Carol’s eyes began to flutter, Maggie said “sweet dreams.” Carol’s eyes then closed and her head fell limp on Maggie’s shoulder. Maggie held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and pulled it away.

            When Jessica and Kelly were brought in, Carol was out like a light with her head resting on the back of the sofa in just her bra and panties set. Her mouth was half way open. The girls didn’t ask why she was out. They knew Maggie had put her to sleep. They both knew the routine by now. Tonight wouldn’t be anything like the normal routine though.

            Maggie ordered Kelly and Jessica to remove their jumpsuits. Maggie took them and put them aside. Next the girls were told to sit on the sofa on either side of Carol. Maggie soaked the cloth with chloroform and held it on Kelly first. When her eyes began to flutter, she pulled it away and held it on Jessica. When Jessica’s eyes were fluttering, she pulled it away and started the camera.

            The camera was on a tripod and a wide angle lens showed the width of the sofa and then some. Unconscious Carol was in the center, and the heavily sedated Jessica was on the right and sleepy Kelly on the left. All was ready. Maggie waited for Carol to wake up.

            When Carol woke up, she saw Kelly first. Kelly’s eyes were glazed and sleepy looking. Then she turned around and saw Jessica. Carol was entranced by her immediately. She looked glassy eyed and drugged as well. Now Kelly was asking her if she was all right and kissing her. Carol kissed her back and answered.

            Maggie handed the wet chloroform cloth to Carol and told her it was time to put Kelly to sleep and remove her sneakers. Carol took the cloth and gently placed it over Kelly’s nose and mouth. Kelly inhaled normally and was not afraid of Carol. Carol on the other hand was in fantasy overdrive as she watched the helpless Kelly slowly pass out! Soon Kelly was totally limp with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Carol pulled the cloth away and placed it on the sofa.

            Next Carol got up off the sofa, got down on her knees, and slipped off Kelly’s sneakers. Once they were off, Maggie suggested that Jessica should be relieved of her big heavy boots. As Carol turned that way and reached for one of Jessica’s boot zippers, Maggie told her to stop. “Put her to sleep first!” Maggie ordered.

            Jessica sat disgusted as she helplessly watched Carol pick up the cloth. Maggie came over and snatched it from her. She soaked it with fresh chloroform first. Then she handed the cloth back to Carol and told her to proceed. Jessica braced herself as the now dripping cloth was placed over her nose and mouth.

            Jessica could only cooperate. There was no other way. Carol tingled all over inside as she watched Jessica’s beautiful eyes go into rapid flutter. Soon they rolled closed and Jessica fell limp against the back of the sofa. Carol held the cloth on her a little longer and then put it down.

            Carol was soon on her knees ever so slowly unzipping Jessica’s boots and slipping them off. Once the boots were put aside, Carol began to rub Jessica’s legs to enjoy the pantyhose. Being a pantyhose model, Carol loved the feel of nylon. She played with them for about 10 minutes until Maggie told her to take them off.

            Carol slowly peeled off the sheer hose. Jessica’s legs were awesome! Maggie took the hose from her and asked her to sit on the sofa. Maggie said “so you like pantyhose do you?” “Why don’t you sniff them?”

            Carol held Jessica’s pantyhose up to her nose and inhaled in ecstasy. Then she saw Maggie open the bottle of chloroform. Maggie took the hose from Carol’s hands and poured chloroform all over them. Then she handed them back to Carol.

            Carol didn’t need any prompting! She held the soaked hose over her nose and mouth and inhaled her deepest. She kept looking at Maggie, thinking it was too good to be true. She thought Maggie would take them away before she went under. To Carol’s surprise, Maggie didn’t interfere at all. She let Carol go all the way under. After Carol passed out, Maggie rested her limp head in Kelly’s lap and left the soaked hose on her face for now to keep her under.

            Kelly was waking up. Maggie took the still soaked pantyhose off of Carol’s face, and held them in her right hand. She waited for the right moment that she knew would come.

            Kelly woke up dreamy and saw Maggie standing over her. Then she looked in her lap and saw Carol’s limp head there. Then Maggie spoke. “Carol likes pantyhose. These are Jessica’s. Carol was sniffing them. I want to see what you look like in these but they are too wet now you see. In fact I think they are still wet enough to put you under! Why don’t we try them now?” 

            Kelly umpped as the soaking wet hose were placed over her nose and mouth. She was dizzy within a few seconds. Everything was spinning around like she was falling. There was little question that they were wet enough as far as Kelly was concerned. Her eyes were blinking and losing focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Maggie smiled as she watched Kelly pass out and go limp once more. Then she waited for Jessica to wake up. She left the still damp hose on the sofa next to Kelly.

            Jessica was awake now. She looked around as her eyes came back into focus. Kelly and Carol were still out. Maggie was giving her instructions now. Jessica stood up as ordered. Next she lifted Carol up and removed her bra. Carol, now topless, was placed in a sitting position next to Kelly. Now it was time to remove Kelly’s bra. Jessica unsnapped it and slipped it off of Kelly’s limp body.

            Maggie picked Jessica’s pantyhose up from the sofa. She held them up and told Jessica how Carol sniffed them and put herself to sleep. Then she explained how she put Kelly under with them. Next, Maggie opened the chloroform bottle and re-soaked the hose for Jessica. As Maggie held the soaked hose over Jessica’s nose and mouth she told her that it was only fair that she be put under with them now. After all they were her pantyhose to start with.

            Jessica inhaled willingly. Actually she felt kind of erotic being put under with her own hose! When Jessica heard that the others had been put under by them, it excited her even more for some reason. She breathed her deepest ever now.  Jessica went under much quicker than normal this time. The dose was heavy and the hose didn’t absorb much. Within 30 seconds she was long gone. Maggie held the hose on her for another 30 seconds after she was out. Then she pulled them away and unsnapped Jessica’s bra and removed it. Jessica was placed against the back of the sofa topless just like the others.

 Maggie stepped back and looked into the camera viewer. Yes, everything was in perfect frame. It was all on tape. Maggie watched her 3 topless sleeping beauties while she decided how their panties would be removed when they woke up. She already had a few scenarios in mind. Perhaps she would let Carol decide and direct that scene….








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Katie breathed in the cool night air as she cruised down Main st. She was finally on Spring break, enjoying a night out with her best friend Brea. Most of the other students on campus were going to Canon beach but she was happy to spend a nice week in town free from all the hectic traffic in the university district.

"What should we do tonight?" she asked Brea.

"Can we go to the mall? My favorite store is having a buy one get one sale."

"Yeah totally!"

The mall would be open for about another hour. Katie hoped they would still be able to get a smoothie. They pulled into a nearly empty parking lot. When they got inside, most of the smaller stores were closing up, including Brea's store. But they were able to charm the guy working at the smoothie bar to stay open for a bit and they each got a smoothie so they were pretty happy. That was something they did often. Both girls had knockout bodies. Katie had auburn wavy locks of hair and bright hazel eyes that drove guys crazy. She was wearing white shorts and a red plaid blouse. Brea was a blonde athlete with an infectious smile. She was wearing her galaxy yoga pants and a hoodie. Together they were dangerous and they knew it.

"Well jeez, I hope this isn't the highlight of our Spring break." Said Brea.

"Yeah me too. How lame would that be?"

The girls finished up and decided to walk around and see if they could find anything to buy at some of the larger department stores. They were rounding a corner when they saw an Easter bunny photo studio that was just closing.

"Hey Brea, let's get our picture with the Easter bunny!"

"I haven't done that since I was 5. Let's do it!"

The girls walked up to the setup. The man in the bunny suit waved cheerily.

"Um exuse me, do you think we could get a picture with you?"

The bunny sat down on the big chair and motioned for them to come over. Before they could get to his lap, the photographer stepped in.

"That will be five dollars girls. Each."

He held out his hand but the bunny stood up and shook his head.

"Oh really?" Said Brea. "Thank you so much!"

"You're so sweet!" Cooed Katie.

The photographer rolled his eyes. "Okay girls, one at a time." He had them fill out two information forms and then stepped behind the camera.

The girls each took three pictures on the Easter bunny's lap. They were as silly as they could be. Then they took a few selfies for online and walked away giggling.

"Okay that guy totally had a boner!" Laughed Brea.

"I know! I could feel it, it was so hard!"

"Why do you think we had to fill out those papers?" Asked Brea.

"Probably so they can sell our info to advertisers."

"Ugh I hate that."

The girls finished their shopping and headed back to their apartment. Brea went into her room to video chat with her boyfriend and Katie took a shower. Then she wrapped herself in a towel and went to her room and found a surprise. On her bed sat a huge stuffed Easter bunny. She was thrilled!

"Wow, thank you Brea!" She yelled but got no answer. She figured it had to be Brea. She was single and none of her other friends would buy her a gift for a holiday other than her birthday.

Katie took off the towel and layed naked on her bed next to the stuffed bunny. She cuddled into it. It was so soft. And it had an interesting scent. Like lavender. But something else she couldn't quite think of. She wrapped her arms around it and burried her face into its tummy. The fur felt so soft and warm on her naked body. Suddenly she was feeling like she could just fall right to sleep. Maybe it was the lavender. She inhaled deeply. What was that other scent?

She got off the bed and went to her dresser. She put on a light blue g-string with a pretty pink bow. Perfect for Easter. She thought about going to see if Brea wanted to watch a movie but she was feeling so sleepy. The bunny on her bed looked so warm and inviting. She skipped the bra and fell onto her bed.

She cuddled into the bunny and closed her eyes. The smell of lavender made her feel relaxed and careless. She turned her head and took a deep breath of the fur. Something about it reminded her of her chemistry class for some reason. She tried to call for Brea again to ask her what they other scent was but her words came out in a slurred mess. She opened her eyes but couldn't keep them open for more than half a second at a time. She turned back to the bunny and her eyes fell shut. The feeling of a hand brushing her hair and a voice saying "shhhhhh" was the last thing she remembered.

Brea finished her video chat with her boyfriend and went to the kitchen to get some water. To her pleasant surprise she found a chocolate creme filled egg on the counter. A gift from Katie perhaps?

"Thanks Katie!" She yelled but got no response. She took a few bites of the egg. It was good but something about it was off.

"Pretty sure it's expired but it's the thought that counts!"

She went into the living room and laid down on the couch to watch a movie. It was an action movie. But despite it being exciting and action packed she found herself yawning about fifteen minutes in. After twenty minutes she could barely keep her eyes open. She turned up the volume. Maybe that would wake her up.

Appearantly that didn't work because she "blinked" and all of the sudden the credits were rolling. She groggily felt around for the remote to rewind the movie. And then her hand touched something furry. She opened her eyes wider and tried to focus them. Standing over her, looking down at her was the Easter bunny from the mall.

"What the he-MMMMPH!!!!"

The bunny smothered her face with one of its paws. A sickly sweet smell overpowered her. She tried to pry the paw off her face but she was too weak. All she could do was breath in to try and scream but it was too muffled.

"MMMMMPH! MMMMMPH!!!!! MMMPH!!....mmmmphhh.....mmmph........mph........

Her eyes were closing on her.

"Shhhhhhhhh" whispered the bunny, it's other paw stroking her forhead. "Shhhhhh."

The flickering light from the televison grew darker and darker until her eyes closed and she was gone.

"Are they out cold?" A voice asked.

The man in the costume took off the bunny head. "Oh yeah. They'll be sleeping for hours."

The photographer emerged from behing one of the armchairs. "Are you sure? The blonde didn't eat the full egg."

The man in the costume held up a brown glass bottle. "A heavy dose of ether fixed that. I am the Ether bunny after all."

"How much do you think we'll get for them?"

"I honestly don't care right now."

The photographer rolled his eyes. "Well one of us has to make sure we get paid. I'll call the boss."

"Yeah you do that. I'm gonna have some fun..."

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                                  Over The Hill Model                                     Over the Hill Model


            Lindsay’s car was making noises as she drove down the highway. She was broke and in trouble. She had been out of work for months and her landlord was about to throw her out. Lindsay had just applied for a job and failed to get it. She was on her way home now. The car was nearly out of gas and sounded like it was going to die. She was very worried. She owed thousands and had no prospects.

            Lindsay used to be a model. She was 33 now and jobs were dwindling. She wasn’t trained for anything else. Her once yellow blonde hair was turning brown. Her large breasts were sagging and she needed a support bra. She still looked great in clothes though. She was 5 foot 5 and had great legs. Her blue eyes stood out from her perfect “cover girl” type complexion.

            She went to the interview dressed like a 25-year-old. She wore a white see through blouse and a denim mini skirt. Her pantyhose were sheer and black and her boots were shiny brown leather. It hadn’t helped. They still wanted someone younger.

            The engine was really getting loud now. There was a sudden noise and it stopped. The car coasted to a stop as she reached the side of the road. She had remembered passing a gas station not too far back. She hadn’t stopped since she didn’t have any money. Now she had no options. She walked back to the station.

            A young guy named Jon was closing the station when she got there. She told him of her problem. He said he could tow the car back to the station, but could not do anything with it until tomorrow. Without letting on she was broke, she let him tow the car. At least it would get it off the road for now. She rode with him in the Jeep and directed him to the car. Once they reached her car, he connected the winch and began to tow it back to the station. On the way back Lindsay noticed he was looking at her legs.

            Lindsay had been used to getting her way with men. She had to hook this one and fast or she would be stranded. She crossed her leg and slowly unzipped her right boot. Then she took it off and shook it out. She rested it on the floor of the Jeep and took off the other one as well. Then she turned that boot upside down and pretended to shake it out as well.

            She could see that her ploy was working. He was so busy watching that the Jeep was all over the road. She waited for him to park the Jeep before she put her boots back on. Then she did it slowly waving her sheer black nylon encased legs around. Once she was finished he got out of the Jeep and lowered her car to the driveway. Then he invited her to have a drink with him at a bar across the street. She said yes and they headed for the bar together.

            They sat in a booth and ordered drinks. Jon was 25 and about 6 feet tall. He had broad shoulders and was slightly overweight. His hair was long and blonde and not well groomed. While they were waiting for the drinks, Lindsay excused herself and went to the ladies room. As soon as she left, the drinks came. When no one was watching, Jon put one Rohypnol pill in her drink. He moved the swizzle stick around to dissolve it.

            When Lindsay returned, they began to drink and she asked him some questions. She admitted that she had money problems and he didn’t seem worried. Jon told her that he lived in a trailer behind the station. He also mentioned that he had a friend that might be able to get her a modeling job. Lindsay’s beautiful blue eyes widened! She was feeling more relaxed by the minute. Too relaxed!  She suddenly had trouble sitting up. He moved over to her side of the booth and sat next to her. As he put his arm around her she dropped her sleepy head onto his strong shoulder. That was the last thing she would remember.

            He started kissing her and she kissed back with abandon. Lindsay no longer had any idea what she was doing. She was totally putty in his arms. He knew he didn’t have much time. She would pass out completely in a few minutes. He helped her up, paid for the drinks, and with his arm tightly around her, helped her back to his trailer. She didn’t quite make it. About 10 feet from the door she went limp in his arms. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her the rest of the way.

            He opened the door and carried her inside. Then he laid her on her back on the bed. He stepped back and looked in awe at her unconscious and very beautiful body. Not many girls looking like this came through here alone! He had gotten lucky. He slowly unzipped and removed her boots. Then he played with her black stocking encased legs and feet for a while. The shades were down and it was now dark. There was no one anywhere around to hear her scream. He locked the door with the key and hid it in his pocket. Then he hid her boots and purse in his locker.

            After about 3 hours Lindsay woke up. Everything was fuzzy. She didn’t remember anything after the drink. Jon was standing over her. Her boots were off and nowhere in sight.  He told her to relax. She would be staying the night. In the morning he had a friend that wanted to meet her about a job. While she was meeting with his friend, Jon said that he would fix her car. She reminded him that she didn’t have any money. Then she asked where she was and how she got there.

            Jon told her that she had passed out in the bar. He had carried her to his trailer. He didn’t know what else to do. While she was asleep he checked her car. It would need a new engine. I would cost about 2 thousand dollars. He lied and said that he had left her boots and purse in the bar across the street. 

            Lindsay was terrified and broken in spirit. She was helpless without her boots and purse and was even more in debt than before. She had no idea what she would do. Then he told her more about his friend. He made damsel in distress videos. The girls were captured and bound in various states of undress. She asked if she could see one of the videos. Lindsay was horrified at the idea, but had to humor him. He went to a shelf and grabbed a tape. After he placed it in the VCR, he sat down next to her. When he put his arm around her and told her to relax, she leaned against him.

            The movie started with a pretty young blonde getting out of her car. A man in a ski mask came up from behind her and held a white cloth that looked wet over her nose and mouth. She tried to scream, but the cloth muffled her words. She struggled violently, but he lifted her off the ground and held her tightly. After about 30 seconds she stopped struggling. He was telling her to relax and take deep breaths. Her eyes began to flutter as she inhaled deeply. Then suddenly her eyes rolled closed and she went as limp as a rag doll in his arms. He held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and then threw her over his shoulder.

            He carried her limp body to a van, placed her in the back of it, and drove away. Finally the van parked in front of a house, and the man carried her still limp body inside. Once inside he placed her in a kitchen chair and tied her hands behind her back. Then he tied her ankles to the chair legs. Another rope was placed around her waist to hold her to the chair. Then he took a scarf and knotted it in the middle. He stuffed the knot in her mouth and tied it around her head. The still unconscious girl was now bound and gagged and totally helpless.

            When the girl woke up she slowly began to struggle to get free. It was hopeless. Then she tried to scream but only faint muffled sounds came out. Then the man with the mask came into the room. There was sheer terror in the girl’s eyes. The man spoke softly. He told her she would be safe if she was a good girl. Then he told her she needed something to relax her. He picked up a brown bottle from the counter and poured some liquid on a white rag. Then he walked over to her and held it over her face.

            This time struggle was not an option. She could not move at all. Her terrified eyes were soon fluttering again. Then her head fell limp against the back of the chair. She was all the way out again like before. This time he held the cloth there much longer after she was out. When he pulled it away, she was deeply under and totally helpless. It sent shivers down Lindsay’s trembling body. Still somehow there was something strangely erotic about it she thought.

            Jon stopped the tape. Lindsay asked how much the girl was paid. He told her $300 a day plus a hundred-dollar bonus for each knockout scene. He said that the girls were knocked out several times in each video. Then she asked how the girls were knocked out. With chloroform he said. We pour it on a cloth and hold it over her nose. It only lasts about 20 minutes to an hour depending on how long we hold it there after she’s out. Then he mentioned that there was bonus pay for partial or full nudity.

            Lindsay was appalled at the idea. Once she was unconscious, these creeps could do whatever they wanted to her. But then there was the practical side. It paid a lot of money, and it might at least get her car fixed and get her out of there. Then she saw Jon holding a brown bottle and a cloth. She said, “Wait a minute! No way are you putting me under now!” He told her to relax and that he was just going to show her how it was done and give her a little so she could see what it felt like.

            Lindsay wasn’t thrilled, but agreed to go along. He soaked the cloth and sat down on the bed beside her and put his arm around her. He told her to relax and breathe normally and describe how she felt. He promised to pull it away before she went out completely. She rested her head on his strong shoulder and inhaled. The first breath had strong fumes and she jolted a little. Then she inhaled again. Her ears started a dull ringing sound and she felt a little lightheaded. As she continued to inhale her vision got fuzzy. She warned him that she was about to pass out. Her eyes were beginning to flutter. He pulled the cloth away.

            Lindsay wasn’t afraid anymore. He had pulled it away like he promised. She felt sleepy but OK. Then her head started pounding. She complained about her head pounding, and he told her that a little more would fix that. He placed the cloth over her face again and she inhaled. He was right. The pounding went away quickly. Then her eyes were fluttering again. He asked her how she felt now. She could barely speak. She said she was about to pass out again. He asked “are you sure you want me to pull it away this time?” She started to say yes but the word never came. Her eyes closed and her head fell limp on his shoulder. He pulled the cloth away quickly. He would let her have a little nap.

            Lindsay woke up after about 15 minutes and was on her side on the bed. Her head was clear and she was still fully dressed. He was there smiling.  He told her she needed to go under for a few minutes so she wouldn’t have that hangover feeling. Then he went into the kitchen. Is this all there is to it? She wondered. Going under was quite pleasant compared to some things she had done, but she still wondered about his friend and if she could trust them. After all, once she was under she had no control. That still worried her. Right now she was just with him though and so far he had been good to her, or so it seemed.

            She would take a chance. She would have him put her under again for a longer time. She would test him. If he failed she would not meet his friend and go any further. But how could she tell. She unbuttoned the third button on her blouse. Then she unsnapped one of her bra hooks. If he undressed her while she was out she would know. He would fasten both bra hooks or re- button the button on her blouse.

            He came back in a few minutes. She asked him if he would put her under for an hour his time so she could see how she felt afterwards. He was surprised, but was quickly soaking the cloth. Lindsay shuddered when she saw how much he was pouring on the cloth this time. She strongly considered changing her mind. The cloth was on her now. She was swooning quickly since there was so much on the cloth, and also because she had already been under. She quickly forgot about the danger as she inhaled the fumes. She went out suddenly this time.  There were no warning signs at all. She was just gone. He held the cloth there for over a minute.

            Now it was time to explore her further. He held her up and unbuttoned her blouse. Then he slipped it off and began to pull her skirt from around her. Once the blouse and skirt were off, he slowly peeled off her pantyhose. He tossed everything on the floor and removed her bra next. Her huge boobs popped out and fell loose. They were awesome! He left her panties on for now. He played with her limp body for nearly an hour. Then he tied her hands behind her back with a silk scarf. He used her own pantyhose to bind her ankles. Then he waited for her to wake up. He had the bottle and the cloth ready.

            When Lindsay woke up she was groggy for a few minutes. Then she was shocked to find out she had been stripped and bound. She was furious and glared at Jon. All she had on were a tiny pair of white bikini panties that barely covered anything! Now she was scared.

            Jon told her to relax, and that he wanted her to get used to what would happen in the video. She would wake up bound and would be missing clothing. That meant nothing to her and she ordered him to untie her at once. Then she watched in horror as he started to heavily soak the cloth with more chloroform. He placed it over her face he said that he wanted to see her without her panties and he would need to put her to sleep to remove them.

            “Oh my god he’s a perv!” she thought and she thrashed around for all she was worth. It didn’t help a bit. She wasn’t going anywhere and the cloth was well soaked. She was out again in less than a minute. This time he untied her pantyhose from her ankles and used them to tie the cloth over her face. Once the cloth was secured he slowly removed her panties as if he were unwrapping a long awaited gift. Finally they were at her ankles and he slowly finished the job and threw them on the floor.

            Jon had his way with her limp body for several hours. Then he poured more chloroform on the cloth. He kept her under all night. Then in the morning he dressed her and allowed her to awaken with just her hands bound. She awoke confused. Her clothes were back on. Had it been a dream? Wait it was light outside! Her blouse was fully buttoned. She couldn’t check her bra with her hands tied but she was sure she had been stripped. As she tried to get up, Jon entered the room with another man. He was older and looked like a real creep. Lindsay was terrified.

            He introduced her to his friend Bill. She was not impressed. She said, “you can’t force me to do this.” They both laughed. Bill said he would like to see all of her now. She started to get up. Bill stood alongside of the bed and held her down. Jon was soaking the cloth again! He placed it over her nose and mouth and said, “don’t worry! We’ll put you deeply under before we strip and explore you.”

            Those words were somehow less than comforting! Lindsay fought to no avail. Soon her eyes were losing focus and she knew she was out of time. She surrendered and took a few deep breaths. Her eyes were in rapid flutter again. Suddenly they rolled closed and she went limp in Bill’s strong arms. Jon held the cloth on her for a while. Then they both stripped her. This time they turned her over and looked at her awesome nude backside. Oh yes she would do very nicely.

            They wrapped her naked body in a blanket and put her in the back of a van. Bill drove and Jon rode in the back holding the bottle and the cloth. The ride to Bill’s studio would take several hours. Jon would have to keep her quiet along the way.  He couldn’t wait for her to wake up, so he could put her under again. He would have to do it several times during the ride.  

            Lindsay woke up suddenly and tried to sit up. Then she realized she was totally naked and in a moving vehicle. As she tried to sit up the blanket fell from around her, and Jon got a look at her awesome bare breasts. She grabbed the blanket and quickly pulled it back over her. Then she watched in horror as Jon poured chloroform on a large white rag. She pleaded with him not to put her under again and promised she would cooperate.

            Jon said that he had to at least put her part way under for the ride. She wasn’t thrilled, but it was better than the alternative. He held the cloth on her until her eyes began to flutter. Then he pulled it away. Next he told her that she didn’t need that much blanket around her and exposed her to her waist. She tried to stop him, but she couldn’t move. When she protested vocally he put the cloth back over her face.


            Lindsay tried to turn her head to the side, but he just held the cloth in place and followed her. This time he almost knocked her out completely. Her eyes were starting to roll up into her head when he pulled it away. Now he pushed the blanket down even further. She was exposed to her knees. She felt uneasy being naked in front of him. She tried to grab the blanket and pull it up. He yanked it away and tossed it aside. Now she had no cover at all!

            It didn’t matter; he was pouring more chloroform on the rag. He held it over her face again and waited till her eyes were fluttering. Then he asked if he should pull it away. She said “No! Let me go to sleep this tim…” She was out. He held the cloth there for over a minute. Then he arranged her on her side on the blanket. Yes she looked awesome! She was knocked out and naked. Just the way he liked them. He would have to chloroform her over and over again until they got there. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!




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I was able to get my hands on a bottle of Isoflurane this weekend. I was super excited to try it out but quite nervous as well. I waited until late at night right before going to bed.

When I first opened the bottled I took a whiff from the cap and it had quite a distinct smell to it. It was very strong but not unpleasant, similar to taking a whiff of vodka straight from the bottle, except this had a strong musky scent. No effects were felt from the quick smell of the cap.

I then grabbed a rag and soaked it with maybe 10 ml of the Iso, then put the rag up to my face but not touching. I panicked slightly thinking about the Iso running down my fingers and worried it might ruin my freshly manicured nails. With a quick check I found no harm was done to my beautiful sparkly nails and I replaced the cloth next to my nose and mouth.

I breathed in and was surprised to find the Iso quite pleasant to breathe in. It tasted sweet but still had the musky smell. The first 2-3 breaths had no effect. I put the cloth closer to my face thinking it wasn’t working because I was still getting to much oxygen. This was a big mistake breathing it in burned quite bad this close so I pulled it away slightly. With the next breath I finally started to feel something. I could feel my self start to sway slightly then I breathed again and my hearing started to dull and my other senses started to wonder. I felt myself swaying more and then falling. After that I was gone only blackness followed.

 15 minuets later I started to wake up. I remember some very vivid colored dreams but not what they were about. When I fully woke up I was quite alert. There was no confusion or memory loss. I immediately wanted to try it again.

I soaked the cloth in a more controlled manor this time. I knew what to expect this time and I wasn’t as scared. I let it take me quicker this time, the same swaying and sound dulling happened within 4 breaths this time and I collapsed on the 5th breath. I think I was able to keep the cloth closer to my face after I passed out this time because it was a full hour before I came back to consciousness.

This time wasn’t quite as pleasant. I was freezing and shivering quite bad, the only problem was my mind wasn’t able to control my body yet so I just laid there simi-conscious and shivering until I was back enough and able to move some covers over me. I didn’t even get up I just fell right back asleep for I don’t even know how long.

When I woke up again I had the worst pounding headache ever. I figured sleep would help so I put the Iso up and got ready for bed, then crawled in bed and tried to get to sleep. The pounding in my head did seem to fade and I fell asleep.

I woke up around 5:30 am with my head killing me again. It seemed like the pain would never go away. I finally mustered up the strength to get out of bed go downstairs and get some aspirin. I took it with some water then went to the bathroom to pee. 

I noticed I was quite wet and excited down their.If it hadn’t of been for the pounding headache I probably would have had the best masturbation session ever. Unfortunately the pain took priority and I went back upstairs and waited for the aspirin to take effect so I could fall asleep. It took a while and my stomach was gurgling and very unhappy, but it eventually worked and I fell asleep until 10 am.

I had the best sleepy dreams ever. So many scenarios played through my mind but they were only dreams and I craved for a real person to knock me out and play with me while I was sleeping. Maybe one day my dreams will come true. I still have like 100ml of Isoflurane waiting to be used, but using it by myself is just plain boring. It would be so much more fun to have someone sneak up from behind, place the cloth over my face, watch as I melt into their arms, and then play with my limp body as I slept.    



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 The Headache Cure 1


                                                                The Headache Cure

            Cora walked down the street slowly, checking the numbers on the doors. She had headaches all too often and was told that a certain clinic might have a cure for her. The strappy sandals, with laces that wrapped around her ankles and tied in a bow, clicked on the pavement as she looked for number 1101.

            Cora was about 5 feet 4 and very slender. Her long dark hair was blowing around in the wind. She was wearing tight denim hot pants with a wide belt. Her black sleeveless top was low cut and revealed her huge well rounded breasts.The top was short and revealed some of her mid section as well.     

            There it was, “number 1101.” Cora opened the large door and walked inside. There was no one at the reception desk so she rang the small bell. Soon an attractive woman with short dark hair, that looked to be in her late 30’s, appeared wearing a nurse’s uniform. The name Nadia was on a pin on her lapel.

            “Hello I’m Nadia,” the woman said smiling, “I guess you must be Cora.”

            “Yes I am.” Cora replied.

            Nadia had Cora fill out a form, and then led her into a room with a sofa and a desk. The room looked more like a psychiatrist’s office than any doctor’s office she’d ever seen. Cora was told to sit on the sofa and relax.  

            Nadia asked Cora some questions about her headaches as she took her blood pressure and listened to her heart. Then Nadia prepared a syringe with a reddish liquid and swabbed Cora’s arm.

            “What’s the shot for?” Cora asked warily.

            “Your headaches are from tension.” Nadia replied. This will relax you.

            Cora winced in pain as Nadia injected her with the drug. Almost immediately Cora felt the throb of her headache get duller.


 The Headache Cure 2

            “Hey it’s helping already!” Cora said in an excited voice.

 Suddenly Cora felt dizzy though. Nadia told her it would soon pass and helped her to lie down on the sofa. As Cora lay there looking at the room, her vision was starting to get fuzzy. Nadia told her not to worry as she began gently untying and unraveling the laces of Cora’s sandals. Cora felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t move. She tried to speak but no words came. That’s the last thing she remembered.


 The Headache Cure 4

Nadia smiled triumphantly as she watched Cora’s eyes suddenly flutter and close and her head slump limply to the side. Afterwards, Nadia finished removing Cora’s sandals and just stood there and admired Cora’s beautiful body as she let the drug take a firmer hold. Several minutes later Nadia lifted one of Cora’s arms and let it go. It fell like a stone. Then she did the same thing with one of Cora’s legs. She was as limp as a rag doll. The huge dose Nadia had given her would keep her deeply under for at least 4 hours now.


 The Headache Cure 3

Nadia gently pulled Cora’s top off and tossed in aside. Then she lifted Cora into a sitting position and unclasped her bra. Cora’s breasts were huge and fell free beautifully. That fascinated small breasted Nadia! Nadia laid Cora back down and tossed the bra aside. Then Nadia put Cora’s legs close together and pulled down her frilly red panties. After they were off, Nadia tossed them on the floor.

Nadia stood back and admired her prize! Oh yes, she would do nicely!  Nadia climbed onto the sofa and gave Cora’s helpless body a closer look. She looked and felt ever so sweet! Nadia suddenly pulled away and stood up.

Nadia began to undress herself quickly. She unzipped her uniform and let it stay where it fell. Then she kicked off her white shoes. The soles of her stocking feet felt cool on the tile floor. She reached around and unsnapped her bra. After the bra hit the floor silently, she quickly pulled her white pantyhose down and off. Finally her tiny panties joined all the rest of her clothing on the floor.


 The Headache Cure 5

Nadia jumped back on the sofa and had her way with her sleeping companion. It was over an hour before Nadia had finally enough of her. Nadia pushed herself off of Cora’s limp body and washed herself off with a damp cloth. Then she quickly got dressed. Nadia washed Cora all over as well, and carefully put all of her clothes back on including her shoes. Then she pushed a button.

Kurt was watching TV in the basement when he heard the buzzer. He knew what that sound meant! There would be another unconscious woman to carry to the cells and lock up. He turned off the TV and headed for the examination room.

Kurt was huge and dangerous looking, but was actually quite gentle. He stood 6 feet four and weighed close to 300. He had blue eyes and was actually quite handsome. When he reached the room and saw the sleeping Cora he was breathless. She was just his type and just the right age for him!

Following Nadia’s orders, Kurt picked Cora up and cradle carried her downstairs. He carried her like she was weightless. His wide shoulders and huge chest had enormous strength. Nadia was excited as she watched the totally limp Cora hang from Kurt’s strong arms. She wished he was carrying her off limp and helpless like that!

Once downstairs, Kurt carried Cora into an empty cell and placed her on the bed. He carefully removed her shoes and enjoyed her legs and feet for a few minutes. Then he left her shoes on the floor next to the bed and peeked inside her top. Kurt loved huge breasts too. Too bad there wasn’t much time left to enjoy this one! Kurt pulled the door shut and locked it. Then he went back to his room.

It had been nearly five hours since her injection, and Cora was just starting to awaken. It took a few minutes for everything to come into focus. Then she finally sat up on the edge of the bed. When she felt the cool floor with her bare feet, she looked down and noticed that her shoes were off and slipped them back on and retied them. Her headache was still gone. She felt really relaxed, and wonderful. Then her euphoria faded when she realized that she was locked in some sort of a cell.

The room looked like a small bedroom on 3 walls, but the fourth wall was wire mesh. In the middle of that wall was a locked metal door. Cora looked around but she could not see anything beyond her cell. She went to the door and called out. From her left she suddenly heard a female voice in a harsh whisper.

“Keep it down! They could come back any minute.” the voice warned.

“Who might come back?” Cora asked in a soft and frightened voice.

“The white slavers that own us now.” the voice responded.

“You mean we’re prisoners here?” Cora asked in a terrified voice.

“That’s just the good news!” the voice answered. “There will be an auction in 2 hours and we will be sold and sent out of the country.”

“Are there just the two of us?” Cora asked.

“As far as I know, it’s just us.” The voice answered. “Listen, nothing can save me from being sold tonight, but there might be something you can do.”

“Just tell me what it is! I don’t want to be sold and shipped off!” Cora replied.

“The big guard named Kurt. He’s looks to be sweet on you. He seemed to like your large breasts and your shoes and legs anyway. You need to seduce him and get him to knock you out again. That way you will miss the auction tonight and there won’t be another one for a month. Maybe in that amount of time you can escape or be rescued somehow.”

“I don’t know. How would I do it?” Cora asked.

“Just work your charms on him and tell him that your headache is returning and you want another one of those shots. The shot will render you completely unconscious for at least 5 hours, and you will miss this auction. Make it clear that you will do whatever he wants if he will give the shot to you. It has to be soon though! The clock is ticking!” the voice said in desperation.

Just then a door opened and a huge man walked into the cell corridor. “This must be Kurt” Cora thought to herself. He was carrying a brown bottle and a white cloth. Terrified, Cora went back to her bed and sat down.

Kurt unlocked her cell door, stepped inside, and relocked it. Then he placed the brown bottle and the cloth on a small table near her bed. He was very big and strong looking, and seemed to be the dangerous type. Going along with the idea she had just been given, Cora crossed her right leg and waved it around to show off. Then he began to speak.

“Hello I’m Kurt.” He said. “I’ll be taking care of you for a while.”

“I’m Cora.” she replied. “As long as you’re taking care of me, that shot the nurse gave me made me feel much better. Do you think you could give me another one?” Cora asked flirtingly.

“Maybe I’ll give you one later, if you behave.” Kurt replied. Right now, I have something else for you.”

Cora watched with wide eyes as he folded the white cloth into a small square. Then he opened the brown bottle and poured a clear liquid onto the cloth. Next he put his left hand behind her head and placed the cloth over her nose and mouth.

“This is chloroform.” Kurt said. “Just breathe deeply and it will relax you.”

Cora found the fumes a little intense and tried to pull away. Kurt just held her tighter and kept the cloth in place.

“If you want that shot you‘ll have to inhale willingly and behave.” Kurt said.

Cora relaxed immediately and inhaled just as he asked. She was too lightheaded to care by now. There was a dull ringing in her ears as well. She blinked her eyes to try to focus. Then everything suddenly went blank.

Kurt held the cloth on her for a few seconds and then let her limp body drop onto the bed. He put the cloth down and slowly untied and removed her shoes. Then he lifted her into sitting position and pulled her top over her head. After he removed her top and her shorts, he focused on her bra.

Kurt undid the 2 hooks of her bra and her huge incredibly round breasts flew out instantly. Kurt slipped the bra off of her shoulders slowly. Then he slipped off her panties. Kurt noticed the she was damp from Nadia’s washing. “I guess Nadia has already had her way with her,” he thought to himself. Now it would be his turn.

Kurt enjoyed his prize for a while. He started with her partially open mouth. He used 2 hands to pull it all the way open and probed deeply with his tongue. Next he moved her limp body into various positions, and especially enjoyed the feel of her smooth legs and thighs. Finally when Cora showed signs of waking up, Kurt stood up and watched her.

  When Cora awoke her head was spinning.  She blinked her eyes for clearer focus. Then she looked up and saw Kurt standing over her. When she saw the way he was looking at her, she looked down and realized she was naked!  It took only a few seconds for Cora to imagine what Kurt might have done while she was asleep.  

“Have I earned my shot yet?” Cora asked.  

“Almost my dear, but first you will be taking another nap from the chloroform.” He said.

Kurt picked up the bottle and began soaking the cloth again. Cora was appalled and didn’t know what to do. She knew if she wanted the shot, she would have to comply again, but how many times would he chloroform her until she got the shot? And worse, what would he do each time while she was under and helpless?

Cora’s time to think it over was up. The cloth was on her now. She inhaled willingly and felt the effects quickly. As her vision blurred she pictured herself in a room, probably naked, with a bunch of old and creepy foreign guys bidding on her. Then she finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Kurt held the cloth there a little longer this time after she was out. Then he went to get his camera. He took shots of her in various limp poses. He put her shoes and panties back on for even more photos. Then he held her in his lap and rested her limp head on his shoulder. He enjoyed the sweet essence of her shiny black hair in his face.

Suddenly Kurt realized Cora’s lips were moving, and that she might wake up any second now. He reached over for the bottle of chloroform. He could reach the bottle easily, but the cloth was too far away. He quickly removed her panties and soaked them with the chloroform.

 Cora’s eyes opened slowly and took a few minutes to focus. When she realized he was holding her in his lap, she tried to move her arms. They felt heavy and would barely move! As she tried to speak, he stuffed something over her face. It was her panties and they were soaking wet.

“Oh no more chloroform!” she thought to herself as she recognized the sweet odor. She struggled and tried to speak, but no words came. Her head was spinning and her vision was fuzzy. She tried to pull herself away from the chloroform soaked panties, but it was hopeless with her arms limp and useless. Before she could struggle any further, she suddenly passed out.  

Kurt smiled as he watched her eyes flutter and close. Then he lifted her limp body   and stood up resting her on his shoulder. He slowly carried her upstairs to a bedroom and placed her gently on the king sized bed. She was now on her side, sleeping ever so peacefully.

Kurt got onto the bed beside her and began to play with her awesome breasts. Her nipples were relatively small and became erect with the slightest touch. After a few minutes Cora was awake again.  She was looking into Kurt’s blue eyes as she came into focus. She also noticed that she was in a different room. Finally she spoke softly.

“Don’t you think I’ve earned my shot by now?” Cora asked patiently.

Then she heard the same whispering female voice that she had heard in her cell.

“Of course dear, I’ve got the needle right here.” The voice said.

Cora turned around and was in shock when she realized it was Nadia standing there with the needle in her hand! As Nadia injected her in the arm, Cora cried out.

“It’s you!”

“Who else would it be?” Nadia asked smiling.

“You said I was going to be sold.” Cora whined with slightly slurred words.

“Nonsense, why would we sell such a perfect love slave?” Nadia answered.

Cora tried to struggle but she was already paralyzed from the powerful drug. Her vision was blurred and Nadia’s last words had an underwater ring to them. Suddenly Cora’s eyes closed and her head fell limp onto the bed.

Kurt slowly removed her shoes. Then he turned towards Nadia. Nadia removed her own panties and walked to the nightstand. She opened a larger bottle of chloroform and soaked the panties completely. Then she handed it to Kurt and climbed onto the bed.

“You creep! I got so excited watching you carry her off her like that!” Nadia said nearly panting. “Now be a good husband and put me deeply under and play with me like you did to her!” Nadia begged.

“I thought you’d never ask!” said Kurt as he put the chloroform drenched panties over his lovely wife’s nose and mouth. Nadia started to thrash around on the bed and struggle. She knew that would help excite him. She even tried to say “Please don’t!” as she struggled, but her words were slightly muffled by the chloroform soaked panties.

All of Nadia’s tricks were working!  His wife’s struggles and vocal protests had made him really enjoy the moment when his plaything was finally limp in his arms. He held the panties on her for over a minute after she passed out. After all she did say “deeply under.”  As he finally pulled the chloroform soaked panties away, he noticed that Nadia’s mouth was open. That would be as good a place to start as any Kurt decided. After all she did say “like you did to her” as well. He was merely being a good husband and doing exactly what his good wife asked!




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If the Suzanne experience wasn’t enough to blow my mind, I had a second experience that rocked my world later that same Summer.   I met this girl, Marion, and had my first truly sexual experience. I had a girlfriend.    Marion had a brother who taught her how to box. Being into knockouts the way I was, I asked Marion if ever got knocked out boxing.   She told me that her brother, Eric, knocked her out cold the very first time they boxed. When she came to, he told her that knocked her out so she didn’t have to be afraid of being punched in the face.     She admitted to being turned on knowing that she had been knocked out. She also said to me that she was surprised at how easy it is to get knocked out—It just happens without your knowing anything until you wake up.   She then challenged me to a naked boxing match—winner gets to do what he or she wishes to the looser.   (We were alone in the house—family was away for the day).  

            Just learning that Marion had been knocked out turned me on. Anticipating the possibility of me knocking her out got me even more excited.   To make a long story short, the match was in the family room.   We donned 12 ounce gloves and nothing else. I had a burning erection as we started to fight. We each feigned a few punches, when Marion said, don’t hold back. I can take a punch, can you?   Knock me out if you can—you can do anything you want with me.   That was the last thing that I was aware of until I felt myself come as in a wet dream.   I opened my eyes to Marion rubbing my cock, cum all over her face, obviously blowing me. She had knocked me out cold—I have no memory of anything until that overwhelmingly erotic ejaculation.   She said that I was out for almost 5 minutes. While I was out, she had sat on me and given herself an orgasm, then blew me until I came—which apparently had brought me around.   I ended up at the emergency room with a concussion; I was quite headachy and nauseous. My jaw hurt. I had hit the back of my head on the edge of a coffee table on the way down, which must have contributed to my long snooze.   Somehow, I had maintained the erection throughout.   Although I didn’t feel so good after coming to—to this day (almost 30 years later) I have always been extremely turned on by the memory of that experience. It is quite easy to discover that you've been knocked out.

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I have been turned on by women fainting and being knocked unconscious for as long as I can remember.   Even as a little boy (no older than 7 or 8) I would get excited overhearing knock out experiences of other children (a frequent topic of conversation on the school bus).   My first obsession was to experience getting knocked out myself.   It wasn’t until the age of 17 that I had two experiences that blew my mind and established knockouts as a life-long fetish.

My first real experience with someone actually being knocked out in my presence happened one day at my home, when my parents were away on a trip, and I was in the house with my older sister and her best friend (Suzanne).   Suzanne was staying over for a few days (19 year old dark haired beauty).   We lived on a farm upstate New York. I had promised my folks that I would do some repair work while they were away. I was up early, carrying some long boards across the porch when I heard the door open and slam behind me.

I swung around, and as I did Suzanne was walking out the door, holding a towel wrapped around her.   Well, the protruding end of the boards which I had on my shoulder whacked Suzanne across the side of her head with a board.   I watched her just drop to the ground, sprawled flat on her back, knocked out cold.

 As I said, Suzanne just had a towel wrapped around her – having just taken a shower; she was coming out to get her bra and panties, which were drying on the porch railing. When she fell, the towel dropped, so she was basically nude and as I said, out cold.   Her hair was still wet from the shower, and slicked back.

            Well, I had two conflicting reactions in the split seconds after I watched her fall—The first was panic—she was obviously hurt.   I was, however, still a virgin at that time with a sleepy fetish and very healthy libido—so as I knelt over her, the second impulse took over. I ran my hands over her breasts and belly and onto her pussy and as I did, I literally ejaculated on myself (my erection was in my pants).. The third thing I did was to cover her with the towel that had fallen. I did not call my sister. Instead, I rubbed the sides of her face and head (where a red welt was forming.)  

She was out for maybe three minutes—then she just sat up and gazed straight ahead, her pupils obviously dilated, with a blank expression—I then I saw her pupils focus.   She finally said, “Oh my God, what happened?“ I responded, “You know you passed out—I’m so sorry—I didn’t see you and I whacked you with one of these boards.”

I offered to drive her to the hospital, but she refused.   Instead, after sitting up for a few minutes, she stood up, (I helped her up, as she held onto the towel.). She went inside and reported to my sister—your brother just knocked me out!   She just laughed, however, and said that she was OK—maybe a little nauseous.

That wasn’t the end of it, however.   About five years later, my sister was hosting an engagement party for Suzanne at her apartment in New York City, where my sister had moved. I was sleeping over for the weekend having come in from college—so I was hanging around –essentially leering at my sisters’ friends. Well, Suzanne noticed me, and in the middle of the party, pulled me aside and asked me to have a drink with her, alone.   We slipped into the room I was staying in, and Suzanne said to me: “There’s something I have to ask you about.   Don’t laugh at me, but it’s been on my mind for a long time. “

“Remember when you knocked me out a few years ago. Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious.   You can tell me the truth. I was naked underneath that towel I was holding onto. I have to confess to you that I fantasize that you had your hands all over my body—– sometimes I even imagine that you had sex with me while I was out. I orgasm every time I think about this fantasy—which is almost every time I make love to anyone.”

           As she spoke to me I felt myself get hard. I admitted to touching her and being so turned on that I just came. I also admitted I think about her passed out on the ground every single day. I see and feel her body.  Its my go-to fantasy when I make love to anybody, and when I masturbate.

           We started kissing, and made love right then and there!!!! This was at Suzanne’s engagement party! She did marry her fiancé, and so that was that—but holy cow, what a follow-up to my sleepy fetish initiation!

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Sarahs Day Out                                                

                                                     Sarah’s Day Out

            Sarah was in a hurry. She had a dentist appointment and an important modeling interview. She also had an appointment to see about breast implants. She had to be careful driving though. She had had several license suspensions and had almost enough points to lose her license again. This was just not an option.

            Sarah was 22 and was about five foot three. She had long shiny brown hair and cute brown eyes. Her legs were her major asset, and she was wearing a tight mini skirt and nude but very silky pantyhose with brown leather boots. Her blouse was white and easy to see through and her white lace bra was slightly small on her. Her breasts were average size, and she wore a slightly small bra to make them appear bigger for the interview.

            The interview was for a crime magazine that showed pictures of damsels in distress. She would be well paid if any of her pictures were selected and needed the money badly. She knew she would be bound and partly stripped for the pictures and she somehow found that exciting. She had done mostly dull runway work up to now.

             As she turned the corner, she pulled into the dental clinic parking lot and parked her car. She was running late and the dentist was waiting for her. Her tooth had been bothering her for several days and she wanted it fixed before this interview. She quickly climbed into the dentist’s chair and waited.

            The doctor came in wearing a surgical mask and asked her what the problem was. He checked it out and told her she would need a procedure right away. He unhooked a black gas mask attached to a hose from the side of the chair and began to strap it over her face.

            Sarah was worried. She asked the doctor how long it was going to take and if he would be putting her all the way under. He said it would take about a half hour and that she would be completely out for the procedure. He assured her she would wake up fresh and have no side effects from the gas. She agreed to be put to sleep.

            As soon as the mask was strapped on tightly, the gas was turned on. It smelled sweet.

 “Its strawberry scented for children.” the doctor told her as she inhaled.

 After about 30 seconds her eyes were blinking. He asked her to count to ten. She started “one two three fou…..” She was out. Her head went limp as her eyes fluttered and closed. The doctor left the gas running for several minutes.

            When the gas was turned off and the mask removed she was deeply under. The procedure actually took just over 10 minutes. As he cleaned up, he put the mask back on her and turned the gas back on. As it hissed away, he started slowly unzipping one of her boots. Then he slid it off and admired her awesome leg and foot. He slowly removed the other boot as well. He massaged her stocking feet for a while and then unbuttoned her blouse. He let her boobs pop over the top of her tiny bra and admired them as well. Then he fixed her bra and blouse and after more leg play, put her boots back on. Then he turned off the gas and removed the mask.

            Sarah woke up and felt a little dizzy. This soon passed and she got out of the chair and went to find the dentist. He had already left and the receptionist took her money. As she glanced at her watch she noticed that she had been out for over an hour. The girl told her that she was finished in about half an hour, but that she didn’t wake up as soon as other people did. Her small size made her vulnerable to the gas.

            Sarah hurried to her car and got moving. She was late and she didn’t want to miss her breast evaluation appointment or be late for her interview. She was about half way there when she heard the siren. Oh my god! She was being pulled over for speeding! As she slowed down she quickly unbuttoned three buttons of her blouse. She had to charm her way out of this one or lose her license for sure!

            When the young officer came to the window, Sarah was horrified to find that it was a woman. She asked for her license and registration. Then she went back to the police car as Sarah waited, dreading the outcome. As she predicted, the officer asked her to get out of her car and get in the back seat of the police car. Then the young woman got in beside her and closed the door.

            The officer had checked her record and told her she was in deep trouble. Sarah asked if there was anything that could be done since she was in financial trouble and had an interview soon. The officer smiled and said there was one other option for her. They had just been issued new knock out stun guns and she needed a volunteer to test hers. She showed Sarah the gun. It looked like a stun gun, but had a glass bottle attached that was filled with a reddish colored liquid. There was a dial on the side that had a pointer. It could be set for as little as 15 minutes and as long as 3 hours.

            Sarah asked how long she would be knocked out. The officer told her she would set it to the minimum 15 minutes first and see how long Sarah was actually out. After that she would move the time and test it again. Sarah would be detained about an hour and would be asleep for most of it. Sarah asked if she could just do it once instead since she was in a hurry. The officer said that she would have to be knocked out twice by the gun, or go to the police station and face her speeding charge.

            Sarah reluctantly agreed to be knocked out twice by the gun. The officer placed the rounded end of the gun against her shoulder at the base of her neck and fired. Sarah heard a chirp sound followed by a burst of air. She then felt a sting on her neck. That’s the last thing she remembered.

            The young officer smiled as she watched Sarah’s head go limp and her eyes close almost instantly after the gun was fired. Her limp body then fell over into the officer’s lap. The officer looked at her watch. She had it set for the minimum of 15 minutes. It would be longer of course. She hadn’t told Sarah that the times were based on a 200 pound man. Sarah weighed half that and would he out for at least half an hour. The officer then went to unbutton her blouse. She noticed that only 2 buttons were still buttoned anyway. She undid them and lifted her bra out of the way. Not much in the way of breasts here, but her legs looked awesome though!

            Sarah woke up in just under half an hour. Her blouse was back to the way it was. The officer was turning the dial on the gun, but Sarah couldn’t see where it was set. The officer asked why her blouse was so far unbuttoned. She told her that she didn’t realize that the buttons were loose. The officer became angry, knowing that she was lying, and moved the dial again. It was now set for 2 hours! Sarah pleaded with her not to put her under for that long since she had an important appointment. The officer placed the gun against her neck and fired.

            The officer checked the dial as Sarah passed out. Yes it was set for just over 2 hours. The officer slowly removed each of her boots. Then she pulled off her skirt. Her blouse came off next. Then she unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. After she slipped off her pantyhose, the tiny bikini panties were pulled down ever so slowly next. The officer had her way with her naked body for just over 2 hours before she re-dressed her. About 20 minutes later, Sarah woke up. Nearly 3 hours had passed since she was pulled over. The officer told her she as free to go and gave her a card. If anyone else ever pulls you over, give them my name. I will get you out if it, if you let me knock you out again. Next time it will be three times and longer each time though.

            Sarah moved on to the cosmetic surgery center. She parked her car and went inside. Once inside, they said they would still be able to evaluate her. She called the job interviewer and said she would be late. Now she was back on track

            Sarah went into the Dr’s office and sat on the examination table. The Dr asked her to remove her blouse and bra. Then he put them aside and took a few pictures of her chest. Then he prepared a needle. Sarah asked what the needle was for. The Dr said it was a sedative to make her limp and sleepy so he could draw marks on her chest and do some sculpture models. Reluctantly Sarah let him inject her right arm. Then he had her lie on her back on the table.

            Sarah felt sleepy almost right away. She told the Dr that the dentist had already put her to sleep earlier with gas. He said that if that were the case, she might fall asleep now as well, since some of the other drug may still be in her system. She was too embarrassed to tell him about the stun gun knockouts. After a minute Sarah began to lose focus. She blinked her eyes, but it only got worse. Suddenly her eyes rolled closed and her head fell limp to the side. She was out completely now.

            The Dr smiled as he watched her pass out. The dose he gave her would have knocked her out anyway; he just didn’t bother to tell her! He was dying to take her boots off and have a better look at her awesome legs! He carefully lifted one of her legs and slowly unzipped her boot. It was slightly large and slipped off easily. Then he slowly removed the other one. He began to rub his hands over her sheer pantyhose. Finally he put the boots back on and finished his work. Then he watched Sarah sleep for a while.

            Sarah woke up about 2 hours later and was aghast when she saw the clock. She was still later for the interview than she said she would be. The Dr told her to return in a week and they would have some finished models for her to evaluate. Then she put her blouse and bra back on and left.

              Sarah went straight to her interview. She was still nearly an hour late. When she went inside she was told that the job was already given to someone else. She asked if she could go inside anyway, and was led into the studio. Another girl was tied to a chair. Her hands were behind her back and a gag was tied around her mouth. She was totally helpless. The camera was set up and pictures were already being taken.

            The men asked why Sarah was there, and when told why, they said that she could possibly be used on another shoot. She was escorted into a room and set up in a chair similar to the other girl. She asked what was different about this set up. They told her she would be chloroformed on camera, and shown limp and knocked out in the chair. She would also be chloroformed from behind and carried away in another scene. They coached her about the cloth and eye work and did some practice takes. They were all rejected. Her eyes weren’t convincing and her body wasn’t limp enough.

            Sarah asked what could be done about it. They said that her acting was awful, and short of knocking her out for real, they couldn’t use her. She asked what they would pay her if she let them knock her out for real. They looked at each other and said $200 an hour. She agreed immediately since it was way better that the $50 an hour for the regular job, and she’d already been knocked out four times today anyway. What’s wrong with a few more she thought?

            She was tied to the chair and gagged. Then a creepy looking guy in a ski mask came into the room. He was holding a white square of cloth and a brown bottle. He opened the bottle and soaked the cloth with the clear liquid until it was dripping. Then he came over and held the wet cloth over her nose and mouth. She umpped and tried to turn her head away, but he just held the cloth tightly and followed her. The fumes were intense and made her head swim. She heard a dull ringing in her ears. Then her eyes lost focus and began blinking on their own. That’s the last thing she remembered. The man held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and took it away. Then they took sleepy photos while she was out.

            When she woke up she was pretty groggy. She rested for a few minutes until she felt well enough to do it again. She was knocked out three times in the chair. Then it was time for the standing scene. By then she could barely stand! They untied her and posed her for the scene. The creep came up behind her and held the cloth over her face. She was terrified and fought for her life. The man just lifted her off the ground and held the cloth fast. She went limp in his arms after about 30 seconds. Then he cradle carried her away.

            That scene was done 4 times and Sarah was placed on a sofa to sleep it off after the last take. About an hour later Sarah woke up and was ready to leave. She made her way to her car. As she drove home she was having trouble keeping the car on the road. Then she saw a flashing light in the mirror. When the police pulled her over she had no choice but to hand them the woman officer’s card. This day was far from over she thought!

            Within 15 minutes the woman officer was at the scene. She said she would handle it. She placed Sarah under arrest and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Then she put her in the back of her police car. She drove for about half an hour and pulled up in front of a small house. Then she led Sarah inside and sat her on the sofa and removed Sarah’s handcuffs. Sarah could see the gun on the end table. It was set for 3 hours!

            Without moving the dial, the officer held the gun against Sarah’s neck and pulled the trigger. Sarah felt the sting and passed out instantly. The officer left the dial set for 3 hours and shot her again. Sarah’s limp body jumped, but she was totally out and couldn’t feel the second injection. She would be out for 8 hours or so now. The officer put down the gun and started undressing Sarah. She still owed her 2 more knockouts. What Sarah didn’t know was that the officer was now off duty for 2 days! Each knockout would be multiple too! Sarah would be out for most of the next 2 days!

            Within 2 minutes Sarah was stripped to just her bra and panties. Then the officer easily cradle carried her limp form into her bedroom and placed her on the bed. On the bedside table was another knockout stun gun. There was also a bottle of chloroform and a white cloth. The officer picked up the phone and called her boyfriend. She told him to come right over. When he asked what she had in mind, she said ‘Remember how you always been asking me for a threesome?” “Well she’s here and very ready right now!” He said that he’d be right over. She knew he wouldn’t be long!!

            Sarah would be out for the night. The gun was ready for when she woke up. Then the officer looked at the chloroform bottle and cloth. He would use that only on her! She hated the gun’s sting. She couldn’t wait to inhale the sweet fumes and slip under. Then he would work on both of them. The very thought made her tingle all over!

            When the boyfriend arrived he was in his police uniform. He went in the bedroom and found his girlfriend with Sarah on the bed. Sarah was in just her bra and panties. He told his girlfriend to stand up and hold her hands behind her back. Then he handcuffed her. He told her she had been very bad by having an undressed woman in her bed, and would have to be disciplined. He soaked the white pad with chloroform and held it over her nose and mouth. She pretended to resist and gave a muffled “No!”, but he held the cloth tighter. She pleaded with him not to put her all the way under!  Soon her eyes began to flutter and she went limp in his strong arms. He removed her handcuffs and stripped her. Then he put the handcuffs back on her.

            He removed Sarah’s bra and played with her for awhile. After that he slowly pulled off her tiny panties. Then his girlfriend woke up. He asked her how long Sarah would be out. She told him it would be at least 7 more hours. Then she asked him if he would take off the handcuffs. He asked her if she would be good if he removed them. She promised she would.

            After he removed them she gave him his reward. She picked up Sarah’s tiny panties and soaked them with chloroform. Then she lay on her back and held the dripping wet panties over her face and inhaled deeply. He watched in awe as her eyes fluttered and rolled closed. One hand fell away as she passed out, but the other still held the panties in place. He left her like that and had his way with Sarah’s limp helpless body for over an hour. Then he pulled the still slightly damp panties away so his girlfriend could wake up.

            When she woke up she asked him when he had to go back on duty.

“Not for 2 days.” he answered.

 She replied “me too!”

Sarah will have to be kept out for most of the time though.” She said.

He quickly replied “So will you my dear!”

As he said it he was soaking Sarah’s panties again. She quivered all over as she inhaled deeply once more and slipped into that beautiful void…




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So im new around here, and sometimes I like to write stories, this is the first one, hope everyone enjoys.....


Becca James was a beautiful girl in her late 20´s, she was 5´7, red long hair, average weight, a delightful ass , she works as a detective for the South Miami Police Department, and the time for her routine checkup had come again, oh how she hated this part of her work, every two years, where she had to lose two whole days in the doctor´s office as well in the shooting range, she was called into her boss´s office that monday to inform her.

"James, come on in, its time again for your routine check ups"
"I know sir, i hate going to the doctor but i know I have to do it"
"lighten up James, after this you will be free for two whole years"

Becca chuckle as her boss gave her all the paperwork for the checkup

"By the way I´ve been told by all your female partners that Dr. Cummings did their check up all your co-workers got out of his office feeling pretty good"
"good to know boss, I´ll call his office right now to make an appointment, thank you, may I leave?"
"yes you may James, good luck"

Becca left the office and called Dr Cummings office

"Dr. Cummings office, this is Stacy"
"Hi Stacy, I would like an appointment to see the Doctor please"
"Ok, I have an space in an hour, its ok with you?"
"Its perfect, thank you, my name is Becca James"
"Ok miss James, I´ll see you in an hour, goodbye"
"Goodbye thanks"

Becca hang up the phone and leave the police department, drove up to the doctors office kinda nervous, she´ve always hated doctors, she arrived, parked gave a long sigh and got off her car, she was simply dressed in a tight jeans and a tank top with flats

"Good day im Becca James, we talked earlier"
"Of course miss James we were expecting you"
"thank you, here, I need to do this check up for the South Miami Police Department"
"ok Miss James, have a sit, the doctor will call you in a moment"
"thank you"

Five minutes passed when at the end of the hall, a door was open and a very handsome man around his forties came out and call Becca

"Becca James?" Becca stood up and walked to the doctor as she thought *woow he´s hot* miss James?, come on in have a sit please"

the doctor closed the door as Becca was sitting and walked to his desk

"so Stacy tells me you need to do a check up, you work for the SMPD?"
"yes i do, im a detective"
"very impressive young lady!" said the doctor in a slightly seductive voice "well im gonna explain you what im going to do, first i need you to go in there anc change into the gown its in there" the doctor points with his finger to a small room, after that im going to give you a shot and also a pill, the pill besides being vitamins it will help you relax ok, go on"

Becca smiled to the doctor nodding at him, she got up and went to change, then she got off the room and sit on the examination table where the doctor was expecting her, he quickly pushed a syringe in her arm and push the plunger, after that he gave her a red pill and a glass of water.

"Here Becca, take this please and lay down, you may feel light headed or sleepy"
"Yes Doctor, thank you"

Becca took the pill and lay down, she felt weird, then the doctor start examine her and thats the last thing she remembered, the doctor just smiled and checked she was really out

"Becca, Becca?" he lift her arm and let it fall, she was completly out he smiled again "great" he slowly remove the hospital like gown and start fondling her, feeling her gorgeous breasts 34B, she would be out for like an hour and wouldnt remember anything
he keep fondling her, his hand quickly make its way to Becca´s perfect shaved pussy and start rubbing it gently but quickly as he keep making a meal of her breast and her neck, he passionately kiss, sucked and licked Becca´s breast, nibbling the nipple as he keep rubbing her pussy slowly putting just one finger in it and started fingering her quicker now just as the kissing and sucking were intensified, doctor cummings moaned as Becca cums, he kissed her deeply and fixed her gown then sit in the chair and stroke his own cock, that was his only rule, play with them as long as you want, but there can never be any penetration, he kept going stroking his now large and hard cock until he finally cum, then quickly wash his hands and fix himself then fill medical certificate and wait for her to wake up, after a few minutes Becca moaned weakly and heard the doctors voice

"welcome back sweetie, Im afraid you fell asleep"
"huh?, im so sorry doctor, I dont know what happened"
"dont you worry about that darling, how are you feeling?"

the doctor helped becca to get into a sitting position

"Im feeling great, pretty rested, thank you, can I change again doc?"
"yes you can the examination ended up like half an hour ago, i just didnt want to wake you"

the doctor said as Becca went into the little room again and dressed, she went out and sit at the desk again as the doctor was saying

" I slept that much?, im really sorry!"
"Really dont worry your pretty head over that, good news is that your perfectly fine, you passed your examination with flying colors"

the doctor smiled and Becca blushed, she couldnt explain why she felt a little intimidated by him
"well thank you Doctor, I´ll make sure to come with you next time i have my check up"
"yes you do that, here are your results, hope seeing you again young girl"

he opened the door of his office for becca
"yes doc until next time, goodbye"
becca got out of his office blushed and went straight to her car she felt awesome
"I totally must go back to Doctor Cummings, I feel great"
she said as she drove away.


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Cherokee was taking some mirror selfies (what year is this?) Well while she was distracted trying to find the perfect pose she didn't notice that snuck in.  Damn she got a fat ass so while I enjoying looking at her big old butt.  I was setting up my armmounted crossbow.  But I didn't load it with arrows, I loved it with a syringe filled with a sleeping agent I invented. Aimed and shot.
Cherokee selfie by keymakernyc  
Yeah she going going to deserve just because of her phone get a new phone. The syringe found its target.
Poke by keymakernyc  
A loud POINK sound was heard one the needle pierced her large derriere.  She opened her eyes cartoon wide and screamed when she felt her ass pricked.  But she soon sleeping and fell forward right on her chin. As she laid sleeping on the ground I undress her and carried her to her bed.  While she was out I smacked her ass. She started to wake up so I stuck her with another syringe in the ass.
That's going to hurt by keymakernyc  
She was sleeping again and just because I could I bopped her over the head with a frying pan. I motorboated her butt before I left.  Damn I was so turned on by the sight of her  snoring with the syringe sticking out of her ass.
Cherokee poked by keymakernyc  

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